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No. 838: Solicitors, Lawyers and others can never understand spiritual things without being born again!

No. 838:
Solicitors, Lawyers and others can never understand spiritual things without being born again!

It comes to having the "right" words, this is essentially rigid and nitpicking!

It's always funny when some dead earnest believe that their own self-constructed premises and conclusions are supreme and thus a general truth. This is a technique frequently used in people who desperately cling to straws to explain away unpleasant facts.
Fact is here that remarriage is sin for Christians. So attacking me for having used some words that should not have been used, it is to cook soup on a nail!

But then comes the cherry on the sausage, or perhaps straw that individual chooses to cling to, and that they believe crushes all the above facts.
Christensen is there anything wrong with this is just another rationalization that is a form of hersketeknikk! It's always fun when pompous people refuse to realize that their ideas and their own conclusions do not measure. I only sharing the word of God, then you get any response even stand guilty, and not attack me.

Have talked with lawyers, lawyers, police investigators and others. My clear opinion is that police affair between me and Torp has done a thorough and good enough job.

This case could and should never have come forward and up. For several reasons. One of the reasons is that this is just twists on words and expressions that make some "allowed" and not allowed. I have never held that I absolutely must use some words, apart from what is directly in the bible.

It is here that the conflict is, therefore this is a spiritual conflict that has nothing with personal harassment etc. to do. I have zero views on Torp person.

Everything I write and preach bring only what he "lacks" to be a Pastor and Apostle. And that's pretty much everything. And he has, it's stale. Therefore the violent hate against me and a "predilection" for themselves! He tries to lie on me things, and while lying on himself something he has not. In his world, everything turned head.

Indeed atheist Levi Fragell realize that lawyers and police are completely out of berry-picking here to accuse me of harassment. I've only done one thing, which is my only agenda. Keeping up God's own words. That hit, yes, it shows that God's word is living, it accomplishes what it speaks about. Nothing can replace the word of God. And I preach and live in loving, but above all, loving the truth. Accordingly, this who think they know so much many times not understand a single thing, they are spiritual blind and unfortunately. Many times they go for the temptation when they are not too dangers they are exposed to. My experience is that the bigger smile individual has, to more dangerous and manipulative they are.
Picture that God's word. For the scripture says about himself:
Heb. 4. 12 For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword and penetrates until the division of soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and intents.


So it is obvious that Torp has no case. Everything that I am being accused by police I have now corrected, then everything falls away, hallelujah! And it says more again and I was made aware of it, so I fix it up also. Simultaneously, they have a group within its police Manglerud working against hatred etc.

But the police have even forgotten and not experienced it important even it looks like? It is even being filled with God's love as one can experience through faith in Jesus and God's word.

Rom. 5. 5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

Has agreed with the police to attend conciliation. But meetings where only "shame" sake, so that no one has anything to fault on me. Coming course not to sign anything, but to hear what Torp has to say so he can get emptied out. At least for a poor while.

But of course comes never to sign anything or enter into an agreement with Torp, he has no case longer, hallelujah!

Torp must really have very little confidence? When one must come with outright lies and calling me "Stalker". That's when he himself perfect in here, he seeks out people and afterwards he ridicules them. A truly "sneaky" method.

It is the last designating me as I have never in my entire life sought a man in an unnatural way.

And my agenda has never been against Torp, but to show that the word of God shuts a man to be a preacher like the first Christians taught and practiced if one is re-married as a believer.

Torp has fallen to a low level, not only with truing and hersketeknikk. But outright and fictional notion me. Low battery is now arisen!

Interpreting the law to their own "advantage" or circumvention of the law, this is what I now do! Just to do the same as Torp, everything is just a play. I have not changed my mind, I just change the words!

Let me mention a few examples!

I have asked about what is "allowed" and not allowed. Eg. one should not use whore buck, it is supportive. But the same word adulterer, one can use, for it is God's word. Power Man is on the edge, but manipulation is allright. Naresssit and psychopath is not allright for it is only one doctor who can provide the diagnosis. Although it is obvious by the competent there. How could I have still. I have therefore gone through and continue to go through our blog, the heavenly blog so that nobody could say that I am not within its Norwegian law. For me all this totally meaningless and stupidity. But to be "within its" Norwegian law, then I do and live as it gets told me. Not difficult, but why have not said this before me? All this I have to ask and dig me until, without this I had been "no past" Norwegian law. This is basically from all quarters an attack on Religious and freedom of speech! And the biggest chicanes is clearly Jan Aage Torp. No one beats him, it's just to look at what he has written on his blog and on Searchlight recent months.

It is completely beyond and witness a man who razors over others and completely lacks insight about their own standpoint!

Psychopath = erratic
Narcissistic = manipulative
Whore Trestle = adulterer
Hussy = adulteress
Leper = living in sin

Here are some of the words as a must and should "change" to being within its or without past Norwegian law. This is when the world individual case! And it is just a form of acting.

Final Comment:
What is lacking in this case here? Dialogue and unfortunately the police have obviously not realized that this is what must be done. Had I had a better dialogue with them, so had this case been out of the world long ago. But will make a case, then get a it. It is then not difficult to replace some words and insert some other really mean the same? This is really being rigid and engage nitpicking. Whore Trestle can I replace with adulterer, hussy with adulteress etc. No one can deny using the biblical order and quote God's own words. There are fortunately Norwegian law clinking ready.

Torp has been placement directly insulting, ugly and what I perceive as malicious. But he breaking Norwegian law? Much more than what I've done it at least, he is directly offensive and manipulative, something I never have been and are. Meanwhile Torp a public person seeking public eye more than any other I know of. Therefore, it becomes rather sought to even disclose everything about everyone, but not even tolerate some things of the world. Can this review bar be false accusations from Torp's side? To cover that he is re-married and living in sin by God's word? Think this is true cap, it is quite obvious in my and many others' opinion and perception.

Be born again to see the kingdom of God!

It is here that the jurists, lawyers and all learned and wise come so short. Now is not Torp rather a Christian longer when he live in sin after God's word. A man who has not experienced and experienced salvation and live in salvation, will never understand the spiritual. On the contrary, for that the world would be a strange world, no matter how kind, law-abiding and formed a is. One must be born again.

1 Cor. 2. 14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for it is foolishness to him, and he can not know them, they are spiritually discerned; 15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all, but he himself is judged of no.

Here comes unfortunately these wise and prudent short, and do not realize that they also have been duped and manipulated. But be sure, the Lord knows their and have everything under control!

In many ways perceived this as a dirty game. But it comes from the human itself is dirty on the spiritual, moral and ethical area. Only thing that can create a lasting and perfect change is God Himself. But then one must be born again by the blood of Jesus. And again, I say that it is obvious spiritual powers behind which cooperates always seem against God and his word.

This is just the way it is in this world, then we live in an evil world with people who walk and live in spiritual darkness. But for us who believe in the Lord, we walk and live in the light. And where we thrive so well, therefore it becomes this fight. The battle between light and darkness, between God and Satan. And a battle between evil and good people, between people who serve and belong to God and those who do not!

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