torsdag 18. juni 2015

No. 975: Oslo police defense of the false apostle and scam Jan Aage Torp continues when the Oslo District Court on 17 September 2015! Christianity Persecution!

No. 975:
Oslo police defense of the false apostle and scam Jan Aage Torp continues when the Oslo District Court on 17 September 2015! Christianity Persecution!

Photo of Stephen, who was stoned to death. Kristendomdsforfølgelse has been ongoing since the passage of the morning with Cain killing Abel when God so graciously to Abel.
Now this progress even in Norway today. This being most Christians past testify that they still asleep its Tornerose sleep. They sleep very, very heavily. But during the great tribulation will Christianity prosecution to the fullest be inserted under full strength, what we see today is really just some small ripples against what will and will come.


The police shall defend the just and good, against the criminals and cheating. Here undertake police a task that they do obviously the opposite. And while they sit over religion and freedom of expression.

I have not come with any harassment, hate, racism or anything criminal when I only have attacked Torp to hold a pastor's role and an apostle's role as he is disqualified to be the basis of God's word. A ministry based on the Word of God that he can not hold out from the lack of qualifications on the basis of his life as a "believer"!

But I attacked that person, and my family for everything. Of course this is a lie and only written to defame, harass and frame me and my family!

My son has been accused of being gay and my wife is behind the whole everything (of the supporters of Torp).

Torp even claim that I am totally unintelligent, a Nolde "hat blogger", idiot, demon, like lies, vile blogs, outcasts who lack the mind of Christ, ordinary judgment and social intelligence.

Moreover writes Torp that I am a "desire opponent", unaccountable, unthinking, fool, blockhead and stalker (only Norwegian and worst according Torp).

Then comes even more what Torp thinks I am; liar, owns neither shame or sense, idiot and liar like Christensen, mentally retarded, without friends and everything else.

This, Jan Aage Torp alleged that I am, and everything is a lie!

In other words, Torp has made far, far more serious things against me than I him. I've written and what I stand for that Torp is no true Apostle, but a false apostle. He is no true shepherd, but a false shepherd. He alleges further that the so-called innocent as believers can remarry, which the Bible does not at giving evidence. Now both he and his former wife re-married and based on the word of God, she is an adulteress.

I read in God's word today that the biblical language is very strong, clear and not to be mistaken. Even children who are born in such a marriage being called whore children.

Hosea 1 2 Lord's first words through Hosea. Lord said to Hosea, "Go and get yourself a harlot and whore children! For country whores away from the Lord. "

When the Bible uses the words I write and speak, the police will prosecute me. What are we then see the police?

Christianity Persecution, nothing else!

Here it is so obvious that part of the police's persecution of Christianity, and from Torp side is that I have written against his immorality as a pastor who is not tolerated, nothing else! In other words, all based on a false review!

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