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No. 965: Søkelys and Kjell Andersen website to ridicule, lie and degrade others! Can we call this Christian site when their task is to harm others?

No. 965:
Søkelys and Kjell Andersen website to ridicule, lie and degrade others! Can we call this Christian site when their task is to harm others?

Is it all right to hang out people ridicule, lie and degrade others! Can we call this Christian site ?! Everything goes on naming individuals for putting those in a poor light possible! What do they heresies etc. are known as a rule. But hang them out, it's Kjell Andersen and Searchlight "missionary!"

They have side up and down with naming people all the time that they afterwards try to dritte out and lie on. Secondly, such quarrels they also mutually and debate climate on Searchlight's dark as the black night.

Here are some examples of the dritter out named individuals, lying on it or naming them to try to fornere them most. I have been ridiculed countless times where the last 2 years even though I have not written there since last year.

But they have the support of "Pastor" and the false apostle January Aage Torp who writes this Searchlight:

Jan-Aage Torp Wed, 10/01/2014 at 7:48 p.m. said:
I've got a good impression of and Kjell Andersen after I suddenly began to follow here one week ago.
Kjell emerges as a man with great ideals.
I understand that Kjell and I probably disagree on some key points regarding divorce and remarriage. I think we both live well with, and we can undoubtedly call constructively with each other about this, which I'm guessing we're going to do, at some point in the future.
But the debate format and language docks in I can not accept, and will hardly be much to see here. I "pull" me, but I will probably not often here.
Probably JKC contributed badly to destroy and sour debate climate. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. I will not participate in any forum where such a man have virtually free access to the publication.
I believe in mutual respect.
God bless Kjell Andersen and!

Here are some examples of how they hang out individuals with names, ridiculing them and try to trample on them afterwards. I mentioned here, but what makes me a heretic and try to explain it. It hangs out in the blue, like everything else in Searchlight. It is simply a kloakblogg to put it bluntly so they keep on writing and allow so many ugly and downright nasty comments.
The entire site is to dritte out others and debate climate on Søkelys like the black of night!

 False teachers and prophets on You Tube
This page contains a list of various false prophets and teachers who operate within the Christian community on You Tube. Common denominators for these are they all operate with false doctrine that violates Scripture or who runs a practice uforenerlig with biblical Christianity. This page will be updated with new names as we collect information about them. (Updated 08/09/14)
Jan Kåre Christensen (Smyrna Oslo)

christensen diagnosis

Controversial blogger who operates his own small congregation in Oslo. Christensen who deny the Trinity rejects parts of God's Word and runs a blog where he hangs out central Christian personalities either because they are remarriage or because they are critical to his business. Christensen has his own You Tube channel with 10 subscribers and has not weird turnout. Searchlight has a number of issues discussed Christensen is one of the most controversial bloggers. His You Tube channel contains mostly videos where Christensen from selfish living proclaims its message that most reject as false doctrine. Christensen website contains several articles where he is going to attack large parts of Christendom which he describes as mafia and Christensen's business is also banned by the collection control. Christensen is a teacher who takes its inspiration from a number of questionable religious movements, including Jehovah's Witnesses, adventistbevegelsen and one bunch of other directions. Christensen has long waged war against remarriage preachers who are grossly hung out on his blog, which many have described as a "bottomless blog" and author of Heavenly blog is believed by some referred to as "proportionality blog".
Warning the People
You Tube personality with 5170 followers. The person behind this channel denies that the Bible is the Word of God and preaches a doctrine with blurred transitions to the thesis that the Bible is the mark of the beast. The man behind this channel is fully open a false teacher who leads people away from healthy biblical Christianity. Through all their "lessons" on You Tube is Warning The People "weaken biblical position also among Christians and the man is obviously a false prophet.

Prosperity pimps in the Church of God
Prosperity pimps or prosperity-pimps who are only looking to manner of self has taken tens of thousands of pulpits worldwide. These wolves in sheep's clothing has been revealed many times and on this page we will present videos that are critical to the representatives of prosperity-gospel that is what Paul describes as a "different gospel". In the videos below, TD Jakes featured as a wolf in sheep's clothing, one-prosperity pimp, a satanic preacher from hell, a greedy vulture and lies.
TD Jakes "lies and prosperity-pimp" Part 1.

Documentaries about sects and cultsSeventh-day Adventists, a religious cult or Christian movement?

John joked about kissing under AIDS hearing in CongressPosted Wed, 10.05.2015

rick-warren-elton john

The controversial mega church pastor Rick Warren wakes again turmoil after he and the homosexual artist Elton John really "took" shaking hands during a speech in Congress during a hearing in connection with the financing of AIDS projects. The two will have joked about what would happen if the two kissed. Witnesses who witnessed it all should have described the atmosphere between the two as "flirtatious and playful and laughing."Controversial internet group continues its war against the ex-members Anthony and TerraPosted Wed, 05/31/2015
The two former members of the controversial religious group "Amigthywind Ministries" led by Sharon Sobczak who has taken the name Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia continues its war against the two former members Anthony Cutsem and Terra Gem Huff. Despite the fact that Terra and Anthony who is now married has toned down its criticism of the movement they were previously active in, continuing the controversial spitting out videos where they chastise and threaten former members and critics with a hot future on swim with the devil in lake of fire. The controversial group that also has Norwegian members and sympathizers have their own "blacklist" where enemies of the group being hung out with the name and picture. Continue reading →

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