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No. 1721: When the wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp attacks me, lies and drives his hatred campaign against me, he only puts sin on sin in his life and meets the safe ones!

No. 1721: 
When the wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp attacks me, lies and drives his hatred campaign against me, he only puts sin on sin in his life and meets the safe ones!

 Psalm 69. 5 More than the hairs on my head are those who hate me without cause; numerous are those who will despise me, my enemies without reason; What I have not robbed, I'll give back. 20 You know my shame and my shame and my disgrace; all my adversaries are before you. 28 Let them be guilty for their sake, and let them not come to your righteousness! 29 Let them be cut off from the book of the living, and let them not be written with the righteous.Jan Aage Torp in his rage, hatred and hardened heart writes and talks to me in a horrible and hateful way.In his latest Facebook post about me, he writes This shows that his heart is filled with rage, hatred and evil.

"The downright and thoughtful contempt that is gulped by the convicted extreme warlord teacher Jan Kåre Christensen."He writes out his wickedness, hatred and contempt for Jesus, God and the Bible.Only thing I've done is to point out his horror.That's what he brings.When I have just pointed out what Jesus taught, what God and his words say.We see this hate and fury of Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp. It's scary!The wizard Jan Aage Torp constantly promises that I am writing against his new mistress as she is after God's word since they are not legally married after the word of God when Torp has no opportunity to marry again as long as his first wife lives.Torp was not divorced due to infidelity either, but only because he obviously would not want more like his first wife Ann Christin had the same attitude.That there is no infidelity, tells us that the narrator Jan Aage Torp has directly opposed even the liberals who believe infidelity gives rise to reprisals. There is nothing like this, but Torp appears to be "God" himself, and preferably something harsher than God.I have not mentioned his new flame ever almost, and at least not the last few years when Torp uses this to me only I have written her name. I do not do that anymore, never. But Torp pulls her in again and again, even if I never do. This is also applied by Torp, just because putting me in the worst possible light because it is my preaching against reprisals like Torp hates and is furious!I am pleased that Torp Løy in Oslo district court as judge MALIN STRØMBERG AMBLE found out that she could make me feel sick of using these figures that were never discussed or documented in court.The actual trial against me is the justice of the times when I am convicted of relationships that the court never discussed or who was in the trial. This is fine for me, I accept that in this world there is darkness, and many times, as Jesus-believers, we must leave the judgment to God who will decide everything at last!It is strange that narrator Jan Aage Torp enters me with God-denied Levi Fragell. We are like night and day in faith and teaching questions, as Levi Fragell defends Torp's heroism. Here again we see Torp's many liars and fabricated "truths" which are not worth the paper it is written on.Luke 8 27 When he went to land, he met him a man from the city who was possessed by evil spirits; He had not been wearing clothes for a long time, and he did not stay in the house, but in the tombs. 28 When he saw Jesus, he cried and fell down to him, saying in a loud voice, What am I doing with you, Jesus, thou son of the highest God? I beg you do not pin me! 29 For he offered the unclean spirit out of the man; for a long time it had torn him with him, and he was bound with chains and footstools and kept under guard; and he tore the bonds and was driven by the evil spirit into the deserts. 30 But Jesus asked him, What is your name? He replied: Legion! Too many evil spirits were in him. 33 Then the wicked spirits went out of the man into the swine; and the flock crashed over the dungeon into the sea and drowned.

Picture of the man and Jesus who drives the evil spirits out of him and into the flock of sheep.

Notice he was demonized as obviously Torp probably must be with the hatred and rage he has to me and the heavenly blog. Notice that the Spirit of Power said, "Jesus, thou Son of the Most High God?"What does Torp do? He calls Jesus for so much and much is right. But then he hates me because I find out what God's word says about marriage. Yes, the powers of power can do both things.I see that more on Verdi's debate in the newspaper Our Country writes against Torp, strange that he does not go these in? That said, many people have a lot of counterpart Jan Aage Torp for a lot of reasons. To me there are really only three things that I have against Torp for.1.) He stands for the charismatic scam of many things, if Torp is something more moderate than many others have been with the years after countless false prophecies and much more. And he has thrown his family away and lives with his mistress. It may have softened him something in his theology then

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