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No. 835: Man with psynonym name Ansgar Braut I had police report when Torp really behind all this misery! Torp emerges more and more as manipulative and dangerous!

No. 835:
Man with psynonym name Ansgar Braut I had police report when Torp really behind all this misery! Torp emerges more and more as manipulative and dangerous!

One of the debaters on Sø have kept on mailer sent to my employer and bothered my wife and threatened her, with good support from the City Jan Aage Torp and Kjell Andersen engaged and is the editor of Sø

Picture of a theater, for that is what this is. It comes to be on right side of the law, nothing else. Therefore, I have begun to change words and expressions. Not that I have changed my opinion on a single point, on the contrary!
But I paraphrase only words so no one can "get" me. It's really a theater, but remarriage is and remains adultery, adultery or sin by scripture. And those who remarries a Christian or a divorced shall be called adulteress or adulterer by what God's word says and teaches.

Got a clarification on how they looked at Ansgar Braut!

As said so Braut with "approval" and "blessing" from Torp and the other on Searchlight initiated a persecution against me and my family.
I got talking when with management where I work and the last clear. They responded with a word on how they looked at Ansgar Braut "a regurgitation"!

It was what they called Braut their mailer, a regurgitation.

He has sent the worst possible mailer and tried to defame me, but Torp Braut Andersen comes only with really one thing all together with everything they write and doing. A regurgitation!

Final Comment:
It is quite obvious that what Torp have tried to stage is to fa discontinued the heavenly blog.
Talked recently with the jurist today where they realize that the police report is very easy to meet go. I only changes the words, everything history:

Psychopath = erratic
Narcissistic = manipulative
Whore Trestle = adulterer
Hussy = adulteress
Leper = living in sin

+ Other words and expressions. I have now changed all this so Torp can not use this against me. When will all meet in conciliation fall in fish for him, because I keep within its Norwegian law ha-ha! The whole thing is staged by Torp for only one thing, to take me. Where he uses against me some words I've used that I now change in order to get updated with Norwegian law, not for anything else!

Everything I've written about Torp and others are 100% truth, but now when trying to attack me it's just a little adjustment to adapt to Norwegian law, and I am free and updated with everything, ha-ha!

Whoever comes to sit with a beard in the mailbox and black Per course Torp and all those who have believed in him. Torp is not hurt and insulted a space for what I have written or preached.

But he obviously has reviewed me for only one thing, nothing else!

Meeting of conciliation will only be a formality where I have so much quotes what Torp have written which is much worse than what I've ever written. It all comes enough up another Torp and Braut get themselves each bot? Torp for false accusations and Braut web proportionality if the police do their job thoroughly enough!

And Heavenly blog flourishes and developed as never before, hallelujah and all the glory to God and the Lamb!

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