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No. 960: I have been hung out at worst plainly today, I have held forth what God's word says about remarriage! This can be compared and put up against each other?

No. 960:
I have been hung out at worst plainly today, I have held forth what God's word says about remarriage! This can be compared and put up against each other?

Here it is mentioned that I am a Demon, Christensen believes needs mental help and Jan Kåre Christensen mentally retarded. Is this okay that the police and everyone else let this through? And I and my family and friends is fair game?

It is strange that it has become a fictional review of me, and the police have attached little to Jan Aage Torp's explanation. I do not think for a second it. But what happened afterwards? When police chose to believe in Torp? I have become fair game and all who stand with me. Is this okay?

Join the debate and see some of the examples that I have become fair game:

Photo from Facebook page where Torp called me for a Demon


The fakeSmyrna Church in OsloQuestions from many: Is Jan Kåre Christensen mentally retarded?May 30, 2015 Smyrna Church in OsloWe've got eight emails with just this question. Let me answer these eight people and others who wonder just this but have not asked us.Our very beloved pastor Jan Kåre Christensen Mentally retarded person?He is reasonably good in practical matters like driving a bus and no one has complained about him there. He's actually a good bus driver, much popular among their Muslim and Catholic colleagues.But intellectually he is what one might call for mentally retarded. He understands around 50 words. The rest of the words he uses in his blog and in his many posts in Searchlight blog is purely a guessing game from his side.His understanding of the concepts of morality and ethics are also diffuse and unclear. He is a pastor because he has memorized Bible verses without fully understanding them. He understanding of the Bible is also diffuse and he survives by copying and stealing quotes and material from those who understand the Bible.In a normal conversation he comes nothing short when he did not quite know what he's talking about. We let him speak every Sunday and elsewhere, we are keeping something away from him when his contribution to any conversation or discussion is, at best, very limited.That he is mentally retarded is there no doubt. But it is just innocent and mentally retarded who are God sent servants to humans. It's these simpletons without any mention worthy under lid that best conveys the word of God. If you use a microphone, expect not that the microphone also works as a dishwasher and an oven. That is how Jan Kåre Christensen. A microphone without any other benefit to God.Arne Breen Smyrna Church.
From website Søkelys.com

Preachers stigmatized Heavenly blog Christensen believes needs mental helpPosted Wed 24/08/2014"Believe Christensen harasses servants of God because he is a bitter and unsuccessful preacher who does not reach some places"


 The controversial blogger Jan Kåre Christensen operations in heavenly blog is well known for a number of Norwegian ministers and pastorer.Få want to say anything publicly about Christensen and those we have received in voice strong opinions but wants to remain anonymous for the sake of his family and service the kingdom of God. "To embark in a perpetual debate with an obviously mentally ill man, is in no way fruitful and will only strengthen Christensen's ego and self-exaltation," says a minister whose name has been mentioned several times on Jan Kåre Christensen's blog. Another preacher says that many of his listeners have responded to Christensen's writings that are considered "malicious, harassing and at times nasty, -but I use to say that it is a mentally ill person who is behind this blog is to be regarded like a sewer from the abyss. Continue reading →

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