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No. 1232: "Bible teacher" and "Pastor" Leif S. Jacobsen no reliable source that one should put as much credibility to his opinions and views!

No. 1232:
"Bible teacher" and "Pastor" Leif S. Jacobsen no reliable source that one should put as much credibility to his opinions and views!

Photo by Leif S. Jacobsen.

It has recently been revealed very many criticisms and unhealthy conditions to say the least within its the part of Christianity which we call the Pentecostal / charismatic Christianity.

One that is continually being interviewed and allowed to come to term is Leif Jacobsen who emerges as a better Knows and who have "answers" at most, for not saying anything!

When a man gets almost unlimited confidence and have such poor track record, what then?

I remember the first time I heard Leif Jacobsen on Summer services at Sharon Dal. I can not remember the year, but think it was 1983 or 84? When he had been in the US at school and came home with something very. It was almost like suitcase he had brought with graces and gifts was something very. Not as Pentecostal 9 gifts, but here it was extended to well over fifty? If there before Jacobsen finished sermons were up in the seventies? The number was formidable and I think no one knew anything at all after the speech, only that here it was just to help themselves and everything was graces of what we did as believers ?!

Next time I met Leif Jacobsen was in 1985 when he was guest speaker at Karmøy Christian Center!

Head of the then Karmøy Christian Center was the father of Sten Sørensen. Sten Sørensen who himself is divorced and re-married as believers actually named jr. When senior was a familiar figure in the Haugesund that right agitator and karismatiskere.

There we were on the face and ia I carried out a message that there was no revival lay ahead, but Laodicea times. Jacobsen threw us out the door, and the whole meeting ended in chaos when Jacobsen in my opinion, much of the same in himself as Jan Aage Torp. It tells not clean small!

Leif Jacobsen and Åge Åleskjær!

It was this Jacobsen who introduced Kenneth Hagin for Åleskjær with it to follow that Åleskjær completely flipped out. Since then there has spiritually gone down a road with Åleskjær, from bad to worse!

It is also said when he arrived in Oslo Christian Center in 1989 so there was a strong rivalry between he and Arne Bakken where it is said that Jacobsen used such strong words against ground as I do not want to reproduce. When I just got it from former members who were in the lead and not in writing!

End Comment.

This Leif Jacobsen was also Pastor at Philadelphia in Bergen, was declared bankrupt and completely destroyed under the leadership of this so-called shepherd. I wrote this about Jacobsen in another article:

Leif Jacobsen who ran congregation in Bergen, Philadelphia. The church I passed by the closure and bankruptcy. It was an open door off the street and hanging audio equipment for hundreds of thousands that anyone could walk in and help themselves. Something course I did, but it was freely forward. This is what really gullible, deceived, kind and harmless Christians give money and support!

Think this holds, this man is not something to attach their bit to is certainly surely!

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