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No. 971: I take the upcoming trial of Torp / police with devastating calm when I know they are dealing arrange for the Evil against marriage which God has ordained!

No. 971:
I take the upcoming trial of Torp / police with devastating calm when I know they are dealing arrange for the Evil against marriage which God has ordained!

Torp has not understood or would conform to what God's word says about him as husband, father or Pastor. How long should we as believers love our wives? Torp says 9 months. But what scripture says? All my life, until death do us part!
Entire Torps theology and today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christians ne tullball theology with no basis in reality and God's word.
When Torp lashed out against their own cubs were you actually signing his own dismissal as Pastor, there is something a man should do. Then there love their own kids even though they are rebel, spitting at you and go against you in all fields. The kids will be loved totally unconditionally! Here Torp failed as on any other plan. A public preacher and a public person who can not tolerate and will hear the truth about themselves, what is relevant?
Everything I've written about Jan Aage Torp's really very kind. Some think it's ugly? Then it is for the person that I've discussed it.
It's not nice to write and speak of Hitler, Stalin and other despots. But one should describe people as being too things then! How the "apostle" Torp too.

Has received a great deal of phone calls, emails and otherwise talked to people who think that this is going very well and that Torp and police are doing is inferior. But there are those who think I should be very worried and almost dress in sackcloth and ashes. When the accusations I've got against me are "powerful!"

But it is only to say that I do not believe for a second something of what the police and Torp says, when I know that this is false accusation of mockery tag Torp as his goal is to stop the Heavenly blog and me finished work!

Photo of David and Goliath fight, and we know who won even though Goliath was 3.5 m high and was several times greater than David.


This is David's fight against Goliath, and we know who won!

Mines resources are minimal, just as David was facing Goliath. But David had his eyes fixed on God - him alone! Therefore he won a stunning victory. God's resources are also so endlessly much greater than any human resources - no matter how big and powerful they are. We believe in a great God - therefore we are courageous, strong and wholehearted.
David slew the giant Goliath because he reckoned one that was bigger than himself. And the same can we do in this fight, for this case and for the Christian marriage where remarriage is adultery based on Jesus and the apostle Paul's teaching.

No matter how little or much I have mentioned things, so there will be no criminal offense of what is allowed.

Do you go to the store to buy a Coke, which is allowed. Next time a crate, which is also allowed. It is not a criminal offense to buy a Coke or a crate for it is so much more in a crate than a bottle of cola? Of course not, so it is with this matter as well. It is allowed to mention a public person who purports to be the Apostle and Pastor but living as an adulterer and operates with heresy! Once, yes. Several times, yes!
It is not an offense to fist this one or more times, finished work!

It has also been instructive to meet a false apostle so closely into the life!

I have read and pronounced against the false apostles and false teachers within its the Pentecostal Charismatic movement for many years. Now I've almost got one on "the slice of bread."
Informative? Yes, read about Esau who sold everything to achieve anything in this world. It fits perfectly in Torp, and these false and deceiving believers. Others are conscientious and know the responsibility.
These have no conscience and scruples.
Torp flea a person for millions. Zacchaeus was converted, and would give both double and quadruple. Torp has not given a dime and will not give a penny either.

Freedom of expression is interpreted differently from country to country and case to case!

God's words are stuck!

There are those who think that I have put myself in a bad light. But I have a super and wonderful life in overstemmelse with God's word and will of God. And others will point out something else? All right!
But I point out in others, when they cry to. Why? Because it's obvious they are living contrary to God's word. Had they not done so this had bounced off as "water on the goose '! It is also strange, Torp and his "friends" have come with far heavier guns against me than what I have spoken and written. We put it up against each other, so I should have reacted as they. But why the difference? My accusations are true while Torp and his allies are taken out of the thin air and then react nobody, not even the police!

False accusations from Torp this is nothing!

Police have an agenda, take me, nothing else!

Never think that this is an "equal" match. Whatever Torp and his allies come with, then let it through. But everything I write and speak, they try to find fault and something "punishable" with to take me! It is rotten!

I have been offered financial assistance to pay the fine of 10,000, - kr.

Although I have been offered by other pay the fine of 10,000, - kr so there is never appropriate, it is only Torp and his friends who have breaking Norwegian law. Torp with their false accusations and his friends with, inter alia, ID theft online.

I have offered Torp everything he would desire in Mediation but Torp was not interested.

Meeting that we had in Mediation Service 8 January 2015 provide any I go through all that Torp reacted against what I had written. This he declined cash and should have everything that I had written about him removed. Never applicable, he is a public figure who in my opinion is a false apostle, false shepherd, riding last and simply unworthy to hold a pastor's title. There is no human right to be pastor!

This is a classic judicial and police are spiritually blind!

Now I think in any way that the police and Torp will prevail. But I've only used my authority and made my Christian duty to warned against a false apostle. Is this a criminal offense? It do not think I even in Norway is not apostasy progressed so far that this is a criminal offense. It will of course the upcoming trial obvious whether it is possible to preach the whole counsel of God to salvation or not, still here in Norway!

Final Comment:

I do not either Torp or police here. If I am a Nolde blockhead, stalker, idiot, Demon, like lies, vile blogs, hatblogger, "desire opponent," mentally retarded, without friends and everything else. Why take me seriously? Then everything will be so pathetic and ridiculous that even the court will realize that here are contradictions so large that all the police and Torp comes with is oratory, lie and nothing else than Christianity persecution when I maintains the biblical ideal of marriage and live accordingly himself !

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