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Nr. 261: JEW HATRED IS STRONG - A EXCERPTS FROM THE BOOK "ANOTHER HOLOCAUST"! Israel is surrounded by Arab states who praise terrorism and who have a goal, it is to annihilate the State of Israel and its Jewish inhabitants. The fact that Israel defends itself against terror and violence, it should soon realize more and take Israel in defense of it!
We see that there is a very strong hatred of Jews out there, here in Norway. Where the Left in Norway in many ways leading the way. Now it was just left with the AP youth who were experiencing what Israel has experienced so many, many times (it happened last summer). When should one take on why Israel react as they do, but the will to make it work out growth? But here it is a very interesting book that looks at how people who are Israelites or Jews find it to be subjected to terror by Arabs as the world community awards, defends and gives unimaginable to billions every year. When will the world and people learn? We can all hope and pray. But I believe in giving people real alternatives so I publish excerpts from this book that I have not yet been read in full as it is brand new. Get the book and read the entire article here. Stand up for the Jews and Israel, they deserve our support because so few will put themselves in how they experience it. Also hoped for, although this is a bit much. The fact that even those who belong and basically looks different on Israel. Can show greater empathy and understanding for Israel and Jews. Just think of it that they will soon have the entire world community spearheaded by the UN against them. They are also surrounded by Arabs on either an edge. Israel is about. 1% of Arabs states in the number of inhabitants and has approx. 1 \ 2% of all land in the Middle East, the rest are Arabs. This is and remains the unfair that Israel should give land for peace and tostatløsningen is doomed to fail as the opposition and interests are too big. At the same time will never Arabs with their violent and arrogant leaders always demand more and more of Israel, even if they get their own state. We not only need, but we must pray for Israel and Jews. At the same time try to communicate their case, it is needed and is essential, good reading! Jan Kåre Christensen Oslo A new Holocaust is the first book that tells the story of the Jewish terror victims after World War II - people who have been killed just because they are Jews. The book is released at Lunde publishers. The renowned Italian journalist Giulio Meotti have interviewed many survivors and families have been destroyed by terrorist attacks in the middle of everyday life: on buses, in kibbutzim, religious meeting places, cafes and restaurants. A number of the survivors tells here for the first time the pain and losses. This section outlines the way the Jewish victims and their families experiencing the Middle East conflict. A new Holocaust can be useful reading for anyone with ready-made opinions, and can deepen the picture for those who are open to new ideas. Here it is not about politics but about people. Read the book and get more insight. Mona Levin, journalist, author and theater critic One need not agree with Israel's politics in everything, it is not the Israelis. I have long believed, as I had it from Ben Gurion's own mouth, that it was wrong to hold those areas that were conquered in the Six Day War, partly because of the demographic development. But one question I am uncompromising: Terrorism is terrorism and can not be excused or 'explained'. It does something to a people, which I think Giulio Meotti is very evident in this book. Norwegians have now made their own terrible experience with terrorism. The fact that some extreme right in Israel almost has expressed malice and believed Utøya massacre was a result of aufs support for the Palestinians, should not obscure the fact that the Israeli government and the Israeli people have expressed sympathy and compassion. They have from personal experience special position to understand the shock and the grief that struck us Norwegians 22 July 2011. Jahn Otto Johansen, foreign commentator There is an overwhelming documentary Guilio Meotti has written about the new burn victim. Person for person, portrait portrait, he presents the terrorists' victims. One of them I knew personally. Some more I recognized from articles I wrote when things happened. But Meotti presents them all. Jew-haters going to hate this book. But enough once the truth defeat them. Thanks to the writers who Guilio Meotti. Odd Sverre Hove, former chief editor of Day Foreword If the new wave of anti-Semitism Roger Scruton After Jerusalem was laid in ruins by the Roman army, the Jews lived in exile for nearly two thousand years without having access to their holy places. But they kept the religion, language and customs alive in the collective memory that is unprecedented in history. Giulio Meotti use the term "metaphysical family" of these people who have been faithful to the culture and calling her by continuously suffering. Wherever they have settled, they have become the subject of resistance and xenophobia. But they never forgot Jerusalem - The holy city of their dreams. No other nation has experienced so much undeserved suffering throughout history, or used as much energy to remember and mourn their dead. When the greatest of all disasters hit the Central European Jews in the middle of the twentieth century - and with them went an important part of our European identity - it seemed as if the world went through a brief period when they regretted how they had treated the Jews. League of Nations decided by an overwhelming majority to approve the State of Israel as both a member and as a country where the Jews finally able to protect themselves. For Jews, Israel represented an opportunity for freedom, a place they could form the self-government they had been living in a two thousand year old memory bank. But as we all know the hatred flared up again and this time it was directed against Israel and its Jewish population. In this book explains Giulio Meotti the detailed story of the criminal terrorist actions of the Jewish people have been exposed, about the growing anti-Semitism in the Middle East and about the lack of will among many Western politicians and thinkers to understand the hostile attitude of the Muslim countries face the neighboring country's with. Meotti has written a gripping story about grief, a new "Shoah" to commemorate the many victims of this new anti-Semitic wave. He asks us to put all doubts aside and recognize Israel's right to exist and the Jews' right to defend themselves. EU's unofficial stance on the political situation in the Middle East is in days characterized by the notion "Israel is to blame." It is an example of the compliance, draw the same pathetic public who did the previous wave of anti-Semitism wash over Europe. But as great as Meotti reminds us, is Israel is not the cause, but the target for today's hostile attitude, and it can never be a solution in the Middle East if not the blame is placed on those live in hatred, those who have only destruction to offer. Let us hope that this book can show the Europeans what responsibility they have towards the Jews, these people that has stood as a shining example to us all through his totusenårige vigil. Israel forgot the dead "He said that although it was true that time heals all wounds, it does so only for the price of the slow blurring of the love from the heart's memory that is their only refuge, both before and after. Faces blurred, voices fading. Grab hold of them again ... Talk to them. Say their names. Do this and do not let sorrow die, brightens every gift. " Cormac McCarthy, OF THE BORDER "Just as we say that every Jew who was a victim of the Holocaust has a name, also the victims of today's terrorist acts name. "The who says this is Uri Baruch, a French born Jew whose parents survived Holocaust, and who lost a daughter in a terrorist attack. The day was the 20th September 2001, nine days after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. Baruch family gathered to celebrate the Jewish New Year in Hebron, the patriarchs town south of Jerusalem. These were collected at home with Uri and his wife Francine: daughter Sarit Amrani, and Shai, her husband and their children - at Zoar four, Ziv two-and three-month-old Raz. Sarit wanted to go back to their house in Nokdim in the desert of Judea, but Francine persuaded them to to spend the night in Hebron, because it was safer to drive during the day. They went off at dawn the next morning. A little while later, Uri calls from Shai's mother, who had heard on the radio about a terrorist attack on the road to Nokdim. She had called home to his son, but received no answer. Uri skating altogether called Francine, who worked at a health clinic. She contacted the army, before she called back. "You have to come. It's them. " On the way home had some Palestinians run up the side of the car to Shai. He had rolled the window down to ask if they needed help, but terrorists had answered with bullets. The first hit Sarit in the heart and killed her instantly. The three shots aimed at the children missed all miraculously. Shai was hit three times in the neck, once in the heart and once in lungs. He lay on the operating table for thirteen hours and two weeks in a coma. The he awoke, he saw Uri at the bedside. "Forgive me," was the first thing he said. "I was not able to save your daughter." At Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, visitors can study the huge archive that holds the names of all victims of the Holocaust. The most pervasive of all the monuments to the memory of what happened in World War II, which of necessity are reminders of emptiness, these simple walls filled with names as far as the eye can see. They provide an authentic hazkara, a reminder. Litany of these Jewish names creates a physical sensation the incredible massacre, in addition to the tragedy of each victim experienced, by the way it combines diversity and individualism. You go there with a deep sense of betrayal. In Israel today are memorial plaques everywhere, with the names of thousands of victims of terrorist acts: For them from city streets, in schools and synagogues, in cafes and restaurants, the square in parks and gardens. These plaques make up a memorial for a new Holocaust, like drops of blood, not trumpeted the bombastic way, but remembered with tender love. By providing Israeli families that are broken terrorism a voice, by letting them tell their story at a time when their memories are starting to fade and only shared with the next, I wanted to create a memorial in the same spirit as the naked walls full the name of Yad Vashem. Uri Baruch put it this way: "In the same way the grandparents of Sarit, who decided to live on despite the pain and the sorrow they felt for their dead family members, we would also try to continue life, in memory of our daughter. " Judaism teaches that there is a deep meaning in the names we give to each new life coming into the world. When someone converts to Judaism, it must they pick a new name - for example, Chaim, "life", Baruch, "Blessed" or Rafael, "God heals". One of the neighbors of Uri Baruch called In fact, Rafael. He was originally from the Netherlands, but had converted, and one day he was killed in Hebron just because he was Jewish. The Holocaust was first and foremost an attack on the term "Jew", its being and existence. In 1938 commanded the Nazi commander Hermann Goering that the name "Israel" was stand on the identification papers of all male Jews, and the name "Sarah" on the women. Millions of Jews were transported to unknown, abandoned places, and all their luggage - all letters and pictures they brought with them - were taken from them. They were then separated from their mothers, sisters, children and wives. They were stripped, and their papers, their names were thrown into the fire. Finally, they were pushed into a time where there was very low ceiling. There they were gassed to death insects. Concentration The no man's land was the site of extermination of six million European Jews. Islamic terrorism, with its denial of the Holocaust, the nutrients from the idea to destroy the Jews, and it has spread throughout the world like a forest fire after 11 september 2001. Even now that the threat of a new Jewish extermination campaign is both a reality and a general mantra, select memories keepers in the West usually distinguish between anti-Semitism, which strongly condemned by reference to the Holocaust and anti-Zionism, a hatred of Israel that is often accepted and even encouraged. According to European thought, nothing can measure with the Holocaust, then Israel will be killed in Israel today, just because they are Jews, have no connection with the generation who met death in the gas chambers, anti-Semitism that caused the Holocaust was apparently a one-time event, created by a particularly vicious past, and that means we do not need to learn from it either. But in reality this is not only a historical phenomenon, but also a very modern problem - not just something of the past, but also an ongoing assault on a people and their descendants, both theologically and genetically. It's the same old evil in a new, "modern" package. When a Jew in the same century as Hitler and Iran's minister Board, has inherited a lifelong membership in the club. It is also obvious to the sight of a person's name. When terrorists hijacked a plane full of Israelis to Entebbe in 1976, asked the passengers say their names and kept the 105 Jews on board hostage. Some of them were survivors of concentration camps, which had experienced the same selection process more than thirty years earlier. One of them, Pasco Cohen, was killed right in front of his daughter. The Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was killed by Al-Qaeda in Pakistan forced the Islamic terrorists him to say his own name, plus the mother's and father, both of whom were Israeli citizens, "My father is Jewish, my mother a Jew and I am a Jew. "In the worst picture Pearl sits with his head bent, tied around the wrists. A man with a covered face holding him after hair and straightens a gun to his temple. In another picture, one can see only his feet and some of the chain that hangs down from the too large jogging pants he is wearing. They just his feet reminded me of the young man Ophir Rahum, who lived in Ashkelon. One day he received a message on his computer from an old Palestinian girl who lived in Ramallah. He took on the finest clothes and took the first bus that came, without telling anyone where he was. The girl met him with a car in Jerusalem. He did not notice the car drove into the Palestinian territory. It is difficult to describe what they did to him. He was a poor, naive and innocent Jew. It was why he was chosen as "fuel for the fires of hell," according to the Islamic the fundamentalist propaganda. They ambushed him and shot him. They tied his body to the bumper of the car and drove towards the city. Then get rid of the corpse. Thus ended the life of a sixteen-year-old Jewish boy. Why has not it happened to Ophir been used as an example of what ethnic-religious hatred can cause? Why has not anyone heard of Eliyahu Asheri? He was eighteen years old, son of an Australian who converted to Judaism. He always smiled at world, and tried to hitch a ride home when they took him. Every time a Palestinian die, although a suicide bomber, competing newspapers to be first to convey his story and pictures from the person's life. Eliyahu did not even get his name in print - they only wrote "Jewish settlers". He was just a boy, but was executed with a pistol shot the same day He was kidnapped. Then the murderers took his ID card and used it to squeeze the family for money. If a Nazi officer in Auschwitz had filmed a Jew before the latter was sent into the gas chamber, like Daniel Pearl in a state of physical and mental indescribable pain, and forced him to say "I am a Jew", they video now been shown to students all over the world to explain what racism really is. But the stories of Daniel, and Ofir Eliyahu has been forgotten. Daniel's father, Judea, should be lavished of invitations to tell their story in all the world's schools. Israel's history is buried under a pile of false beliefs: Israel accepted the UN partition plan for Palestine as from the beginning, but the Arabs rejected. Israel offered to withdraw unconditionally from some back areas under both Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon's leadership, but each once they were faced with the same answer: The solution is not about land, but that Israel ceases to exist. All governments of Israel have had - from the Menachem Begin, who gave up the Sinai Peninsula, to Yitzhak Shamir, who participated the Madrid conference, Yitzhak Rabin, who made peace with Jordan and signed the Oslo accords, Ehud Barak, who withdrew from Lebanon and traveled to Camp David and Ariel Sharon, who pulled out of Gaza - have repeated the little word Israel's neighbors never say peace. For a large part of the Islamic world are all the cities, skyscrapers, hospitals, cinemas and schools on this small corner of land no more than a few acres of property going back to Islamic hands as soon as this evil abscess is cut away. It can only be peace in the Middle East when Israel will be recognized as Jews nation, when the name Israel is pressed all the maps used in schools in the Islamic world, when an end to the widespread anti-Israel smear campaigns in the Muslim media and Muslim schools, when it becomes common of cooperation among Jewish and Muslim scholars, researchers, artists and athletes, when Israel gets fair treatment in the United Nations, when terrorist organizations dedicated to killing Jews and destroying Israel is banned, when the economic boycott of Israel will be lifted when it is created diplomatic relations with Israel in the capital, Jerusalem, and last but not least, when it is proclaimed theological fatwas prohibiting the killing of "Unbelievers" - Jews and Christians. In 1968, just months after Israel's victory in the Six Day War, wrote the American philosopher Eric Hoffer an article in the Los Angeles Times who took deals with the anti-Israeli attitudes that were common in international forums. Today his words seem prophetic: "I have a premonition that will not give up: our destiny is tied to Israel's fate. If Israel disappears, we are on the brink of the precipice. "The Jews are again subjected to an identity match of dimensions. Israel's existence may be threatened because the country is not on the maps to several generations of Arabs and Iranians. It is laglig for chopping because the country's history denied in Europe - how people struggled to survive by immigrants, all the wars against the Arab countries' refusal cash, the struggle for independence when it was a British mandate. The country is denied the rights that the UN has sanctioned, and that all victims of blind violence is sanctified by his sufferings. How can there be peace in the Middle East when we completely ignore Israel's victims? Two years ago, a terrorist killed eight young students of theology in Jerusalem who sat reading in the Torah. Afterwards, in a study by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research that 84% of Palestinians thought the attack was justified. Itamar Marcus, who has spent many years trying to identify and expose Palestinian and anti-Semitic propaganda in his position as head of Palestinian Media Watch, argues that those responsible for the propaganda of Hamas and the Palestinian television channel, has found a way to incite people to violence - with their television speeches, cartoons, comics and school books - on par with Hutu journalists such as using the radio media to stir up the people to the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. The Islamic movement describes Jews as "descendants of pigs and monkeys" who should be exterminated, as Hutu rebels described the Tutsis as "vipers" who should be crushed. The first European countries pursued the criminal hate speech on a par with war crimes, was under the Nuremberg process, where Nazi officers stood trial. It also occurred later in an international court in Tanzania in 2003, when Hutu journalists Hassan Ngeze, Nahimana and Jean Fernand-Bosco Barayagwiza was found guilty of having used the Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines, and a magazine to excite the masses to to participate in the slaughter of Tutsis, and in having published the death lists of people who were killed. Two of terrorist organizations with a mission to destroy Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah, calls Jews "pigs," "a cancer", "spam," "germs," ​​"parasites" and "microbes". Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has used the phrase "dead rats". This terminology is the modern version of Nazi schmattes, Yiddish for "filler". The renowned historian Robert Wist Rich has stated that "the Islamic movement called the Jews 'offspring of pigs and monkeys' because umenneskeliggjøring is a precursor to genocide." Terrorists in Israel has killed many people who were named after their parents and grandparents who were killed in gas chambers and in the occupied Europe's forests. When the sirens sound on Yom HaShoah, the day commemorating the Holocaust, Israelis stopped all up, like statues of pain, because today's Israelis feel they are an extension of the branch of Judaism that was chopped off in Europe. They are connected by an invisible chain that explains the world why Israel exists. It is no coincidence that it is exactly the same siren that warns Jews to seek refuge when there is a risk of bomb attacks. "There were words, not machines, that created Auschwitz," wrote Abraham Joshua Heschel. The Palestinian historian and television presenter Issam Sissalem has stated that Jews "are like a parasittorm attacking a snail and settles inside the shell. We refuse to let them dwell in our shells. " It is this message that runs through Palestinian speeches, academic lectures, yes, even the performances for children. The 12th March 2004 was Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris, a man paid by the Palestinian state, in a mosque in Gaza and declared: "We will fight the Jewish cancer tumor.". A short time later, dozens of Israelis blown up by suicide bombers. In February 2008, were Wael al-Zarad, one of the spiritual leaders of Hamas, behind an appeal on television for the extermination of the Jews. A few days later, eight Jewish students shot and killed by a terrorist. Al-Aqsa TV, run by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, showed an interview with two young children in March 2007. - You love your mother, right? Where is she now? - In paradise. - Why? - She decided to become a martyr. - She killed Jews? How many killed her? These children were the sons of Rim Riashi, which blew up in the air Erez checkpoint on 4 January 2004. The five-year-old boy presented the one hand: - So many. - How many are there? - Five. For many years after the Oslo accords Israel lived in the hope to experience a peaceful, Normally, territorially integrated post-Zionist society. It seemed that if the dream of peace would come true, until it completely unraveled, thanks be countless Islamic incitement of genocide - which was the start of a new, potentially fatal chapter of the Jewish people's history. In the last fifteen years, the Jewish state attacked on the busiest and most everyday places. Numerous young people and children, women and the elderly have been burnt to ashes on buses, shopping centers have been transformed into slaughterhouse, Jewish pilgrims shot with a rifle, whole families put to death in their own beds, infant executed with a game in mind, teens tortured and their blood painted over the cave wall, fruit square blown to bits, clubs was reduced to rubble along with tens of young people, theology students killed as they sat immersed in his books. Parents have been killed right in front of the eyes of children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren were killed together, children killed in the arms of their mothers. This is Israel's Ground Zero, the first country in history that is the subject of suicide terrorism on a large scale: More than 150 suicide attacks have been performed, and more than 500 have been averted. We're talking about a black hole which has swallowed up 1557 people and wounded 17 000 in the course of fifteen years. Israel is a small country - it takes two minutes for a jet to get from east to west. If a similar number of people were killed in the U.S., the population included in the consideration, would in 1557 have been 53,756 dead Americans. The number of wounded is equivalent to 664,133 Americans. Since the second Intifada (Al-Aqsa Intifada) began in September 2000, more Israelis have been killed by terrorists than in all the previous years Israel has existed as a state. Jerusalem is the world's suicide bomber capital. The stories in this book are heartbreaking in their abominable and shocking nature. Israelis deliberately attacked the times of day when the greatest number people will be affected simultaneously and the most random. The aim is solely to eradicate the Jews from the Middle East. A flyer from the military wing Hamas, Ezzedeen al-Qassam, shows a drawing of an ax that chops at pieces of the word al-Yahud, ie Jews. Picture text says: "We will knock on gates of Paradise with the skulls of Jews in their hands. " • Before Adolf Hitler came on the scene, there were sixteen million Jews in the world, now there are thirteen. Extermination of European Jewry is an example of the European culture's complete and tragic failure. West is currently characterized by a defective conscience - indifferent to the series of young Palestinians who put on their bomb belts, the daily smear campaign Jews are exposed to in the Arab world, crowd cheering in ecstasy over the two Jewish soldiers who were lynched after they had gone astray. They mutilated their bodies were exhibited as trophies. This defective conscience can in a strange way to ignore the fate of thousands of Israelis who are murdered simply because they are Jews, it has forgotten one of the reasons why Israel was created. Is there anyone in the West who still remember that 86 Israelis were killed in the first Gulf war - those who were killed by Iraqi missiles, of sheer panic, lack of oxygen? Linda Roznik, a 92-year-old woman who survived the Holocaust, was buried in the ruins of his home. The same happened with Haya Fried, probably a person who survives the Holocaust. When the war was going on, Israel's Jews with their gas masks everywhere. Saddam Hussein had a horrible idea: People in Israel to gas to death in the same way as in a gas chamber, without lifting a finger to defend themselves. This was why the Jerusalem Post suggested to nominate the following to "people's": the 69 Holocaust survivors who lived in southern Israel in a rundown apartment with no access to any kind of shelters or emergency exits, which was bombarded by Palestinian rockets since Iraqi attacks ceased - people like Frieda Kellner from Ukraine, who managed to survive the Holocaust, but was killed by Hezbollah rockets to. The terrorists are very selective when they designate their targets in Israel, in order to create as much havoc as possible. A suicide bombing in Rishon Letzion massacred a group of elderly Jews who were completely unprotected and enjoyed the fresh air on his front porch. We're talking about shopping centers, as in Efrat, pedestrian streets, as in Hadera, bus stops, as in Afula and Jerusalem, train stations, which in Nahariya, pizzerias, as in Karnei Shomron, night clubs, like the one in Tel Aviv, buses loaded with students, in Gilo, or soldiers, as in Megiddo, bars and restaurants, and cafes in Hertzliya, as in Haifa. Reserve soldier Moshe Makunan had just enough time to ask his wife "to tell the girls that I love them." Two brutal murders took place in November 2002, with only a few days. Twelve Israelis were killed in Hebron, and armed men entered the Kibbutz Metzer, killing five people. The terrorists' bullets do not discriminate on religious settlers in Hebron and harmless liberal in Metzer. All the victims were adults in Hebron, but Metzer was a mother and her two young children murdered in cold blood. Many of the victims were soldiers in Hebron, in Metzer, there were only civilians were hit. There is a long, heartbreaking list of Jewish teenage girls who came to an abrupt end to his life because of suicide bombers. The mother of Rachel Teller decided to donate her daughter's heart and kidneys, "This is my answer to the hyenas that took the life of my daughter. Her death has given new life to two other people. "Rachel had short hair and a sly smile. Her friends remember when they saw her for the last time. "We said 'bye' to each other without thinking much about it, as if it mattered. But it was the last time we saw Rachel. "Little Abigail was walking home when she was killed. "She loved people and nature," says the family. Abigail took part in an Arab-Jewish peace project. Her family belongs to a group of American Baptists who hold religious services in Hebrew and call themselves Jews but who believe in Jesus Christ and practice baptism. Their presence in the country make up a small piece of the large mosaic that make up Israeli society. "It was always very important to Abigail that people were valued as people," said the father. "She never judged on the basis of the nationality they had. Now she has come to a better place. "" She knew that God loved her, and she loved him too, "adds brother. The mother of Shiri Negari had just followed her daughter to the bus stop when she heard a loud bang. She rushed back and saw the smoking remains of the bus his daughter had just boarded in. Shelley, sister of Shiri, was in training at the emergency room the same morning. She saw all the ambulances who was driving, but she did not know that her sister was in one of them. Shiri had long blond hair that she refused to cut, it was kind of her trademark. She worked as a teacher in the army and signed e-mails with their "Shiri Negari - on a journey through the world." Noa Orbach was on his way home from school and was talking with two friends at the traffic lights. A man dressed in black approached them and opened fire on the teenagers. The teacher tells her that "Noah was the one who always took time to sing-along on field trips, always ready to help a friend in need, those who managed to raise the quality of discussions in the classroom. I knew her for three years, and I was looking forward to seeing her develop and grow up, to see what she would do with his life. It is inconceivable to think that she will not sit in his place tomorrow. "The newspaper printed a card she had made, saying:" When you get angry, you take the punishment for another's stupidity ... "with a drawing of a heart and her signature. Soldiers have been killed in almost all the attacks on buses or square or bar mitzvah celebrations. Terrorists have never distinguished between "civilian" and "military" victims, because the Israeli army is the heart of the Jewish state, with its continuous exposure to the Islamists' war. Armed Forces Three years of general conscription for men, nearly two for women, with annual refresher training for filling forty. There is no separate officer schools, so all who are generals have worked their way up in the system over time. The young men come from all over the world to serve in Israel's defense, the Israel Defence Forces, they are called haial boded, single soldiers, soldiers who have not his mother and father in the country. They have little money but a lot of idealism, is received at kibbutzim, eat with host families every Friday or turns together to share an apartment, so they can save money. Hundreds of these young men have gone to their deaths because of terrorism. "The Israelis were soldiers before they were athletes," writes Abu Daoud, mastermind behind the massacre at the Munich Olympics in 1972. "Joseph Romano, the master in weightlifting, participated in the Six Day War in the West Bank and Golan Heights. " Soldiers before the athletes, soldiers before the workers, soldiers before talmudkjennere, soldiers before the craftsmen, soldiers before husbands, brothers and sons. In funeral of Afik Zahavi-Ohayon, a boy who was killed by a missile, said the former Russian dissident Natan Sharansky following: "You must have dreamed of becoming a hero. You must have dreamed of being a soldier. In this country is every boy soldier, and the whole country is at the front. You fall as soldier. "The Fallen of Israel's human shields. Corporal Ronald carries came from Russia fourteen years before he was killed. The mother did not like to see him in uniform - she was terrified. But he explained the reason for her, "Mom, they kill women and children. Someone has to protect them. If not I will, who should do it then? "Almost all soldiers formulates as follows. The mother of Benaya Rein recalls his son: "The last time he said goodbye, I said, 'Be careful', and he replied, 'You and Dad have learned to give everything. But you must know that sometimes means everything everything. '" The truth about the tragic fates of these Jewish martyrs, the new life in the connections created between the name and location, in a life that continues the ashes and embers from the disorder in the memories of his parents and siblings and spouses I have collected and communicate on these pages. The only way I could prevent them from sinking into oblivion ocean, was to link the victims stories together into a single, unbroken narrative. Those who read these stories, stands together in solidarity to prevent these thousands of victims, both young and old, children and infants, women and men, will be forgotten and abandoned. They were on their way home from work or school, the movies or shopping, when they left this world and step into the future, pulverized by a blast. They were Jews who had done nothing wrong than to "live normal lives in an extraordinary country, "to quote one of the friends of Motti Hershko and son, Tom, militant left-wing pacifists who were blown to the sky on a bus in Haifa. Gadi Rajwan was an Iraqi Jew from a wealthy family in Jerusalem with 70 Arab employees, known to be both rich and generous. He went to factory at six in the morning every day and was well liked by all the staff. Gadi did not even have to look up before he was shot in the face of a a young Palestinian who had worked for him for three years. At the funeral shook Gadi father, Alfred, head over and over again and said, "How could this happen to us who have always tried to do as much good for others? " Jamil Ka'adan, an Arab who taught Hebrew and worked as a consultant for Arab schools were blown up in Hadera. "He was opposed of violence. He was a peaceful man, and I say this not just because he is away, "says one of his friends. Shimon Mizrachi and Eli Wasserman was killed in an industrial area where many Palestinians worked. The daughter the Mizrachi says that "he did all the employees, the best he knew was to build and create things. " Every morning, he had meetings with their Arab staff. Shimon's wife recalls that "he had a close relationship with their staff. He was a supporter of co-existence, and he liked to help people. "The big his dream was to open a kitchen that could serve food to the needy. We can look at what happened to an innocent boy, Gilad Shalit, who a parable when it comes to Israel's position in the Middle East. The inexperienced corporal in the Israeli army, which was held in captivity by some cruel thugs were exchanged against 1027 Palestinian prisoners who had been convicted after a thorough legal process. Among them there were at least 100 the horizon for life - killers, murderers who had killed both women and children. Little Israel, left to themselves, are united when it comes to protect the value of a life. • Until now, it is not written a single book about Israel died. I will immediately ensure that I have written this book without any any prejudice against the Palestinians, the motivation stems from a love of wonderful people and its incredible and tragic adventure in the heart of the Middle East. Every attempt to destroy a select group of people from Srebrenica to Rwanda, has been remembered in different ways, with great fanfare - with exception of Israel. Throughout history there has not been made a big numbers of all the Jews who were killed just because they are Jews. The story about what the Jewish people have offered has been ignored in the immoral weighting of the Palestinians, something that does not give us a deeper understanding of the conflict, but rather obscures it so that it becomes difficult to find core. The purpose of this book is to draw a huge inventory of suffering to light, to show respect for the dead, for love of those left behind. It held memorials for the victims of terrorism every day in Israel. It was impossible for me to tell all the stories. Many families, family, Ron in Haifa and the family Zargaris in Jerusalem, was closed in a dignified silence. The most beautiful gift I received in the course of four years of work, all the Israelis Opened his torn world for me - a stranger, a non-Jew, a Immigration - and blottla their sufferings. They took my hand and told their loved ones, I think of the families of the Gavish, Shabo, Hatuel, Dick Stein, Schijveschuurder, Ben-Shalom, Nehmad, Aptera, Ohayon, Zer-Aviv, Almog, Roth, Avichail and several others. I would try to convey some of these great Israeli stories, full of idealism, suffering, sacrifice, chance, love, fear, faith, freedom and the hope that Israel will prevail in the end. Lipa lost his entire family in the gas chambers, before he later lost a son and a grandson of the terrorist attacks. Englishman Steve had to say goodbye to his wife, accustomed to a life in a wheelchair with his daughter, and ended up with a larger family than he had before the attack. David lost absolutely everything - his wife and four young daughters - and still struggling heroically with the show To find out what it means to be Jewish. There is something contagious than passion his. After the loss of their son Yossi returned to the psalmist's wisdom to preserve sanity. And then we have a woman Adriana Katz, who physicians civilian casualties at the most bombed place in the world, Sderot. Among the survivors, we find doctors who collaborated with Dr. Applebaum, he kept a defibrillator under the bed, and who was killed with her daughter the day before she was to marry. Arnold, the only survived by two large families in concentration camps, lost her daughter her in a restaurant bombing and has chosen to honor her memory by performing good works. We have wonderful people, who obstetrician Tzofia that lost his father, a rabbi, and mother and little brother, but is now help Arab women to give birth. The grandfather of Ron managed to escape from Nazis, but his daughter face death on a bus. We have Yitro, who works writing of the Torah, he converted to Judaism, but his son was kidnapped by Hamas and executed. Then there nybyggerbøndene Elisheva and Yehuda, they lost their entire family in Auschwitz, and her daughter Yael was killed by heartless terrorists simply because she "wanted to live in the Promised Land." Many of the victims were settlers, "colonists", people who pay a very high price for the choice of where they live - from political antagonism to an extremely close relationship with death, but above all, know a penetrating loneliness. Several hundred people died in the frontier in the second intifada, and those who lived there spent every day in fear. At night held the guard in front of some houses, and they experienced massacres of families, including infants and unborn fetuses, journeys through the darkened streets wearing helmets and bulletproof vests, without giving them any real protection. The settlers live simple and faithful life, and be careful to have many children. Their life stories are a tragic mix of religion, passion, stubbornness, pride and fanaticism. "When the 'settlers' were killed, it was unbearable to see it in print in the newspaper, Tucked away in the corner at the bottom of the page: 'settler killed', or worse: 'Children strangled by settlers', as if the double stigma of Jew and did settle murder acceptable, justified it, and gave us a reason to push it away, "wrote Claude Lanzmann Frenchman, director of the watershed film Shoah. "When the 'martyrs' blew themselves up, just about every single day - and several times a day in Jerusalem - Tel-Aviv, Netanya and Haifa, in nightclubs, on the square, on buses, at weddings and in the synagogues, was bombs almost a routine character. Now it was not 'settlers' who were attacked, but all Israel. All Israel had become a 'settlement', and this systematic Death message bore witness to a desire for a Greater Palestine, a dream of drive Israel into the sea. " We have Steve, who had a daughter who was "too good for this world" and Naphtali, who lost his wonderful young son who believed that paradise was "Talmud and a candle." Daughter of Bernice had left a comfortable life in America. Their stories tell us about sacrifice and courage. The father of Tzipi, who was a rabbi, was stabbed to death, and the former bedroom of his are now used to house an important religious school. The husband of Ruthie, brother of David, was a significant humanitarian doctor who treated all the Arab as a Jew. Then there is Rabbi Elyashiv, who lost his son theology student her, but who believe that "everything we experience in life makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker. " Sheila lost her husband, who worked with Down syndrome children, she are concerned about the Messiah. Menashe lost his father, mother, brother and grandfather of a brutal terrorist night, but has not given up faith in the court to dwell in the land where Abraham pitched his tent. Alex devotes each day to reminded of the lovely little daughter, who was called "Snow White". Miriam experienced musician to lose her husband after they had traveled all the way from the Soviet Union. Elaine lost a son while they celebrated shabbatmåltidet, and she could not cook or say a word in a whole year. Yehudit lost daughter its way too early, on his way home from a wedding with her husband. Uri lost his daughter, who volunteered to help the poor and who studied Holocaust - her whole family had survived the war miraculously. Orly lived a happy life in a mobile home in the hills of Samaria, until her son Her was killed before he even managed to put kippaen head. Then we have Tehila, one of those pious, but modern women we often find in settlements, and she was very fond of the pink and blue petals of the flowers in Samaria. Dror lost most of his family in the Holocaust and buried son with his indispensable Babylonian Talmud. The terrorists took the man to Galina from her after the couple had left everything they owned in Russia, so that their grandchildren could be born in Israel, her story goes back to Stalin's oppressive regime. Norman is a rich businessman from New York who gave up his luxury life to live in Israel, his wife used to stand guard in front of Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem. We have also the son of the great Yossi, who went out every Friday to hand out religious gifts to passers-by and ended up sacrificing his life to save their friends. Rina had created a gem in the Egyptian desert and the rain itself as a pioneer, she lost both her son and his pregnant wife. Gabi chose to honor the idealistic brother, who was murdered on University, with a hymn to life. So we Chaya, who joined the Judaism with her husband, for them it was like to "marry with God. " Dr. Pickard left France, the country where his grandparents had escape from the Vichy government's cattle cars, but lost his son in a Jewish theology school. We have a pious Yehuda, who takes care of the bodies after the terrorist attacks. Finally, I would especially mention Ben Schijveschuurder, who lost parents and three siblings in a pizzeria, and who would remember his father's smile where he stands before the gates of Auschwitz and shows the V-sign with his fingers. These stories speak the clear language of a state that is unique in global terms; a country that was carried forward by the nineteenth-century secular Zionism, which ended with restoring the ancient homeland of a people who had been on the run for more than two thousand years, a people who were halved in number over of the war. These stories speak of courage, despair, faith, a willingness to defend their homes through the "honorable warfare" - the Israeli army allowed a soldier to refuse to perform an inhuman order. This is the epic the story of a people who have experienced the most unjust world can offer, but are reborn again and again, thanks to its moral strength. • One of the most poignant scenes in the Shoah, Claude Lanzmanns masterpiece takes place in the Polish shtetlen Grabow. Late in December 1941, all city Jews suffocated in the gas vehicles in Chelmno, and the Polish residents took over the homes theirs. Lanzmann hit a rural woman, toothless, but with my nose in weather, the front doorstep of a beautifully carved door, telling him without batting an eyelid that she lives in a Jewish house. Lanzmann asks her known owners. "Of course." "What were their names?" Silence. She remembers the not. Even their names were lost. These were the Jews in Grabows second death. We can not let Israel's terror victims suffer the same fate by the names their being forgotten. One of the most important and best reasons why the State of Israel exists, is precisely to ensure that these innocent victims never is forgotten. Gabi Ashkenazi, head of the Israel Defense Forces and son of Holocaust survivors, explains it this way: "It will never be the number instead of names in Israel, it will never be the ash and smoke instead of the body and Soul. " When a suicide bomber has carried out his iniquity, be victims next to the wreckage of the bus. They are placed in heavy black sacks, along with a polaroid snapshot, a preliminary report and a number tag. Many of the victims still the number was assigned by the Nazis tattooed on his arm. If the the ashes of Holocaust witnesses of the millions who were killed, witnesses bodies being torn to pieces by suicide bombs on Israeli individual destinies, for a name, the glow of life that burned in every life - even the small, insignificant life of a penniless immigrant who dreamed of a life in this country of refuge. In many cases, the victims identified by their teeth, a clock, DNA or blood. Mothers leaving the morgue with the little jewels that were found on her daughter. Are we any closer to the Holocaust than this black hole that swallows leave the valley of life without any trace? Ben-Zion Nemett talks about her daughter who survived an attack on a restaurant in Jerusalem, "Shira told me that children were injured when it exploded. They were on fire. The youngest cried and cried, 'Daddy, Daddy, save me!' And the father shouted back: 'Do not be afraid, but say Sh'ma Yisrael with me. Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one. ' Finally, it was quiet. And I, my father's son, the only one who survived the Holocaust, who grew up with Sh'ma Yisrael that these Jews recited before they died, I heard this from my daughter. The camp at Treblinka and the victims of the Sbarro. The only crime these holy victims was that they belonged to the Jewish people. " As Lanzmann remarked, "the Nazis had to ignore the dead." In Ponari and Chelmno, where Jewish fathers and brothers and sons were forced to dig up the remains of his beloved, so that they could be burned in large outdoor incinerators, these were the bodies referred schmattes, "filler". Things had to be done without that you described them, without the articulated actions. Members of the Special Command in Auschwitz, the group of Jews who were chosen to work in the gas chambers and crematory oven, scattered hundreds of teeth from victims around the camp, so that there would be no physical traces left after them. We must give this image of people who wound thousands of human teeth in the camps an opportunity to sink into. In the death camp Sobibor, where 250,000 Jews disappeared, replaced the gas chambers of noble firs, which were planted by Nazis who fled westward. What is it that nourishes these trees? In Sobibor the bodies were thrown into mass graves with their heads first, such as herring. They were faded and dry and crumbled like clay when touched. The Jews were forced to dig with their hands, and the Germans did not allow that they used words like "dead" and "sacrifice", they were called "characters" and they no longer name or face. The flames were red, yellow, green and violet. The largest legs, as the thigh bone was shattered into pieces by other Jews, and the ashes were disappointed in bags and thrown into the river. Poles grown tomatoes and potatoes, 60 meters from machines of death at Treblinka, where almost one million Jews were killed. Today chickens running around there Sobibor camp once was. The European Jews History did not end with a grave where Jews can go to pray, the only possible the pilgrimage is considered a stormy sky, in pain, anger and grief. Similarly, the families of terror victims often have no opportunity to make front of the bodies of their beloved. They rush to the spot where the attack took place, but the only thing they find is a blanket of human fragments. In Chelmno lost 150,000 Jews in a couple of months. Where are the remains theirs? It is impossible to recreate the crime, even the surviving powers not. "It was always very quiet in the camp, even though they burned two thousand people today, "said Simon Srebnik, one of the two who survived Chelmno, but who died of cancer in September 2006. "Nobody cried, it was a distinct silence and tranquility. "The same feeling is recreated in our days silence on Yom HaShoah, the day when Jews remember the Holocaust, when the mind go to the dead man's name; also recreated it in the silence that follows after an attack in the middle of a crowd. Yehuda Meshi Zahav,, the ultra-orthodox Jew who founded the organization to identify victims such attacks, explains: "After the bombs pop, everything becomes quiet, the only you hear the voices of the wounded. It is in such moments, you know what you need do: to restore order before the hysteria explodes around you. "Silence in Chelmno and quiet after a suicide bomb, Nazi Zyklon B and Hamas bomb belts to have this in common: a complete destruction of victims. Of the three thousand who died in World Trade Center, has never been one thousand found - not even by means of DNA analysis. Three hundred bodies were found at Ground Zero. Few families were able to identify their closest with their own eyes. Memorial Services were held without any physical remains. It was even harder to identify the trevlete, calories and powdered remains of the majority of the victims - a very comprehensive and detailed the identification process. When the fire rages and walls collapsing, consumed almost all tissues in the human body - the only thing that is left is teeth. Israeli crime technicians developed the method to identify victims using of the teeth. Groups of at most one hundred dentists worked on the Manhattan night and day. Others took advantage of the lengthy job it was to draw out the unique genetic code of cells, the identifier every human. In the village of Srebrenica, the site of the worst genocide in Europe since World War II, moved Serbian troops in secret the dead krop28 sions from one mass grave to another, in an attempt to conceal the crime. The murderers also forced the victims to change clothes before killing them, so that crime was more difficult to investigate. This annihilation of the victims, from Srebrenica to Ground Zero, is the devil's mark. A Jewish gravestone in Ashkelon has the word "anonymous." It stands there in memory of a bomb victim which was buried in Israel in 2002. Fifteen years ago, before the DNA analysis time, would most Jewish victims never been identified, they would have ended up in a common grave. In an attack, two young Israeli women who resembled each other killed. When a full tear husband arrived at the hospital, he embraced the wrong woman for several minutes before he discovered the mistake and found the body of his wife. Most of victims in the bombing of the Park Hotel in Netanya, many of whom were older people who had experienced the Holocaust, was mutilated so bad that it was impossible to identify them using fingerprints or birthmarks, scars or tattoos. Although dental records were not always enough, since some of the victims Teeth were destroyed in the burning heat. The explosion was so powerful that many relatives who arrived at the forensic department discovered that the only was left of their loved ones had a hand. Doctors and social workers went with these relatives to the morgue to touch or kiss the hand isolated or leg in a heart-rending and desperate farewell. Sometimes they have been have to use mass graves, since it has been impossible to distinguish the remains from each other. For many, it feels like a kind of revenge to tell the victims history again. There are memories important task. The hero of the Jewish resistance movement in Europe, Abba Kovner, once said that "we Jews have nothing but our blood." The Jewish question arose in a specific genealogical relationship, regarding a peoples religious and ethnic identity, their genetic identity: Jewish son of Jewish mother. The terrorists that binds a Jew in front of a video camera and forces him to pronounce the name of his mother, reminding us of this. People get "blamed for a crime they did not commit, the crime to exist, "wrote Benjamin Funds, before he was swallowed by Auschwitz. As survivors of the Holocaust will never say "I", but always "we" when speaking on behalf of the dead, the suffering of terror victims families become a source of unity in a country that is often split into different political fractions. Many people who have survived attacks, plus the victim's family and friends, have talked about how they felt much more strongly linked to Israel when they buried their loved ones. The Talmud says that the dead protect the living in Israel. After the terrible attack on the Dolphinarium nightclub in Tel Aviv in June 2001, it was said the following: "The country gained through work and blood. The more You bury your friends in this country, the more it becomes yours. " The first arriving at the scene after an attack, the volunteers of Zaka, an organization with a little over a thousand volunteers. The Israelis call them "those who sleeping with the dead, "and their motto is Chesed Shel Emet," genuine goodness. " They gather together all the reverent human remains, every chicken-fried steak and each hårdott so the body can be put together again and buried with dignity, in keeping with Jewish tradition. This is the righteous who are filmed after each massacre in which they assist police officers and nurses collect every drop of blood, "because all people are created in God's image, by suicide bombers, and all the dead must be honored, so that God can smile anew. " They say their mission is to sanctify the names - both the name of God and the names of the dead - and so fulfill Ezekiel's prophecy that says that they dead to find their bodies in the Messianic times, when the divine Spirit will breathe new life into them. "Man, can these bones become live? "asked God Ezekiel. And his legs began to move and put together: "Then came the breath of life in them, so they were alive, they stood up up and remained standing. It was a great force. "In the midst of the worst extinction Dachau, said Rabbi Mordechai Slapobersky: "And let the meat and skin around the dry bones that we are leaving us. " A piece of European civilization died in the Holocaust, which it devoured all the Jewish communities in the empty gap, and after Easter in 2002, when the largest single massacre of Jews since World War II was performed in Israel, the Jewish state symbol of the two civilizations at war. It is not easy to get to those places where the disease flourishes and recall all terror victims, those of Israel "unknown martyrs", as Menachem Begin called them his memoirs of the Soviet Gulag. The space available the visitor is populated by the dead shadows and illuminated by the Abba Kovner called "anonymity candles." What has kept life in history's most persecuted peoples of the over the centuries? What has helped them out of depression? What has driven them to dare to place himself in the world spotlight again, after the pogroms and oppression? Israel's birth was the only political event that gave them joy, hope and gratitude in a century that became a slaughterhouse for hundreds of millions of people - because the twelve million Jews who insist on living in this world in spite of the gas chambers personify essence of freedom. Israel teaches the world to show the love of life, not in the form of a banal joy of life, but in a solemn celebration. The national culture is like a miraculous continuation of Jewish life that swarmed in Israel until the Romans - first in 70 AD and then in 135 AD - Let Jerusalem in ruins. The miracle could skues of all when Israeli men danced in the streets after David Ben-Gurion declared that the Jewish nation had come home after two thousand years, right after the Nazi genocide. What is this spark of life that saves Israel from a life of constant fear and helps the country to fight? The latest measure against suicide bombers is a spontaneous form of civil defense, which is largely composed of recently discharged soldiers and students who need money, as well as a mix of middle-aged Russian and Ethiopian immigrants who are also looking for a job. According to a security guard is the "country's bulletproof vest." They are human shields standing in the cold or hot for hours, so that people can shop, drink coffee and carry out their errands without fear of being blown sky high. Rami Mahmoud Mahameed, a young Israeli Arab, was able to prevent a suicide bomber from entering a bus, but not from exploding; Rami was badly damaged. Eli Federman was standing guard outside an Israeli disco when the car with a suicide bomber drove towards him and disco in the furious pace, and he was cold enough to shoot, so that the car blew up before it reached out. Tomer Mordechai was only nineteen years old when he was killed after Having stopped a car loaded with explosives was heading for Jerusalem center. Tamir Matan gave their lives to prevent a suicide bomber came in on a busy cafe. A suicide terrorist in a shopping center in Netanya wounded one hundred and killed five, including Haim Amram, a student who stood guard at the entrance. A pregnant policewoman, Shoshi Attiya, was heels of the terrorist. While some are heroes, they are Jewish victims almost always defenseless people. Massoud Mahlouf Allon was an observant Jewish immigrant from Ma31 Rokko. He was maimed, beaten and beaten to death when he was about to share out blankets to poor Palestinians, carpets he had gathered from the Israelis. The disabled Simcha Arnad was blown on the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem while he was in the electric wheelchair. Nissan Cohen was teenager when he fled from Afghanistan. His neighbors called him a "saint "And explained:" He cried when he heard that people had been killed in a attacks. He visited the sick and prayed for them. "Nissan opened the synagogue on morning and evening he went back to turn off the lights. During the day he helped handicapped children, and at night he studied Gemara, the commentary the law. He was killed by a bomb at the entrance to Mahane Yehuda market. "An overwhelming majority of victims are poor or living close to poverty level," explains Yehuda Poche. "It's usually people who Take the bus instead of driving, they're in the market rather than on supermarket, and they live in the poorer areas or in the center, instead for the finer suburbs. "Poche working for One Family Fund, an organization who has cared for victims of terrorism for years. The stories of these martyrs tells us something more than what comes up in the brutal statistics about the number of victims. The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, the main analyst in Israel, have found that only 25% of the Israeli victims are soldiers, the majority are civilians Jews. Europeans like to think that Israel is the strong party in this conflict, with its military, technology, money, knowledge base, ability to use force, friendship alliance with the United States - and the counterparty is a pitiful weak people who are fighting for their rights and are willing to become martyrs to acquire them. But the stories of these victims gives us a different picture. And yet show the Israelis that they love life more than they fear death. The buses run on schedule, even if they leave a burnt bones here and there, and it is always full of stops. Supermarkets remain open. Every time a bomb explodes, the signs of destruction quickly removed; windows replaced, bullet holes plugged. Crime scenes are re-opened after two days. The terrorists on "the shameful way," as the Jew and the French resistance fighter Bernard Fall called them, have killed hundreds of teachers and students, but schools has never closed. They have killed doctors, but hospitals have maintained operations. They have massacred 425 Israeli soldiers and policemen in uniform, But the list of volunteers has never lacked names. They shot at the bus loads with believers, but the pilgrims continue to arrive in large quantities to Judea and Samaria. They have committed massacres in wedding and forced young couples to marry in bunkers underground, but life always has overcome death. When a terrorist began shooting and throwing grenades into the crowd by Irit Rahamins bachelor party at the Sea Market restaurant in Jerusalem, Irit thrown down on the ground and called his fiancee to say she loved him - in the middle of chaos, with the screams of the wounded and dying in the background. The Jewish martyrs are ordinary people with an identity that connects them with many centuries of slaughter. It is a story populated by people we have lost or forgotten names, as if there was nothing left of all these lives. Every time I struggled to tell their stories, I remembered the wonderful "iron mom" Faina Dorfman, who had a grandfather, a rabbi, who was burned by the Nazis in Russia. She lost the only daughter in a nightclub in Tel Aviv, but still believe in the Jewish expression Yihye besseder: "Everything will be okay in the end." She thanked me that I "would show the world the truth." For me it was a pious act to declare the names of the martyrs of Israel - I followed them to the last breath and died with them, so they can pass among us. 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