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No. 1243: Jan Aage Torp is no Christian!

No. 1243:
Jan Aage Torp is no Christian!

We are in many ways come to an end with Jan Aage Torp at the Heavenly blog !!!
Except it is surely a lawsuit between us Borgating Court of Appeal, hopefully!

What I write is not about hate to do, but to protect those people who Torp has destroyed.
But most important, it will probably other narreapostler and psychopaths in among the believers. Torp will not be the last, when will a book like this is what I have found to be of great help and blessing!

Next step I could have wished for was to write a book about Torp, where also his relationship with his children is affected and is seen in the context of his struggle against child protection. For this is one of the roughest I have ever seen regarding hypocrisy. Torp should not have been allowed to stated philosophy itself regarding child welfare, this is an abuse of our freedom when he is fighting fortunate to have escaped child protection. For had shown what one knows today, so I'm pretty sure that the couple Torp had never been brought up kids. Not the two together, perhaps Ann-Christin alone with help and supervision? But Jan Aage Torp? Never, unfit guaranteed! Therefore in January Aage Torp morbid urge to attack child welfare at all hours!

Jan Aage and Ann-Christin now called Ann-Christin Düring Woll, was so inadequate as parents it is well possible to be? Here it should have been retroactive effect where these two should have paid compensation to their children ??

And Jan Aage Torp flea this Serb approx 1.5 Million should also by court have paid back this money that he got from a rather ill person.

Yes, a book I should have written there Jan Aage Torp's double standards also should I included. He attacks the homosekuelle and they want to be removed from society. But he himself can happily remarry even though God's word says this is untrue. Here there is so much hypocrisy, hypocrisy, child abuse, manipulation and more. That Manglerud police are doing is so bad that even the police's Korea emerges as "geniuses" and skilled in relation to this Polti which in my eyes defends a criminal, and then one must also count this is criminal law? How I see it!

Photo of the so-called hate groups on Manglerud as Jan Aage Torp has to wonder roll around with their dirty game and manipulative behavior. Jan Aage Torp is obviously criminal way he behaves towards his own family. As well as his fictional Review opposite behind prevention and to act against hate crime online. But here they work 120% of hate crimes by standing behind January Aage Torp and all his actors as one stands on evil and hated side accepted the good and light side!

We will pray as Jesus did on the cross:

Luke 23. 34a Jesus said, `Father, forgive them! for they know not what they do.

From v. Inspector Monica Lille Bakken, police officers Stian Barmo and Lena Fjalestad and police attorney Oda Karterud.

Jan Aage Torp writes on his blog about something that is so extreme that even the world's people are not doing so. That he "somehow" has understood something is completely beyond! Torp's revelations is essentially the "madness!"

Straight afterwards adds his daughter out an article on Debate which only tells one thing, Jan Aage Torp is so far away from the Christian faith and learn it is possible to get, even Gentiles are not as bad as Jan Aage Torp.

It is as it says in Ezekiel 5 5 Thus saith the Lord God: This city, Jerusalem, I have put in the midst of the nations and laid the countries surrounding it. 6 But the people there rebelled against my laws and were more wicked than the other nations; they defied my statutes more than the countries around. For they rejected my laws and did not follow my decrees. 7 Thus says the Lord God: You have raged worse than the nations around YOU. For my statutes you have not followed, and my judgments have you not kept. You have not even lived by the laws Neighbour their people have. 8 Thus says the Lord God: Behold, now I come against you. I will execute judgments in you while the other folks watching. 9 Because you have done so much ugly, I will do to you something that I have not done and never will do. 10 Therefore the fathers among you eat their children, and children will eat their parents. I hold judgment with you, and they then become again, I spread to the four winds.

Here God says that waive completely, they have sunk further down than the Gentiles. Verse 10 we see the demise of apostasy that now unfortunately going in Jan Aage Torp's family and then also Apostasy perfectly: "That is why parents among you eat their children, and children will eat their parents. I hold judgment with you, and they then become again, I spread to the four winds. "

I can write and write about Torp, it does not end then here comes the new revelations on a conveyor belt. But I will stop here and only the comments of Jan Aage Torp his daughter who writes about his father and growing up with him. This I have posted once before, and you can read it here:

Deep thinking is Jan Aage Torp and Ann-Christin criminals if we are to be assumed for what has emerged through his children. I would not wish my worst enemy that children should grow up under such conditions there if they speak in tongues as they loved. If they do not, then they are not loved. How could I have still. Therefore Becomes January Aage Torp its fight against child protection completely incomprehensible. He should really have been soul happy, he and Ann-Christin was so little present for their children on their terms that I have hurt by it on behalf of children. Torp's struggle for children are so misguided. It is as if a pedophile fighting for children's rights, there is of course a total contradiction of the very worst kind!

What else writes today - is really just the same as I have written. Then it is completely insane that the police want me punished really doing a good deed that was needed. Much more required than any of us really would think was possible!

Comments on the article on Debate, where everyone is saying the same things I have written and spoken. As police want me convicted, this is harassment and persecution of Christianity +++ much more like the police are doing:

Oddbjørn Johannessen

Thank you for a strong and courageous posts. It is heartbreaking to read about this kind of childhood experiences. No child should experience such a thing! Good luck in life.

Tove S. J Magnussen

Being the first to recognize / reveals the violence can be fatal. They are forced into something they do not understand the consequences of. Knowing entails responsibility. That some fear the situation is natural. They are often hostages unless others understand and act. This process not everyone knows something about. Now you know why no one helped you. Your mother saw it and reacted.

Knowledge about the nature are deficient in society in general and in health care in particular. A campaign is in its place. To call this Christianity is wrong. There is mental abuse and blasphemy.

Njål Kristiansen

I'm shocked! Thread Starter requested nurse and others. I have a hunch that children in Christian homes may have gone under the radar because the home was considered protected by a religion with good intentions. My call judgment suggests that CPS should have been in the picture at an early stage of development. Some of us have focused on abuse in homes with other religions. Again it turns out that Christian herd is at least as bad as the ones we really want us frabedt to be compared with.

It is an outcome against individual Christians try to appear to be very stately and elevated above others. I had sectarians in mind when I wrote that I did. This should read in continuation of debates on VD how many talks down other religions family relationships. For criticism seems to be reserved for a specific, but affect all religions or too treacherous. If you will, one can say that it is not the religious that determine or that all faiths could prove equally good. Finally, it is about ethical aspects of raising children and an assessment if one is capable of it. In some countries, we know that parents can be intimidating young. Possibly these shorter way to an authoritarian and bastant upbringing to their children but even in societies with higher age of parents sees the same movement in which terrorize their children. I am horrified that children treated that way.

Pål Georg Nyhagen

Unfortunately things happen in an occasional Christian environment that radically abolishes the Gospel they claim to identify with. So get to wonder how and why this happens. It happens at Muslims, and it happens with Christians. As in other communities, religious and political ones. Form and innhoild are so intimately connected and identified with management's descriptions that challenging and vital to belive it all disappears. But the "right" mask, then look no what is happening until it is too late. But then it's too late. Man increases, and are also given authority. And from here to there being authoritarian is way scary card for more.

But a genuine authority is the one who possess expertise, insight, experience and can make room for others. In the knowledge that God does not need neither soldiers, watchmen or lawyers.

Misplaced and misguided respect for individual managers and the Word of God leads unfortunately to the abuse of power, and a number ruler techniques so nearly gets free rein. Some leaders get too lightly built up a symbolic and social capital and power internally that actively recalled that day challenges and the living requesting reality knocks on the door.

Not least because the abuse of power becomes in the words and masks that context respects. Some identify themselves so strongly with the Gospel and the spirit that they are unable to be critical alert and conscious about the sufferer glance. People are reduced to remedy, in the name of God. God's Word ascribed such weight and authority that even Christ and human beings, here comes second. It is here when a true prophetic virtue to rise to scream out that here are underway blasphemy and abuse of the name of God clothed with the best disguises drawn from the Christian costume warehouse.

Some managers derailing criticism and unpleasant attention by inviting victims to intercede etc. to "find peace and solve what is perceived difficult". Critics need only time to see the truth and thus keeps calm in Jesus' name. A behavior and methods that cements and aggravate the whole emphatic. "Now we have sown a seed, we shall see that God will intervene to the best". HOW added lid on dangerous abuse of power, as tier one down criticism, and so invisible makes you the one who suffers and is prone to misery. For who would rise against God and here suggest other solutions in this environment where God and prayer already established part of the linguistic power culture? And not seldom trump remark that puts stop for any such thing, "Think that Christians can appeal to this way and talk like that about each other." All those who are not so familiar to the subject matter stands usually with automatic response behind authority the interpretation, thus quickly after that. Whoever controls the language and interpretations have also power.

In protest against the abuse of power and the subtle destruction of fellow humans in God's name should now any self-respecting and respect for the others now rise up and protest against the abuse of power and not least the conflict shyness and cowardice internally that characterizes some Christian communities. There is no sin neither being angry, protest or be critical. Rather it will be a sin for all the others around to continue and tie and further acquiesce.

Petter Kvinlaug

It is a harrowing story Christine is making here.

I do not mean that she should put a lid on its history and closing the inside, but I ask myself nevertheless question whether, to what extent, such a story belongs in a public debate. This is alredy a child care?
(End of quote).

Yes, with a well-functioning child welfare and police had in January Aage Torp been caged for long, long ago! Clearly, criminal, manipulative and nasty he is!

But it is

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