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No. 961: Søkelys website to hang out people ridicule, lie and degrade others! Can we call this Christian site ?!

No. 961:
Søkelys website to hang out people ridicule, lie and degrade others! Can we call this Christian site ?!Is it all right to hang out people ridicule, lie and degrade others! Can we call this Christian site ?! Everything goes on naming individuals for putting those in a poor light possible! What do they heresies etc. are known as a rule. But hang them out, it's Kjell Andersen and Searchlight "missionary!"


The false prophet Jan Hanvold

jan-hanvoldThey have side up and down with naming people all the time that they afterwards try to dritte out and lie on. Secondly, such quarrels they also mutually and debate climate on Searchlight's dark as the black night.

Here are some examples of the dritter out named individuals, lying on it or naming them to try to fornere them most. I have been ridiculed countless times where the last 2 years even though I have not written there since last year. I was positive about this site when they left many who otherwise care banned elsewhere comment there. Eg. Torstein Langesæter, Jan Aage Torp and others.

See here for examples:Evangelist Jan Kåre Christensen: "Freedom of expression is that it should be entitled to violate other people and then defended it and now" celebrating "Christensen for publicly appointed defender Printer Kjell Andersen from Kristiansand.

But I have never said this. We should not offend others, but violate others what we preach or say, so the problem is not with us but with the one who perceive it as offensive. And I've never cheered, but I'm very happy to have received such a good defender who will speak my case.Which will of course lead witnesses, crack Torps credibility and bring out those elements that strengthen what I would have said. This needs a help, which is why a lawyer so important. But aloud I do not, but satisfied and happy with it? Yes!

Christensen freedom of speech: ".... has the right to violate other people when freedom of expression covers everything "- and" cheers "over to get a lawyer at taxpayers' expensePosted Wed, 05/27/2015JKC-money evangelist Jan Kåre Christensen: "Freedom of expression is that it should be entitled to violate other people and then defended it and now" celebrating "Christensen for publicly appointed defenderThe right to offend other people using words and a keyboard is an obvious right in the Norwegian democracy. How possible to frame the one infringes, their family and any acquaintances mean nothing as long as I can hold the right to infringe on other people if it is beneficial for me and my own situation, seemed to be the idea in Christensen's rhetoric ahead of the autumn trial Oslo District Court. Meanwhile sweeps Christensen that he drops attorney fees with the words: "Have got Brynjar Meling appointed as my defender, I'm very excited!When I do not have money he-he! Only prayer, hallelujah! "

Jan Kåre Christensen follows Ekman's footsteps and convert to the Catholic ChurchPosted Wed, 04/01/2014Joins the Catholic Church Bible Teacher Jan Kåre Christensen among other leader Smyrna congregation in Oslo and is an avid writer on "Heavenly blog" shall thereafter Searchlight experience have chosen to become Catholic. Bible teacher who ... Continue reading →

This was April 1st joke that completely proven not been removed.

Posts: Christensen, guilty of economic crimes?Posted Wed, 04.14.2015Posts Økokrim has been notified of possible offenses around Jan Kåre Christensen's business in Hook path in Oslo. The reason for the warning is that Christensen driver something he calls a church, named Smyrna Oslo. This church is not registered in Brønnøysundregistrene, ... Continue reading →

Writing so without any form of documentation is highly slanderous and direct malice and falsehood!

Uses absolutely everything to harm Torp ahead of a possible criminal -says he does not trust the police at ManglerudPosted Wed, 03/23/2015The disputed Oslo blogger Jan Kåre Christensen now trying desperately every trick to escape the fuzz. After it became known that the police apparently will bring Christensen to court for violation of Penal Code section ... Continue reading →

I have not been desperate one day against these false accusations by Jan Aage Torp, even a lie without any documentation.

Jan Kåre Christensen in heavenly blog believes Øyvind Benestad bears the title chief farriseerPosted Wed, 04.11.201444"Something I find arboricultural and sobering is that Jan Kåre Christensen, the man behind" Heavenly blog "no one seemed to care about the tragic decay homosexuality and church blessing of gays marriages now account. Perhaps Jan Kåre Christensen first begin to race against this sin when it first Christian gay marriage bust and there is talk about remarriage among gays Christian marriage. "Jon Inge Olsen commentjan-rosemary-christensenJan Kaare Christensen and "Heavenly blog" as some have renamed "perdition blog" believes that Øyvind Benestad, Jan Aage Torp, Jan Hanvold and a number of other needs should be given the title chief Pharisees. The reason for Christensen's harsh attacks on including Øyvind Benestad, who was one of the Council's strongest defenders of the biblical view of marriage is that Benestad has been on TV Vision Norway. Just being on the screen of TV Vision Norway is according to Mr. Christensen "sacrilege" and mean that you endorse remarriage and other horrors Jan Hanvold and co are on. When you read what the Bible teaches Christensen actually prints, one is actually almost as meaning that one is disqualified from the kingdom of God and the Christian faith if one at all has something to do with the controversial Christian television channel.

But here it prints why it is so bad with Vision Norway. That's because everyone there is almost re-married!

By promoting from our readers: Delete your blog Jan Kåre Christensen!Posted Wed, 06.03.20147Nearly 700 comments in heated debate about controversial blogger and self-proclaimed apostle who feel Searchlight with lackeys are trying to intimidate him into silence.Debate and wrangling between Smyrna church Bible teacher Jan Kåre Christensen and a number of "Smyrna critical" believer continues in three weeks. The controversial himmelskebloggbibellæren who calls himself an apostle meets powerful resistance and criticism because of his writings on Heavenly blog. In familiar style langer Christensen toward his critics, who diagnosed as "psychopaths", "like liars," crazies or controlled by demons. Critics reply in kind and reviewing Christensen as a cynical con artist who harasses and operates network-bullying. "You hazards ahead and act like an elephant in the glass tray. You trample on the dead and the survivors Utøya and ministries. Continue reading →

Here begins kamapanjen to remove the Heavenly blog!

Jan Kåre Christensen in alliance with Levi Fragell to get the better of Jan-Aage Torp?Posted Wed, 10/03/201412While Christensen criticize Torp to seek police help to end the persecution and harassment person seeking Christensen now support and sympathy at Levi Fragelllevi-Fragell-heavenly-bloggJan Kaare Christensen of two weeks ago, was prosecuted by pastor Jan Aage Torp for personal harassment and defamation on the controversial blog Smyrna congregation in Oslo seeking seemingly new alliance partners. The last "alliance" which is now treated as income for Christensen's right to write what he will about unnamed preachers and pastors is none other than Levi Fragell. Fragell is a well known anti-karismatiker and former executives for human Ethical Union in Norway. The former Secretary General and President of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) thus has the dubious honor and get their name and image adornments on blog page for the most Norwegian Christians perceive as a "sewer blog". Lately the input from Christensen came after he once again got a no from debate editorial in the newspaper Our Land to to publish a rebuttal to the case about the fact that Pastor Jan-Aage Torp now have prosecuted him. On his own website renders Christensen communication between him and John Morken that debate editor of the newspaper Our Country while Jan Kåre Christensen now seeking "impetus" in humanist and former Secretary General of the Norwegian Humanist Association. Fragell is a figure further has led "war" especially against the charismatic movement. Continue reading →

Here are the Heavenly blog called "sewer-blog" and that we are ledetog with Fragell. without any dokumenasjon again!
Jan Hanvold suffered a heart attack, is back at work again and thank GodPosted Wed, 10/28/20143From Day Monday morning:jan-hanvoldTV evangelist Jan Hanvold, an editor and chairman of the TV channel, had sudden pain in both arms for a live broadcast Sunday night. He was sent by ambulance Rikshospitalet, where doctors confirmed that he had a heart attack .The reason for infarct were two clogged arteries in the heart, and doctors did a so-called bulging of those years. On Monday Hanvold transferred to Drammen hospital, where he is now being observasjon.- I have the expectation of being at home and on the move in a few days. I thank everyone for the prayers and greetings. This warms my heart, says Hanvold in the message that is located on Vision Norway sites. He praises while the Norwegian health care and thank Jesus. However, there were some who really believed Hanvold needed this, and among them we find Smyrna leader Jan Kåre Christensen Continue reading →

I have since never intended it Kjell Andersen writes. Once again without documentation.

Jan Kåre Christensen hanging out honorable man Emanuel Minos againPosted Wed, 12/14/201417minosHave retrieved old regurgitation to defame Emanuel Minos legacyA short month is now passed since the highly respected servant of the Lord and honor the man Emanuel Minos went home to be with the Lord. Emanuel Minos who remained true to their savior through a long life died notoriously November 15, 2014 after a long life as a treasured preach among chapeau people, Pentecostals, free friends and even among believers in the Norwegian Church. Minos who began to preach the word of God already as a five year old boy (pictured) has reached tens of thousands of people with the gospel was born on 11 June 1925 in the Belgian Congo, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. His father was Greek, his mother of Egyptian origin. As small, he was adopted by the Norwegian missionary family Gunnerius Tollefsen, and he came to Norway, as one of the first adopted child, from a country outside the region. Continue reading →

Here is the nigger of me again. Minos was unfortunately a giant cheat! Why? He said never in from about anything!

No decision in Christensen case yet, but many hope he will get a snapPosted Wed 02/27/2015jkcJan Kaare Christensen denies that he writes to hurtOslo police delays to make a decision in the criminal case raised against the controversial blogger and leader of the small house church Smyrna. It was last autumn that the pastor Jan Aage Torp went to the step of the police in Jan Kåre Christensen of the Penal Code calls "discrimination or proportionality based on religion or belief", "defamation" and "person harassment," and earlier this winter met the two conflicting advice without this led to an agreement. In retrospect Christensen deleted some posts and replaced certain words and phrases, but continues without results as before. A Free Church pastor Searchlight've talked to that has also been featured on his blog says that he hopes that justice will prevail and that Pastor Torp's review of the controversial blogger will succeed.Continue reading →

Here's Searchlight and Kjell Andersen agenda, get stoppep me and the Heavenly blog. Same eganda as the Evil and Torp!

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