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No. 939: Israel is preparing to receive the Anti Christ - that we see in Oslo 10. Norway May 2015!

No. 939:
Israel is preparing to receive the Anti Christ - that we see in Oslo 10. Norway May 2015!

This I write here can be misinterpreted, that I understand. But there is no blessing except through Jesus, not through jødene- or us Gentiles. All blessing is related to Jesus * Christ, no one else. But at the same time, Israel has a unique place in God's plan of salvation, both past and future!

Image of Jesus Christ. All blessing comes only exclusively through him, nobody else. Only Jesus as a person, his teaching and atoning sacrifice that has everlasting significance. When it is Israel friends who profess the name of Jesus while living in adultery urge to stand up for Israel. Then this as a precursor to Antichrist will undoubtedly be at the level of the moral with extramarital sex etc. Jesus was clean through and through and his teachings likewise. His followers and disciples goes of course to the way that he taught and learned, if not then they are not his disciples.


Inessivs taker for this selection is an adulterer, fornicator and sinner. Where will the madness end?

We know enough about Sten Sørensen. I have written an article about him, see here: http://the-heavenly-blog.janchristensen.net/2012/09/nr-367-pastor-sten-sorensen-from-karmy.html

This will be a "delightful" collusion!

Here there is "enough" to be positive for Israel. But does it?

Within its God then this is a positive thing, but not nearly enough.

Jesus says that unless a man be born again so one can not see the kingdom of God!


I have to stand up for Israel, but there must be some premises in the bottom. It is inter alia that those who are professing Christians do not live in sin with their lives to stand there and be in the lead. And here is also inessivs taker for this selection is an adulterer, fornicator and sinner. This must almost be like a place Jesus called for ormyngel, limed graves and so much else in Matthew 23.


Antichrist will be a European who is homosekuelle but "defending" and standing up for Israel? Evidence indicates that from the scriptures. But what we see now under this Israel marker? Something of the same.

Here it is called a Pastor who is re-married as a believer, but that is both an adulterer and fornicators when his current wife is not his right as he has been married before with a woman whom he had promised fidelity.


We read more present in the word of God that Israel will enter into an alliance with the Antichrist. We see that this is starting to take shape that Israel is open against everyone just those closest to oppose Islam and ultra extremities. This is basically a deception when it is what one is, that matters most. Here are the people who are for sin, remarriage, adultery and what Satan stands for that to be called "Israel-friends!".


Final Comment:

Consider for example. Israel channel on Vision Norway. Here are the people who set up happy although Jan Hanvold living in sin. We must realize that such an Israel support will end in Babylon literally!

There is no doubt that we approach the bride's rapture. Jesus returns to retrieve only their, and the apostate church to left behind to face the Antichrist and the false prophet that Pope clearly is a precursor to without I think it is he who is the false prophet!

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