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No. 973: Thoralf Gilbrandt his view of the lost tribes of Israel!

No. 973:

Thoralf Gilbrandt his view of the lost tribes of Israel!

I read about Gilbrandt his view of the lost tribes of Israel. And I had a strange dream that fits with what Gilbrandt writes.

Based on slekta mi we come supposedly basis of south France or Northeastern Spain
(Basque Country when they were known as the Basques) who emigrated to Denmark in the 1800s during the Napoleonic war. Where three brothers settled in Lemvig by the Limfjord which is also my birthplace.

Here writes Gilbrandt: 11. Zebulon: France, Monte Carlo, Andorra, part of Switzerland.
My wife who is "whole" Norwegian: 6. Naphtali: Norway

From Sunday 18. november 2012

Nr. 409: I had a strange dream where a person came and said to me that I and my wife belonged to two of the ten lost tribes of Israel, it was Zebulun and Naphtali!

Picture of me and my wife Berit Christensen

Meg og min vakre kone

Here is the full article to Thoralf Gilbrandt:

Israel ten tribes immigration in Europe

When seeking after Israel ten fortabte tribes should not Sogestien after Israel, where havde preserve israelitisk culture and religion tradition, believes Gilbrandt. [Xxiii] ten tribes of Israel cultivated the NetOp pagan afguder. It was the årsagen, that God lod them deport. We must not expect that only Drejer himself about small groups af Israelites, but derimod about all tribes and Nations af one beträgt size. God havde promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that their descendants would BLIVE "talrige as Stars forwards and sandy soils by the sea", and before Israel was deported sawn prophet Hosea, the ten tribes of Israel in their exile would BLIVE "talrige as sandy soils at sea":

"But israelitternes tal should BLIVE as sandy soils at sea, there can not be measured or tælles." (Hosea 1:10)

Gilbrandt writes:

"Besides, there are certain historical indications that the Israeli [sic] immigration in Europe did not happen in the form of more or less isolated groups that were swallowed and went under in the European People sea. On the contrary, very indicate that here comes something along the lines of national movements, actually small migrations. "[Xxiv]

Anglo-Israel and British-Israel

Gilbrandt not agree with the Anglo-Israeli and British-Israel-bevægelsernes theology, which according Gilbrandt sag, the Christian British Empire was part af Kristi Rige but af the reason he does not reject anything from Anglo-Israel and British- Israel. [xxv] Thoralf Gilbrandt then has apparently also written mostly af his research regarding the Ten Tribes in Europe af from Anglo-Israeli, British-Israeli sources such like, but uden that give some form of citations. It is Desuden nonsensical when Gilbrandt shiny afviser that EUROPEAN Christian Nations are not part af Kristi Rige, while he unreservedly supports the Jewish state in Between East, where the Gilbrandts own words built a "antimessiansk" (ie anti-Christian) religion, Judaism.

Kimmererne bliver to Celts

Israelitterne ating as kimmerere were expelled from Asia Minor to the country "Ar-Seret" which sandsynligvis is about the river Seret in Rumænien gone, so winds from historiebøgerne under the name kimmerere. Meanwhile dolls Celts up into nogenlunde the same areas where kimmererne ran accustomed.

"This is as one of the reasons why some historians consider the two to be one and the same people. Celts, this new culture-bearing and culturally creative people in Europe, had Israeli [sic] origin of. "[Xxvi]

Gilbrandt mean however not that the Celts were identical with Israel, but that they israelitiske kimmerere was part af Celts.

"Now enough not construed as the great Celtic migration that has long washed over Europe consisted of Israelis [sic]. Even if there were an Israeli [sic] the core of these people who suddenly stood up, then applies it undoubtedly a mixture of people, Kimrerne has united himself with the local populations where they went. "[Xxvii]

Celtic israelitiske oprindelse bekræftes also af "the Declaration of Arbroath" from 1320, where the Scottish Nationalist writing to the pope, that their forfædre had come from the Great Scythia gennem Mediterranean and ud gennem Hercules Søjler (Gibraltar). After lengthy sojourn in Spain, where they Kaemper mod fjendtlige tribes, they went then to Scotland, where they made themselves masters of the country. [Xxviii]

Scythians bliver to Germans

While that kimmererne enjoys himself to the Celts, were the Scythians, the candidate group af the ten tribes of Germans. The Scythian annuals expanded gennem southern Russia and Ukraine to the northeastern Balkans. Scythians angreb often Persia, which fik King Darius I af Persia that angribe Scythians in 515 BC Darius angreb gennem Thrace in the Balkans, but the Scythians trak himself tilbage at which the first in history, that bruge "the BRÆNDEN earth-taktik". Herodotus writes that the Scythians Boeder the northern seas, which must be Østersøen. Where trak Scythians themselves tilbage to, spørg Gilbrandt? And how can it be, that this mægtige and højtstående culture people pludselig head winds ud af light of history? [Xxix]

Gilbrandt writes that the Scythians were the Germans. The geographer Strabo Græsk (64 BC-21 e.Kr) writes that the "genuine Scythians" af Romans were cold for "barbarians" because "Germani" (genuine) betyder ægte in Latin. The Roman geographer Pliny the Ældre (29-79 AD) writes, according nogle oversættes, that "Shoot Ernes name is everywhere changed to sermatere and Germans." (Natural History IV, 12) [xxx]

The Norwegian historical school

The so called "Norwegian historical school" mean, that urgermanerne is indvandret from Russia:

"To move forward, we will accompany the three famous pioneers in Norwegian historiography, founders of 'The Norwegian historical school'. Ie Gerh. Schøning (1722-1780), Rudolf Keyser (1803-1864) and the biggest of them all, Norwegian history research leading names, PA Munch (1810-1863). All three claimed the theory of Norwegian immigration and settlement north of, from Russia. This is what Norwegian and Icelandic storytellers advocated around year 1200, which can only build on old traditions that still had its place in people's memory. Ref. Salomons Lexicon. "[Xxxi]

Gilbrandt recounts that P.A. Munch wrote, that urgermanerne had to have haft their convoys home somewhere in the mellemste Russia on the Volga tæt the Urals, and that there Vandals ready to Scandinavia:

"From his urhjem Russia has an increasingly exodus continued. Sometimes have well utflyttningen happened directly to the west, but actually speaks very sure mainstream has gone directly over the Baltic and southern Sweden. This applies especially to the strong and populous Goterstammen got his headquarters in southern Sweden and in Denmark. These have since pulled back over the Baltic Sea and eventually made themselves masters of much of Europe. JORAND signify Goths derive their ancestry from Skandje (Scandinavia), and gengjir the old legends about Goths emigration from there on three ships under their king Enrich. The last Germanic emigration from Russia came to Norway. It can sometimes have happened over land north of Botn Viken. But it seems as if the journey hoveedsakelig happened at sea. First is drawn to the north of the great Russian rivers, then a sailed south along the Norwegian west coast and taken the country possesses. "[Xxxii]

It's not only these Norwegian historians, there have written, that Scandinavian holders indvandrede from Russia. Also the Danish historian Peter Friderich Suhm (1728-1798) and Sweden's most famous historian Olof Rudbeck the Ældre (1630-1702) wrote Just like the Icelandic Snorri Sturluson (1178-1241), the Scandinavian holders were indvandret from "Tyrkland" south of the Caucasus gennem Rusland to Scandinavia. Thor Heyerdahl tracked moreover northerner oprindelse to Aserbajdjan in Hunt for Odin (2002).

Overall, Thoralf Gilbrandts bog magnificently, because it shows that Germans and Celts are descendants af Israel ten fortabte tribes, although very af it, he writes about Jodern, is not correct. End quote.

It was 2-3 million Israelites with Moses when he brought them out of Egypt, so it should be at least 1 billion Israelites in the world today. As there are only 15 million 'Jews' today, it is absolutely impossible that they could have been descendants of all Israelites. The promise was that they would be 'many nations and kingdoms' (1 Mos 17.5 to 6). Abraham is a Hebrew name that means "father of many / father of many nations."

Here are the Children of Israel;

1. Joseph, Ephraim & Manasseh: United States, British Isles [England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland]

2. Judah: Germany, Austria, part of Poland, part of Switzerland

3. Benjamin: Iceland, Greenland, (Norway).

4. Asher: Sweden, Russia, Ukraine

5. Issachar: Finland

6. Naphtali: Norway

7. Dan: Denmark, Baltic states, early Egyptians

8. Gad, Italy, part of Switzerland

9. Reuben: Germany, Holland

10. Simeon: Spain, Portugal

11. Zebulon: France, Monte Carlo, Andorra, part of Switzerland

12. Levi: certainly NOT modern day "Israel"

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