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No. 1237: Successful evangelism in Frogner Park in Oslo!

No. 1237:
Successful evangelism in Frogner Park in Oslo!

Have get feedback that with such hatpoliti and with such people with no limitations and barriers it is fully understandable that we will not publish names and pictures of those who are to evangelize.
We sing and testify in Torshov park, where there pavilion.

Frognerparken parts we tracts (so do we in Frogner Park).

But who is with, and if they do not have their kids with. When children go against them argued etc.
No, these conditions worse than North Korea and Saudi Arabia will be when a mega-psychopath directs everything behind the scenes even though the kids and everyone else hates him and he hates everybody!

Poor people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been someone who has had evangelism here in Oslo. We have on Saturday were two places. Torshov park and in Frogner Park in Oslo!

We are doing evangelism here in Oslo, whether Torshov Park and Frogner Park mostly with very good response!

Here are some pictures.

Publication of course no names on who is doing when they are hung out either on the nefarious website Searchlight or on the false Smyrna blog.
Police on Manglerud with the so-called hate groups live in an obvious hatred for me.

If one harasses or otherwise offend either me or any of my family or friends.
So it's charge up, they get guaranteed hold on the hat police Manglerud.
Therefore, no names and events that I write in this post. Only a few simple images!

The two biggest networks roll is guaranteed not punished. They have harassed Jan Kåre Christensen and everyone around him in a way that is completely unacceptable.

It is Torodd Fuglesteg and Ansgar Braut who writes under the pseudonym name Ansgar Braut and probably 20 to 30 other names too?

Therefore no names I could mention that participates in evangelization.
Otherwise, the entire their identities made public on the nefarious website Searchlight, or on the false Smyrna blog.
Police on Manglerud with the so-called hate groups live in an obvious hatred for me and it is impossible to name names!
It's just the way it is now with a police worse than North Korea and Saudi Arabia!

Delightful vindication!

After we were done with evangelization is the little good to talk together afterwards and relax a little.
We were then agree to meet out in the find weather on Schøyen. Where it is easy also to get parked car.

We came to an outdoor restaurant when they just would shut down. And they were so warmly that we got coffee, water and plenty of food to excess after excess. All free and this was the way I see it, a "gesture" from the Lord that we had made his will!

Been out among the people and preached the gospel of the good news that the debt is paid and sin is atoned!

See here for my personal testimony:

I will come with how I experienced salvation and Jesus Christ.

I was born in Denmark, Lemvig in 1964. However, we stayed in Thyborøn where my father grew up.
 We moved to Skudeneshavn on Karmøy in 69 where my mother comes from.

I look back on their childhood as very good. My major interest became sport and in particular football.

As I remember back then I had the super good clean humanly. Life smiled at me and I smiled to life.

But then there was a football buddy of mine who was saved and born again. I noticed that there was been a change with him.

On one occasion, after he had been saved, we received a call in private. Then he let out the way of salvation for me. As there was no way back.

I was with him at meetings of the Free Evangelical Assembly Ebenezer. After 3 weeks of regular meeting visits bowed my heart and knee to Jesus and was saved and born again. When I was 16 years, 25 January 1981.

Wonderful, lovely and large. I was a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Since then I have been able to experience both the one and other. But what happened when I was 16 years has held since. And I think it will keep the rest of your life and throughout eternity.
 Salvation is the best, biggest and most important thing that ever happened to me.

Highly recommended! Dice 7.

Evangelist Jan Kåre Christensen

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