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No. 1246: Why did not intervene CPS or other action against fam. Jan Aage Torp and got placed the injured children to a new home is the question later!?

No. 1246:
Why did not intervene CPS or other action against fam. Jan Aage Torp and got placed the injured children to a new home is the question later!?


Image of Reidar Hjermann as Jan Aage Torp managed to trundle around the little finger with a pretext that hitting is allright, while Torp drifted obviously with psychological violence against all his children when he had more or less constant "spiritual battle"!

It is a fraud against six children who were not allowed other children to grow up in safe and good environment for what Jan Aage Torp even writes on minds own blog following:
"Although I have written and said many times, I repeat that I have made some errors that dad. Especially for some years in the 1990s to my children when I entered the "spiritual battle" and failed to be sufficiently present and compassionate towards how they felt. In retrospect, I understood what "spiritual pressure" that prevailed. "

It is clear with a constant "spiritual" and when I entered the "spiritual battle" and failed to be sufficiently present and compassionate towards how they felt. This writes Jan Aage Torp and he writes when the kids needed him most during adolescence, "failed to be sufficiently present and compassionate towards how they felt."

Only here we realize that the child should have been involved, for constant persevering, fervent, intense, strong, persistent, demanding, overwhelm, absorbing constant spiritual battle that is cash intensive over a decade. Then we had no definite raising children with such "spiritual battles."

I have pretty much no intellectual battles, but then I also harmonious, happy baby. Jesus took everything on himself on the cross, why should I fight it?

Jan Aage Torp has a angende, but it's a game and it reveals his double standards!

Torp has a fight against the homosekuelle but even divorced and re-married. Torp transgression takes he "departed" to focus on other than itself.

Torp fighting a "battle" against CPS, but CPS should long, long ago having been inside the picture with his family in January Aage Torp.

The evidence is so overwhelming, now it Polti and prosecutors who must do their job. But the most important thing is not that Torp is sentenced to a long prison sentence but that children get a sizeable reparation of the state that has left six children growing up in such a way. There has been so much "spiritual battle" over decades. Anyone who has had a "spiritual battle" one day and two realize this. Think my longest "spiritual battle" lasted a few days in his youth, since then I could not stand these fights, but said it to God. This is too much for me, take you this in Jesus' name!

I read about child protection how to work and their goals. How then has fam. January Aage Torp avoided released under the radar here? Torp is a master at getting what he wants, unfortunately it is not easy to expose such people in the first place. But now there is so much evidence in the case, the police and the community wakes up and things are set in place.

See here for what it says about child protection:

Here is an overview of how child welfare services in Norway works and is organized.

CPS is intended to help children and young people safe childhood. Child Welfare's main task is to ensure that children and young people who live in conditions that could harm their health and development receive the necessary help and care at the right time.

Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion has the overriding responsibility for child protection.

Child welfare services in municipalities

All municipalities are required to have a child care and these are responsible for all children who need child welfare assistance, receive the necessary assistance. The municipal child welfare service shall include:
• Doing research when it has come a bekymringsmeding
• Adopt inserting voluntary measures and emergency decisions
• Follow up children and families
• Prepare cases for the County Council for Child Welfare and Social Affairs

Child welfare responsibilities and duties are regulated by the Child Welfare Act and its regulations. The Act applies to all children residing in Norway, regardless of background, nationality and residency status. Children and parents from other countries have the same rights as Norwegian citizens in child welfare cases.

To work welfare service

• The CPS is primarily a service center.
• Best interests is the fundamental consideration CPS strive for and are decisive in choosing child care.
• Employees in child care to use good time to inform children and parents about what is happening in their case, so that parents understand how child protection can help them. Few have personal experience with child welfare and people with immigrant backgrounds know less about how the Norwegian child welfare work.
• All children and families to experience that the child meet them with understanding and respect.
• If parents have questions about child welfare work in specific matters that affect them directly, they should consult with child protection and ask for information.
• The child welfare services provide information and duty to advise parents.
• The CPS should use qualified interpreters if there is any language problems. Children should never be used as interpreters.

care order

• Over 80 percent of all aid CPS provides, as happens voluntary measures in the home. It may be in the form of advice and guidance, personal support, day care, home visits, relief measures in the home and various parental support methods.
• To deprive parents caring for a child is always the last resort.
• a care means that the child welfare service takes over care of the child and that the child must move from their parents against the parents' will. Child moves as a rule in a foster home, but can also move to an institution. All protective care is basically temporary so parents can get custody back.
• The County Committee for Child Welfare and Social Affairs that determines whether a child should move in a foster home or institution against parental will, not the individual child welfare. County Council is an independent and impartial decision organ.
• If the child welfare services believe that a care order is in the child's best prepares and promotes child welfare a case concerning care for the county board.
• County Council may decide that the child should take care of a child when the child is exposed to serious neglect, and there is not enough assistance at home to look after the child in a good way. Caring acquisition must be considered as necessary and the child.

Examples of serious care failure can be that:

• child being exposed to violence, abuse or other forms of severe abuse
• the child's health and development can be severely damaged because parents are unable to take adequate responsibility for the child, who by substance abuse
• County Council considering all relevant circumstances of the case before it makes a decision ..
• Before the Child Welfare Service promotes a case concerning care for the county board, they should have done thorough research of the child care situation. The studies often include reports from an expert psychologist. Also parents can engage their own experts to examine the child care situation.
• The child welfare service can make emergency decisions, and move the child temporarily to a foster home if a child is exposed to an acute hazard in the home. But this must County Board approve. Parents may appeal against the decision and also appeal the decision to the court. An emergency location may last six weeks. If the child welfare service believes that the child needs more long-term placement outside the home, it must submit a proposal concerning care for the county board.

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