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No. 972: Why would Oslo police have me then to prison for what I have written?

No. 972:
Why would Oslo police have me then to prison for what I have written?

 From newspaper Our Country last September:"Pastor" Torp attempts to distort the police and prosecutors, there are false accusations which is the foundation for it all, and Torp's own sin and guilt!"Pastor" Torp has now openly said what his agenda is, it is twofold:Get me punished and removed the blog. He writes and says this now and again. This is from his blog: This I am very satisfied. Nothing is better than if Christensen devotes its nefarious blogs and ends with personal harassment, bullying, defamation and networks sake - against all.From VL: - What do you expect Christensen, Torp?- I expect that he deletes everything that he has written about all, I'm going to address to Google and request that they remove all this material from their search engine. But then there must be a final judgment.(End of quote).Only now who believe in Torp false accusations are obviously Hat Police on Manglerud and others with the same dark minds that God's word says those who turn away from God.Efes 4. 17 So I ask you earnestly to the Lord: Live no longer as the Gentiles. Their thoughts are futile, 18 their understanding darkened, and they are alienated from the life of God. They know him not, and their hearts are hardened.Their thoughts are vanity scripture says, their understanding is darkened and they hate where they were loved. And what they were loved, they hate. Poor people who have it like that!

Robber story is essentially the same as before, which is built on lies and fabrications direct hatred against what God is and stands for. So here too, when I maintains the biblical and correct that marriage remarriage is sin for Christians, for whatever reason!When Jesus rose from the dead they would also tell a robber story that there were some small flimsy ladies and some disciples who remained inside when they were terrified that had removed a several-ton stone from the tomb etc.And then taken the body of Jesus and gained life in a dead man!Talk about a bargain History authorities arrived, but as I said, that before so now!Today it is I who Torp looks to be the dumbest and least significant person who goes for two shoes having harassed him ?!Understood them as a total meaningful person who is a liar can harass ????????????Although Oslo police should have known that everything is just false accusations from Torp's side and if they do not realize it, then they get surely school their money back for not really having learned anything at school!   

I have not put forward any hate speech, or anything else that violates Norwegian law. Why would Oslo police have me then to prison for what I have written?

I got a hat letter from Oslo police who were full of hatred against me and the Heavenly blog as I perceived it!

They wanted me to accept a fine of 10.000, - kr for having written the truth about the false apostle January Aage Torp. Which has destroyed both his own family and many others.
Isdenfor appreciation to warn and describe how bad it is with the Pentecostal Charismatic movement and Torp who is a representative of the skjøgekirke. Then I would ultimately get prison, this is how I see it nothing a Christian judgment persecution of Oslo police!

Photo by Hans Nielsen Hauge who were subjected to the same as me, just a hundred traveling worse course. He was 11 years wrongly convicted and as far as I know, has not the Norwegian government granted some form of compensation to him or his descendants for the terrible, and I would say evil treatment he received by Norwegian police and the Norwegian judicial system.
Obelisk of Hans Nielsen Hauge at Bredtvet church here in Oslo where Hauge had a farm in his last years, and he died there by the police and state power ravages against him prostrate health. Picture taken by Jan Kåre Christensen.

I ask in a headline: I have not put forward any hate speech, or anything else that violates Norwegian law. Why would Oslo police have me then to prison for what I have written?

Truth is the way I see it, that I have written and spoken against which we all people jammed. We want to be Lord and "boss" of our own lives, something we've never "law" and "right". Either God or Satan Lord and "boss" of our lives.

Who is Lord and "boss" of God's church when a permit gjengiftede preachers?
Is it God? He says that those who are gjengifede are adulterers, fornicators / adulteresses and live in sin. As Jan Hanvold, Jan Aage Torp and unfortunately dozens of other so-called preachers and pastors!

There is no hate comments, or anything criminal the Heavenly block. And harassment? Nothing at all when I only write about public figures and the role they have as public figures.
Wanting captivate me that I have been involved in harassment is like saying the moon is a yellow cheese!
Only reason to write and speak about Torp is that he is so rude and calls himself Apostle and Pastor. But while living and teaching contrary word of God!
Had he been a "normal" man, no one had heeded him with a word, least of me!

This is no matter of principle.

When Torp and his allies have come with far worse Statements than what I have written and spoken. They have, inclusive established a blog in my name and writing with my ID. This and other far worse, but police lifting a finger here. I will be anyway!

To think that this is a principle issue is totally meaningless when there is only persecution against me to preach the whole counsel of God to salvation!

Final Comment:
Now this is by going to a conclusion and an end. Trial or Christianity persecution continues in Oslo District Court on September 17 and meet up there and give your support.

Ask for the case and will provide a financial contribution to me and the Heavenly blog?
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Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ!
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