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No. 1715: Knut Arild Hareide should obviously step down as a party leader in KRF, in my opinion, as he talks with two tongues, and does not relate to reality!

No. 1715:
Knut Arild Hareide should obviously step down as a party leader in KRF, in my opinion, as he talks with two tongues, and does not relate to reality! 

Whether we like it or not, Hareide's choice leads us into the grip of socialists.Whoever believes that the Spirit that worked in Lenin and Stalin does not stand behind the socialist parties does not know what is what. The socialists are deepest seen as a child of communism who stands for the totalitarian society.

On the heavenly blog we write very little about politics and what is happening in society otherwise.But once inside, we allow to do what we do here.Having followed Norwegian Poltics since 1982 when I became official, my disappointment is the biggest opposition to KRF.They want to stand for the Christian values, and in many ways no one has failed so.But anyway, we "hate" at KRF and wish deepest that they should have had and had progress.They appear today as a party that is on the way out of Norwegian politics, and is it the party that Christians want to "replace" and take KRF's "place" in Norwegian politics ?!Kjell Magne Bondevik has disregarded the FRP to the degrees that it is felt as an intense hatred against FRP. This seems to have "infected" over to Knut Arild Hareide?Again, the KRF leads if Hareide follows counsel and guidance straight into the arms of SV, and I must say a policy and an ideology that is deepest seen directly against biblical values, ethics and ideology.All that God's Word stands for in faith and teaching does not stand Red and SV. The app is somewhat better, but not so far away either.It's over "here" that hated the FRP is about to run KRF, and after that it's likely they're heading out of Norwegian poltics.Deepest set, KRF if they want government power must either rule with FRP or SV / Red. This is the reality, as Hareide tries to push away.This will sooner or later catch him and KRF, but it's not too late and they have chosen SV / Red, which, in my opinion, will only make matters worse. With the AP in the driver's seat, it is free for the "totalitarian" society, as deepest as ever, the socialists and the AP have been afraid. This is not putting things at the forefront, but the actual circumstances of releasing an AP and socialists to power, I fear that it will be far more difficult for those who will follow the Bible's words and teachings! But maybe that is what Hareide and Bondevik want?Anyway, there is much that could and should be better with today's government, but deepest seen. There is no alternative, therefore, Hareid's recommended roadmap is a dead end!Final Comment:For us, freedom-loving, there is no doubt infinitely better with a bourgeois government than a socialist government. Not least with regard to the fact that the AP and socialists will constantly control all people into an A4 sheet and pattern what all people are "like".These are the bourgeois parties infinitely better to see that there should be room and opportunity to be different from the majority and the others.We who believe in the Bible want in many respects to live our lives differently than what the great community does. Here we can mention many things.I do not believe in the short term that it has so much to say, but in the longer term this will be disastrous to let the socialists back to power here in Norway and elsewhere. This is nothing but an ideology and governance that will shape everyone to become equal, and when Hareide has recommended. Then if KRF follows him, just be a "gift package" for the Antichristian values ​​in Norway. Is it so bad? In fact, we hope that he will be silent and KRF will choose to throw both him and his way of avoiding going over to the left side from the right hand side.It is written in the scripture that Jesus put the sheep on the right side, so it is probably best to choose the Right side, I am sure.Matt. 25. 32 And all nations shall gather before him, and he shall separate them, as the shepherd divide the sheep from the goats, 33 and he shall set the sheep at his right hand, but the goats on the left.This is of course at the beginning of the 1000th century the kingdom of Jesus is talking about, but it is so good at today's situation here in Norway that Jesus chose the right side. It should also do KRF and reject both Hareide and his ideas as not feasible as it will only open up for values ​​that no one is served with, not least we as believers. Who believes in the Bible, and wants to follow it also today!

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