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No. 963: Now must Anders Helge Myhren with his "dominion theology" concentrate on gospel and not encourage unbiblical actions!

No. 963:
Now must Anders Helge Myhren with his "dominion theology" concentrate on gospel and not encourage unbiblical actions!

Cleanup is Pastor in Evangeliekirken in Arendal writes on Value debate following: "When we Germans invaded it is our tradition and obligation to defend ourselves. With all funds target has been reached and our freedom again won. "

As I understand the cleanup, they are we must defend ourselves against. Then there are Muslims and people from the 3rd world. Agree with the authorities make an all too slepp handed policy of releasing so many enter the country, especially Muslims. But to use violence? No.

Dominion theology in Norwegian or in English, "dominion theology."
It is learn that Christians should work towards either a nation ruled by Christians or ruled by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law.
It is an offshoot of this as cleanup doing these so-called lost tribes of Israel according to my understanding and assessment. I can largely agree with cleanup of it is quite possible that the lost tribes find one again here at the North of Europe and in the United States. But to engage in vigilante and defend ourselves with force, I believe is both unbiblical and unnecessary.

Photo of the Danish flag and note cross in the flag. When I was 18 I received a letter from the Danish government and the relieved me from going in the military when they thought it would be too expensive to retrieve me from Norway to Denmark. And they wanted me to just get on with life. But if Denmark came to war, then I would be summoned. But I could apply if I absolutely wanted the military. So I have aging of refusing to go into the militaryl!


Dannebrog Denmark flag which according to legend fell from the sky during one of Valdemar Sejr kind in Estonia. The flag is red with a white cross that extends all the way to the edges of the flag, and the vertical cross arm is shifted toward the pole. Dannebrog means Danes tab or red colored tab. It is regarded as Europe's oldest official flag in continuous use.

Jesus' teaching was the opposite one we will fight and take his sword!

Petter Olsen writes something very well:
Was Jesus ein krigshissar?

Culture Editor Alf Kjetil Walgermo in Our Country saman is similar sword versa in the Koran with a utsegn of Jesus that contain the word "sword". The hinge not completely together.

"Is it naive to meine as fleirtalet Muslim space itself, that terror and murder do not correspond to a rooted Muslim tru? Does sword versa in the Quran that Muslims most agreeing war and violence and stands with ein foot planted in Peace house and an annexe in war house? Jesus also said ein gong that he was not komen with peace but with the sword. It suggests not that Christianity is ein sword religion, even if cross fara rob in the Middle misinterpreted him on the way and Norway ein gong black Christians by using the sword ", type Walgermo the comment" Ringar of mistru »27 February.

I have read (but not checked) that there should be 109 verses in the Koran that legitimizes violence and murder against non-Muslims (for example Sure 9.5 and 47.3 to 4). Eg korkje can or should configure me verdicts over what constitutes opposition in "a Muslim-rooted tru" but notes that if "terror and murder" is alienated for a so tru, then at least not Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad (Mullah Krekar) or the Danish imam Abu Bilal Ismail among those who have faith.

I am pleased that many Muslims tek distance from utsegnene to these two and their rock peers. At the same can me not closed augene for those forces that can be detected. Many have the sista venturing to Seia that ein not be ruled associations between Islamism and extremist attitudes and Islam.

Culture editor of Our Country locate it therefore relevant to trekkja follow utsegn of Jesus in Matthew 10.34 into this image. Here it is (in my use Bible on bokmål): "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. "

This section in Matthew 10 (vv. 34-39) ethic not about religious war, but about the forfylgjinga that Jesus' disciples came to enjoy and experience. Jødane venta ein Messiah who would vera Shiloh (Isaiah 9.6), and Jesus brought peace (td Jn 14:27). This TYDA still not peace physician Relation, but would also cause "sword" in the form of struggle and splitting. The fight would bryta family band (Matt 10.35), and læresveinane laut bryta underground bind transclusions (Matt 8.18 to 22). In parallel verse Luke 12.51 the word "sword" bytta with "violation" and the next verse ethic that members ein family can be ueinige due message of her husband Jesus came with.

The way Jesus even soil his life, would warrant making it obvious that he had a completely anna purpose than to use that power he had - as true God and true man. If so, then Peter gripped the sword under arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane and cut Øyra of server Malchus, Jesus said, "Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me? "(Jn 18.10 to 11.) In Matthew 26.52 to 53 get me EiT little fyldigare answers from Jesus to Peter:" For all who take the sword shall perish swords. Or do you think I could ask my Father, and he would now send me more than twelve legions of angels? "

But Jesus sending not shed after englehæren of 72,000 men. It was not therefore he was komen. He was komen to give life, not to take.

To trekkja Jesus earthly life into ein context of terror and murder are not to truande, korkje thousand years ago or no.
(End of quote).

Final Comment:
To not be so long with this article. To believe that violence will bring, so it should have been peace long ago. Is there anything we humans really have been doing, then it's war. From the dawn of time when Cain killed his brother Abel.
Think cleanup, friends of Israel who enters the Israeli army really doing the Lord's work I highly doubt.

But of all the armies, so actually the Israeli army the world's finest and best slogan. It is the Israeli defense army, hallelujah. Attacks, no, but defense.
This is from Wikipedia: Israel Defense or Tzva Haganah le-Yisra'el (Hebrew: צבא ההגנה לישראל; in Israel is often used only acronym צה"ל, who pronounced Tzahal, the media often English Israeli Defence Forces - IDF), consisting of a integrated military purpose "to defend the State of Israel's existence, territorial integrity and sovereignty, moreover, to protect the state of Israel citizens and to combat all forms of terrorism that threaten daily life."
(End of quote).

Notice that the Israeli army named the following:
Israeli Defence Forces on Norwegian: Israel forsvarshær. It's so wonderful a word and what a defense should be, to defend the country, not attack others!

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