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No. 937: The charges that the police is bases on 100 % true and pondered the words of God!

No. 937:
The charges that the police is based on 100% true and pondered the words of God!

There is no reason to hide under a chair that I and the police look completely different on this matter. Has taken the time to read through the indictment sometimes and really. It is true, biblical and therefore for miles within its religious and free speech!

Image of my lawyer who believes that Torp as a public person, and who has written similar about other if not even stronger. Should have endured all this that I have written.

The charges read as freely reproduced.

You have written the following about Jan Aage Torp disallowed:

1.) He is an adulterer

2.) You write he is a psychopath and narcissist (then in my opinion not as a doctor or specialist)

3.) Even Centered

4.) leper (this is the Bible's symbolic language for living in sin)

5.) Old pig who marries his nanny


But all this is true, and Torp even wrote this about others and much, much worse.

Final Comment:

We have freedom of religion and freedom of expression in Norway. And Torp has written much, much worse for me than this. But why are there so the frame scream when I write something, but Torp writes, then laughing all of it? I speak the truth, but Torp speak only out of "weather"! Therefore, it becomes as little reactions.

Had a visit from a person who has gone slightly in Oslo Church. This calling people for demons was "normal" for Torp she said. Including there was a lady who was not quite level with themselves. She had Torp pulled out of the meeting. And afterwards as he had told the person that she was a demon (the same as Torp called me). And she could when she was a demon influence others. So to believe that Torp going to change? No, everything is a game for him, which he obviously here use the police against me to remove the Heavenly blog and me from the net!

Will he succeed? Never! We have the word of God and Gulden promises that this will go to victory in Jesus' name!



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