fredag 26. oktober 2018

No. 1722: There are at least four areas in which my service has had enormous influence!

No. 1722: 
There are at least four areas in which my service has had enormous influence!Fax Smile from Smyrna Oslo's website.

I believe that my service and the preaching we have conveyed through Smyrna Oslo, the Heavenly Blog, etc. have had and have enormous ripple effects.There in the spiritual world, the word of God is fixed forever, which is more important than what is happening in the natural world.Psalm 119. 89 Forever, Lord, your word is stuck in heaven.1.) A line in the spiritual world has been drawn through the celestial blog that it is unacceptable to proclaim and have a supervisory role and be reprinted.2.) Through our work both on the blog and website are Bible teaching and an opportunity to study God's Word from Genesis to Revelation and go into each book. Enter in every chapter and verse completely unique. One can through our work get to know all the word of God, which is unique and free.Also own teaching blog: By our preaching and teaching, new truths are also illuminated in the word of God. I think of several pages. Blue. Divinity, eternal destruction, divorce and remarriage. The word of all God is revealed and none of the word of God is held back.4.) As a sublime and overtone, our support for Israel and the preaching of Israel is immensely important and correct. We clearly announce that Israel is not rejected by God. But the church has come in as an parenthesis as soon as we return to the gospel to Israel and the Jews!Also own Israel blog: Comment:Just want to say the following. The most important thing is that you pray, secondly, that you encounter ecosomically!Have many projects on time and even more in heart.Therefore, I will say that when you engage you, you put God in motion, Hallelujah!Need prayer and support for further work and service, do you want to join?Thanks!Here is the account number in DNB: 0535 06 05845Be blessed in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ!The possibilities are many, but then we must stand together and help each other in service!

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