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No. 969: Police will bring proceedings against me when they blindly trust "Pastor" Jan Aage Torp who "hear" votes and other speculative things that the Bible says is seducing spirits and doctrines of demons!

No. 969:
Police will bring proceedings against me when they blindly trust "Pastor" Jan Aage Torp who "hear" votes and other speculative things that the Bible says is seducing spirits and doctrines of demons!

I refused guilt on all the points when I only have taken advantage of my opportunity to present keep what I think, feel and learn the basis of the word of God.
Therefore, the police and prosecutors who actually sits over human rights, freedom of religion and freedom of speech! It is important to be aware of who is the "culprit" here, it is Jan Aage Torp and police.
Not Jan Kåre Christensen, he's just a happy "salmon" that holds up the truth, which he has always done and will continue to do!

Let us be clear that what is behind Torp and large parts of the Pentecostal Charismatic movement is seductive spirits and doctrines of demons.

That police will not really lie with God ultimately will be their responsibility, not mine! Would not have been in their "shoes" for all the world's money!

Picture of me and my wife. I go happily in prison for held forth the word of God concerning marriage and the moral and ethical standard that the word of God requires of those who will preach. Torp has actually hardly a qualification that God requires of an Apostle. But all the qualifications that make Torp to a false apostle, they said. Then, after writing a fake, not a true apostle.
I am accused of calling Torp a psychopath, false apostle, riding last and a false shepherd. But this is, after my review. That there should be a criminal offense to think and argue such a thing demonstrates the police who are extremely immature and spiritual blind. If others think otherwise, it's just getting the counterarguments, but it has not.
Therefore, we see what they'll do, to punish and use hersketeknikk and power. This is dictatorship and the evil way, not God and the healthy democracy.
And police and prosecutors engaged in such is it really sorry for, so it is with the matter.

It reminds me of North Korea and other totalitarian governance. Bend for us or we'll take you. Meeting verbal words with substantive arguments as healthy and mature people do, the capabilities neither Torp or police. Therefore, they are the team welcomed me! Penalties this man and remove what he writes etc. That slogan we get a police state and what are the next?

Jan Aage Torp hear clearly voices no one else hears? In other words, this has been going on for several years. Yeah, sure my whole life with him. What is it then?
It is both a disease and a spiritual seduction. That the police choose to rely on such a person, to take me to court to get me convicted. This shows arrogance, immaturity and being totally blind to what religion and freedom of expression.
In the spiritual field, so reviewing God likes everything except to belong to him, let the matter be ready.
This is not true Christianity, but a poor imitation.
It's full speech and freedom of religion without interference by the authorities. And highlight harassment when Torp and his "associates" has gone much further in so Hens. Then it really applies a clause to achieve anything that's false accusations! But the truth will always prevail - ultimately, I am full satisfied!

Jan Aage Torp must clearly hear voices when one hears little about his life story and what is at Oslokirken's website?
He should get a multicultural congregation of 10,000 members said votes of the late Emanuel Minos (a church ala Kensington Temple in London).
How could I have still what all voices speaking at Torp, it is simply ghastly and so one wonders whether it is from a madhouse a reader when entering the Oslo church website and whatever else Torp has written and spoken over the years! This to hear voices as we see in many Pentecostal Charismatic circles is essentially a form of schizophrenia. And sets in along with these people believe in spiritual things, we know who's behind.

When Ol should be held in Athens in 2004 heard Torp obvious voices that said: "We asked, did prophetic acts and declared that the Olympics should not be implemented. The Greek worship is not a dead religion, but brings people under demonic influence. Youth seeking spiritual realities. God has spoken to us that we should not accept this. We believe in the power of prayer, and we through prayer can demolish strongholds in ruins! "
All these voices Torp must hear either in his head or outside? That I do not know. But neither there or other countless times as Torp heard voices that have said various things to him. It never happened. What is that? Bible says that it is: 1 Tim. 4. 1. "The Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. They should stick to seducing spirits, and demons learn 2 of lying hypocrites with scorched conscience. "

That is exactly what is, they hear voices when their conscience is completely destroyed. Where does Torp and very many other Pentecostal Charismatic Christians into, especially those who will be called leaders, pastors or shepherds.

Here is yet another example of all the voices coming out of Torp's life that neither has happened or is going to happen when everything is all nonsense, wishful thinking and pure and happens fantasy: Lance Wallnau: "You will bring together cities and nations!"
Lance Wallnau conveyed this prophecy of Jan-Aage Torp on Convergence in Dallas and on God TV. "Despite all the conflicts you've been involved in, the Lord will use you to bring together cities and nations!" said Lance in this prophecy. Prophecy was not, but which either came from his self, or from other crude sources.

Torp and Reidar Hjermann

When Torp meant that it was quite all right to give kids some beating would Hjermann take him. Then had Torp heard a voice that said he and Oslo church should not be registered under the county. That voice has now changed?
Now it says on the front page that the Oslo church under the county. These voices Torp hear all the time is also on the first page that it's "so-called" prophesied over Torp him to have God's blessing and protection over their families etc.
It is then strange that just lost in-laws house on fire, I think that was rather a cautionary finger from the Lord than God-called protection.
These voices Torp and many of today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christians hear witnesses more about a very sick mental life than that they walk with God and live in His grace and love!

Hearing voices that you do not like, it is of course not good. But here belong Torp votes as he likes, but that leads both he and others into catastrophic consequences. There is a lot to be police prides some.

Åge Samuelsen said those dreaming of a revival that never comes. So true, so true! I have been several times in Sharon Dal and there throughout the eighties when I was well 1:04 to 5:00 conventions as prophesied Edvardsen about a great revival. So it did not happen, so it should get an even greater revival next year. So they kept on, one of delusion was followed by an even greater delusion! It is this spiritual direction Torp belong, it says that it is nothing but a powerful spiritual delusion that God reviewing several places in their own words.

2 Thess. 2. 10 With all unrighteousness he seduces them that perish, because they did not love the truth that they might be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them an aberration that makes them believe a lie. 12 How will they get their judgment, all those who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in their wickedness.

Final Comment:
Either one has religion and freedom of expression in a country, and then you can write and speak it as a wish and believe. Or so it has not, and it's a come quickly into a dictatorship. I can document every single word that I have written and spoken voices both with the word of God and the reality that surrounds us.

The police then want me in jail for 24 days, they go I with pleasure if I am being judged! Of course I hope and believe that I and Meling will win the court case, but it should not go our way, what then?
Then I never back at some of what I have written and spoken. But all that Torp has written and spoken, so it is a big mishmash both in his life and those who have secured their bit to him. He believes that the innocent party may remarry. But now he and his former wife married again. And it is guaranteed that Torp is not the so-called innocent party, what then? Although it will not Torp to realize his guilt, nothing! But Scripture teaches that there are no innocent party, it is only death that could invalidate a marriage for Christians. Neither theological or the so-called prophecies or the voices that speak to Torp.
Nothing the man voices and measure. It will probably also police had to accept sooner or later you will see!

I have not taken a fraction of Torp's belief votes (which he writes that prophecy) and everything else. Actually it is the whole man and everything he stands for so tragic it may have remained. But even for him it is possible to repent, confess their sin and receive forgiveness from God.
But one day it will be too late, therefore it is concerned to take this opportunity today. When it is today salvation is to be found, tomorrow may be too late to repent!

2 Cor. 6. 2 For he saith, I entreated you at the proper time and helped you on the day of salvation. Behold, now is the right time, now is the day of salvation!

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