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No. 1717: When I have warned against the false prophet Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway in all these years, nothing else really is a reality of H. C. Andersen's wonderful adventures "The Emperor's New Clothes"!

No. 1717: 
When I have warned against the false prophet Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway in all these years, nothing else really is a reality of H. C. Andersen's wonderful adventures "The Emperor's New Clothes"! 

Statue by H. C. Andersen where my wife is standing by. This is from the museum in Odense on Fyn in Denmark from which he came from.

We know the story when the Emperor would get new clothes. But was deceived in the worst imaginable way, but the deceivers were revealed by a little boy who shouted out, "But he's not wearing anything!"Furthermore, we read the following adventures to bring us the story:"Oh my God, listen to the voice of the innocent!" Said the father, and one whispered to the other what the little child had said: "He is not wearing it, it's a little child who says he's not something about it! ""He's not wearing it!" Finally called the whole people. And it looked so bad in the emperor, because he thought they were right, but he thought as follows: "Now I have to stand out throughout the spectacle!" And then he went even more proudly, and the chamberlains went there and carried on the tow that was not available .(state end).I get everything possible with criticism, but I will try to be as objective, gentle and sincere as possible. Then that's the truth that's important and I want to get forward!To me, it's a diversion and a kind of ruling technique used against me and the heavenly blog when one does not want to get in touch with what I really say.Proverbs and Biblical feedback, it is not a habit to get by other believers, unfortunately.Some fantasize that I am judging, hateful and much more.It is only dictatorship and a form of ruling technique that is used against me and the heavenly blog. Therefore, in this article, I will try to be as objective, gentle, sober and clear as it is possible for me to be.The reason why it is necessary, biblical and right to warn against the false prophet and the lawyer Jan Hanvold.2,000 years ago, the apostle Paul received an assignment, that was to make a "journey" for the New Testament congregation, which should and will be applicable to the entire congregation's era.We find this in the apostle Paul's 14 letter if we believe that he has also written the Hebrews letter as I am sure he has done (who else could have written such a letter? None as I know).One of the criteria of those who would have a public role as preaching, pastor, shepherd, apostle etc. were the following as we read about, among other things, here:1 Tim. 3. 1. It is a credible word: If anyone attends a supervisory office, he wants a good deed. 2 Therefore, an overseer shall be immaculate, one woman's man, precious, sinful, worthy, hospitable, diligent to teach others,We read here that one who "attempts a supervisory office, then wants a good deed. Therefore a supervisor shall be immaculate, one woman's husband. "In other words, he should not be reprinted, neither one, two or more times.Now I will not go into the depths here, but we are based on this scripture and many others that we can not take the time to go in for then books will have to be written. But it has been the church's clear view that for Christian people only death is the opportunity to enter into a new marriage. For a preacher, this is an absolute requirement.What about Jan Hanvold? Which is actually divorced and reissued for the third time?Now let's take Hanvold seriously and do not be unnecessarily hard against him.But here he breaks the word of God so centrally that this completely disqualifies and excludes him from being allowed to go to a lectern. Far less to be shepherd, teacher and apostle. What should we do when a man who wants to have a supervisory office, but has himself left to hold such a thing?I note that the church and church in Norway do not really want to take a longer position on such key things, why?Statue by H. C. Andersen. This is from the museum in Odense on Fyn in Denmark from which he came from.Use picture as you like for free, but write Photo: Jan Kåre ChristensenWe read in the fairy tale as already mentioned the following: "The two deceivers put up two looms and pretended they were working, but on the loom they had nothing. Just as they were required, they demanded the finest silk and the most precious gold. They put it in their own bag, and then they continued on the empty tissues until late into the night. "This is like reading about Hanvold. He only melks his own cake, has nothing to offer unless he lives in accordance with the Bible's teachings. These were called cheaters, that's exactly what Hanvold is, a fraudster.Do not we see the contour of the same? Nobody warns against Hanvold, apart from a "hobby theologian" and the leisure-preacher like me. This little boy said so well about the Emperor that he had no clothes on him. That's how it's here too, I'm basically the only one to say - like the little boy - and sooner or later, everyone wants to realize the facts. Hanvold is disqualified to be a preacher of the Word!

End Comment. 

Robbed in the least possible way, factually and precisely what God's word says about Hanvold and his alleged apostle and proclaims service. God has never called him, then God had received his own word. When Hanvold says after his third marriage that God called him to start Vision Norway when nobody else would. Then this is a good bluff and lie. God has never called him when Hanvold is disqualified to have a post-Scriptural inspection. Do we really believe that God is opposed to his own word? Never! Then it's up to the individual who one wants to believe. Will one follow the writing, or Jan Hanvold? I will follow the words of the scripture, 

I think so many others will also. How and why they will cooperate and support Vision Norway, at least it is incompatible with the word of God and the will of God. Then let the individual decide on what I'm holding up with the word of God or not! I'm of the opinion that God will not intervene or for anyone in this matter. We have the word of God, which speaks clearly and clearly, that is what we are dealing with. In GT, God revealed himself in another way, something God can do in NT. But we have the word of God and the Spirit of God, it is because of this God guides us and shows us his way! In the GT, God spoke through the prophets, today God speaks primarily through the Son, who is Jesus. Who is Jesus? He is the word of God, so it is my speech here that is the word of God, in the way that God today speaks to us Gentile Christians, through their own words. Finally, I say Hanvold and Vision Norway in the word of God , they fall right through. So I understand the word of God, and now I'm so calm it's possible for me to be. Then Hanvold is a false prophet, as Jesus himself said, it would come a lot in the last days, the days we now live.

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