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No. 1256: Why no one is commenting on anything when Jan Aage Torp comes with lies, stupidity and lunge towards me and the Heavenly blog?

No. 1256:
Why no one is commenting on anything when Jan Aage Torp comes with lies, stupidity and lunge towards me and the Heavenly blog?


For me then emerges Jan Aage Torp as a criminal man who reveals himself more and more. He is arrogant and deceived a really fun Apostle and manipulator. But I have a question when he writes again and again against me and the Heavenly blog, why is there not a single commenting it and defend him? You would think that such an apostle had many with him?
It looks like he has not a single man or woman who stands up and says Amen to what he writes?

Image of mockery apostle and the false prophet in January Aage Torp that God's word is an adulterer, fornicator, and live in sin and rebellion to God and man!
A modern Nimrod, who also stood against God in rebellion. He turned things better than God Himself, as is Jan Aage Torp also, then he has failed completely and fallen so far down it is almost possible, this man who also obviously have been doing violence de lux!

This writes Jan Aage Torp about me and the Heavenly blog on his silly blog:

Wellness blogger

Blogger that the 20 January was sentenced in Norwegian law for longstanding harassment against Aina & me aroused justified disgust at vebjørn selbekk, as in editorials expressed that his "characteristics of Pastor Torp is far beyond any decency."

But it disturbs me that -Selbekk still go in defense of the convicted blog's continued harassment by us and others: "It should be very strong reasons for criminalizing religious utterances. They are in our opinion not present in this case. "In my view, day-editor's analysis characterized by the" free speech "has precedence over" the persecution of Christians. " This is an "expression of freedom-fundamentalism" where infringing utterances are given legitimacy by the newspaper's Day.

Here Norwegian right again something to learn -Selbekk and current editor collegium about what is wrong and punishable. The unanimous ruling has received Prosecutor supporting wishing that the appeal be rejected.

The verdict says explicitly:

"The court also believes that the statements as a whole have moved far away from religion and religious criticism, nor taken the form of sjikanøs and harassing person prosecution."

It was our counsel Ann Helen Aarø who used the term "persecution" for blog's invading mention of Aina & me. AARØE description was consistently followed by the prosecutor Dag Paulsen during the trial.

But current chief editor vebjørn selbekk took nothing with him that this persecution through five are "stalking." Because it happens in Norway?

But I cheer still on the newspaper's Day.

Furthermore writes Torp so much nonsense and a lie:

Required case draws to a close!

The 24.september 2014 wrote Aina & I a letter to the Oslo Police which was intended as a police report of a certain blogger for his longstanding harassment against three named ministers that we value, 1) Emanuel Minos, 2) Bjørn-Olav Hansen and 3 ) Jan Hanvold. When I showed up at Majorstuen Police I was informed that we could not report to the police for offenses against others, but it had to be against ourselves. So I went home and wrote again, but this time about his persistent harassment against us since 2011.

During two months took Oslo Police at Hatkrim group on Manglerud Police charges against relevant blogs, and the indictment was sharper than we had dared to hope. The sharp shutter lawyer and head of Hatkrim group, Oda Karterud, had obviously thought carefully the principal sides, and she acted resolutely.

The 20th of January 2016 found the trial in Oslo City Court final place, "Police vs. XX-blogs "and I was summoned as a witness (the victim in the case). Police Jurist Day Paulsen was the prosecutor, and he did the job as short, was to get the blogger sentenced. The blogger had engaged the profiled "Mullah defender» Brynjar Meling. Prosecutor Paulsen was professional and efficient, and steered away from all aspects of the case that could obscure the picture

The verdict fell the day after, but Meling and the condemned would naturally have more hearings, so the sentence was appealed
(End of quote).

Stops here with quotes from the liar, the criminal and mock apostle January Aage Torp. It is then a question, why is there no commenting something son anytime at Jan Aage Torp's blog? No support him, he's finally been busted?

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