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No. 980: I do not at all the money to pay the fine from Oslo police, but only prayers and support!

No. 980:
I do not at all the money to pay the fine from Oslo police, but only prayers and support!

Lately, I have understood that a great deal is busy with the upcoming trial between me and Oslo Police / Jan Aage Torp. And it is actually more benign, I would say good Christians who have come with "advice" and that is how to prevent this trial!

When Ubaydullah Hussain (picture) can be exonerated, then it will be after all the whole matter between me and Torp as ridiculous in comparison when I have not come with a single harassing, threatening, hatred, or anything that is illegal or punishable by what one finds the Heavenly blog, Heavenly blog, Teaching Blog or our website to Smyrna Oslo.


This scripture uses many or related up against this passage!

1 Cor. 6. 1. When one of you has a case against another, how can he dare to put it before the unjust, and not for the Saints? 2 Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world? But when you will judge the world, why regrettably you not to judge small things? 3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? Can you not judge in earthly affairs? 4 And when you have such cases, why are you to judge people who do not have confidence in the congregation? 5 This is a shame for you! Is there not one wise among you who can settle the issues between brothers? 6 No, brother goeth to law with brother, and that of judges who are not believers. 7 That you have lawsuits against each other, is in itself a defeat for you. Why suffer ye not rather injustice? Why not rather suffer losses? 8 But you do wrong, and let others suffer losses - even siblings. 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?

Yes, it is right out in the word of God there go to the authority to bring a case against a brother that is contrary to God's will. This I have not done, but on the other hand, Jan Aage Torp done this. Therefore I can not be blamed for any of this. And he not only went to the police, but also with a fictitious review to stop me and the Heavenly blog. What more can I do?

Blame it on the person or persons it belongs in!

There are those who think that I'll either creep to the cross or to admit guilt for something I really have not done. In this case I keep January Aage Torp and police responsible for the whole affair from a to z. This I wrote to Kjell Andersen and Searchlight when they asked me about this matter:
"According to Christensen is Torp reviewed for" at least two criminal acts including demands to make false accusations against Christensen. "He is the one behind everything with his demonic powers," says Christensen, adding: "Now it Anytown Police chamber to look at Torp and his medkampajonger." "I hold in January Aage Torp and Manglerud police accountable within its God, and people regarding all this clutter, no one else, "says Jan Kaare Christensen as the 17th September 2015 clash with Jan Aage Torp in Oslo District Court."

Torp is no true Christian but a fake one!

What I have learned since this fictional review, it is that Torp is a false apostle and no doubt in my view a psychopath. Here is the case!

Oslo police have acted very much to blame them for!

I've written a bit about that they really have done everything wrong:

But they also have overlooked what is really bad here purely legal, it is that it's created a blog in my name, which is ID theft. Strictly speaking, there is only this and that Torp has agreed a fictional review of mine who is a criminal offense. Everything else, even the madness Torp has made is well within its religious and free speech if Ubaydullah Hussain has been acquitted of all that he has been doing. Even Torp becomes an "Smaak" in relation to Ubaydullah Hussain who after all shelves terrorist movements who kill others and engaged in pure barbarism!

Martin Luther and other men of God experienced some of the same

Now all issues and people both differences and similarities. But Luther when he set up his theses on the church door in Wittenberg. And the trial and everything else he had to go through in order to promote the gospel. So says Luther, 'Here I stand and can not help'. The same, I must say: 'Here I stand and can not help'.

What this is about is completely come into the background for many!

This as this case is about is how I see the following: That there shall be allowed with Bible in hand to warn against remarriage. And could also name those who will be preachers, pastors, overseers / women or others who possess a public and visible position. Everything else in this case is really a side track. To me it's really just about this. And possibly also could say about a person who has a public role that he or she perceives that I psychopath fun last scam or whatever it means to be.
I am convinced that this is a far cry within its religious and free speech. And that there is a good and healthy society that allows the individual to think things like this. Just thought if one can not do this. When is the dictator, dictatorships and everything is really oppressive and waiting. Without freedom of speech so can not really anyone usurp power and no one can tell him / her the contrary!

Oslo police's how I see it a threat to the rule of law by trying to get me convicted and sentenced for claiming good, healthy expressions that are necessary and good!

Final Comment:

I can of course pay the fine imposed on 10.000, - kr and so there is no court on September 17. But why should I do it?
I have not come with any harassing, threatening, hatred, or anything that is illegal or punishable. I have only taken advantage of my right and duty as a preacher of the Word to warned opposite a ravening wolf that Jesus said were false prophets in time. This I have done this I do and will do.

Alongside Torp, then acting Manglerud Police as they both stand above God, human rights, freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Torp has come with far sharper thing against me than what I have said about him.
It is also libelous he has made since it is not true, but what I have come with is true. Therefore, it is a form of miscarriage of justice that Oslo police proposes. But this I of course never succumb to, then I give the Evil full opportunity to manipulate and dictate me.

Only thing I need is to implement this trial that I really look forward to when I have all my on dry and outstanding here conscience within its God and man!

Ap. cur. 23. 1. Paul looked straight at the Council and said, "Brethren, with entirely good conscience, I have lived my life before God until today."

24. 16 Therefore I strive always to have a clear conscience before God and man.

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