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No. 834: Scheduled to meet for mediation January 8th Jan Aage Torp, meanwhile he calls me the ugliest name he can fine and already tells outcome of the meeting!

No. 834:
Scheduled to meet for mediation January 8th Jan Aage Torp, meanwhile he calls me the ugliest name he can fine and already tells outcome of the meeting!

Depends if there is anything joke this meeting? But since Torp certainly will have this meeting, then get a set up. For the sake of peace scripture says.
Heb. 12. 14 Strive for peace with all men, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.
Picture of a pipe, try to get "smoked" a peace-pipe with Torp, for peace's sake! But he acts as judge, executioner and doctor. This is typical hersketeknikk but so too is Torp specific manipulative and erratic.


But Torp has carpeted the entire network with highly defamatory Statements, harassment and with typical hersketeknikk. There he tried to defame me most and make himself the most excellent and edible. Here is some of what he has written:
Jan-Aage Torp
I am grateful for that matter with JKC come to a decision. Leit that the matter can not be resolved internally in the body of Christ, but this is due solely that there is little unity among Christians in Norway. Therefore it is not an "internal justice" as possible. To plead towards Christians today are of course totally against God's word. I thank God that He he inked magistrate who must step in lack of internal unity in the body of Christ.

Jan-Aage Torp
You're probably right in this, Kjell. JKC has found his "niche" in the Christian landscape, and it is to blacken all he dislikes and / or envy. It is a known phenomenon, but in his case this has been allowed to develop without social adaptation and correction This is short and well become JKCs self and identity as a human being. I opted for coffee cup diplomacy in April 2012, and now I focus on mediation-arbitration. But it may well be there should be an even stronger management from the legal side. But I would at least try .....

Jan-Aage Torp
Ad JKCs surprise that police have withdrawn charges against him may Police have made a mistake by writing an email to me today about the indictment without simultaneously having notified JKC. I know nothing about. But it is indisputable that Monday, 11/24 at 11:04 pm, I received an email from police attorney where she eg writes without any reservation: "The case is submitted to the Mediation of treatment that criminal case. This means that it is issued charges against Christensen in the case." I followed up with a telephone call in which police attorney gave me additional information.

Jan-Aage Torp
Ad "public person" or "individual": It is a recurrent focus on JKCs blogs that certain people are "public figures" and thus must be able to harass and bully, while others are not .... It seems that JKC has a very relaxed relationship to these concepts. Some are hung out on his blogs that I barely heard of. In real life, one is "public" when interviewed "public". When writing a comment in the comments section on JKCs blogger who supposedly have had thousands of visitors, then pronounce me up "public". In judiciary has similar proportions led to convictions, for example. regarding Facebook statements. Isnt to say that one spoke "private". If one is cofounder of a political party, as the couple Ingwersen was as late as the spring of 2013, then this public act, and which, furthermore, are documented on the party's own website. That this political party has a stand on the criminalization of divorced people, make this very relevant to the case with Christensen, as it is well known that Randi Ingwersen many, many times have engaged "public" on Christensen's blogs, and now also "public" on sokelys.com.

Jan-Aage Torp
I am in no way afraid to give JKC a "martyr" stamp if he now acting even dumber than before and being sentenced to prison in addition to fines. JKC has not integrity enough to convince themselves even! Therefore he called Aina & me "whore", "immoral" and "whore buck" at least 100 times since 24 / 9-2014, and in the same period he also called me "psychopath" 100 times. For my part I say something sharp one time and it being cited and debated all over. It applies CREDIBILITY! About JKC GETS PRISON, he forgot at 1-2-3. And a final judgment will cause Google removes all his links from the search engine. When JKC is again a free man, his platform his wife and perhaps children and Ingwersen when they take the trip from southern Norway. There you JKC tell what stories he wants - until he eventually becomes completely alone in his "Smyrna". Completely realistic scenario for the self-proclaimed "haugianske martyr" ....

Jan-Aage Torp
Anne Serine, I love to visit people in jail. Have seen people be saved and solved both IIa Ullersmo and Oslo Prison:-) Over the years I had with birthday cake and barbecue at Ila, and guys have appreciated it. I look forward to next time!

Torp course revealed, revealing he is like stealing candy from children.
See here, but this man think Torp's me, incomprehensible:
agree with Jan Kåre
Torp review Christensen is nothing but an attempt to bring Jan Kåre Christensen to silence on the issue of remarriage. Christensen has dared to declare clearly what the Bible says about those who live in sin and who virtually have free access to Christendom platforms and wallets. That no more support in January Kåres struggle against this mess as for ongoing especially among the charismatic and Pentecostal is incredible. The prophetic voice is completely subsided in these contexts and churches asleep. What we have seen here in recent months is an alliance between men Torp, BOH, Fuglesteg, Braut Storm Johansen, Jornstrand, Jan Hanvold and more. A sad alliance of men who have teamed up to fight Jan Kåre. Sad.

Agree with Jan Kåre
Again you rubs and rubs and I think Jan Kåre or his wife, something I'm not. I am one who agrees with Jan Kåre. The Jan Kåre conveys on the net are true words of God and in line with God's word. His doctrine is pure and 100 percent true and consistent with the Bible. You however, howls and excites you up because you know that Jan Kåre has truth. This case is not about harassment or defamation, but a man's right to preach in accordance with his conscience. The truth is that these he describes is whore goats and sinners, and especially bad is that these are saying that they are the word preachers. Had they been word preachers had the impetus Jan Kåre.
(end of quote).

These weeks since it became indictment in the case has Torps hersketeknikk come more and more forward. We know that hersketeknikk comprises five parts:

1.) invisibility

  2.) Ridicule

  3.) Withholding of information

   4.) Condemnation whatever you do

     5.) Application of guilt and shame

Will not go particularly into this here and now, but this is what I have been subjected to since Torp report me both of Torp and prosecutors. But I stand upright, and I expect that I'm going to do also continue no. All these 5 characteristics I recognize myself in my experience with Torp and this has happened really the last half year.

End Comment.

Now Torp described what he will claim, prison and expanded indictment mm So we'll see, and I got a mail of the twisted editor of Searchlight Kjell Andersen that I will reproduce here:
The outcome of the case is given:
Whether you're going to humiliate you during this meeting of the Mediation otherwise Torp see to get you sentenced to jail.
Prosecution Power is on Torps side and are not you and Torp agreed to delete your blog becomes criminal to adjudication.
Many people think you're going to bend for mediation.
It is easy to be tough behind the keyboard, but for mediation ?????????
(end of quote).
This I have eg black:
See Kjell, but for me, this case 0% harassment. And 100% what I think and think out of the word of God and a spiritual / religious / Christian point!

Torp is now second to none when it comes to harassment and everything else, where he is one of thousands. He is really the bad guy "boy" who now gets goodwill of police and prosecutors, huh-huh!

Actually this answer well enough next to everything else I have written and preached!
I believe in keeping the word of God in full. But I will of course try to live by the laws to not conflict. Therefore, I have removed such words as old pig whore buck etc. Dealing with this, and there are some similar words and expressions which some snagging, then I do something about it. But remarriage is and remains a pity about the heavenly blog exists or not!
(end of quote).
Everything I've written about Torp I mean, every word. But there are some words and expressions that are not within its what the laws gives permission. This is what I will change, nothing else!

But still I believe that only real review is my review Torp goes on false accusations. He has written all this to remove the heavenly blog and me from the net. When it comes to harassment etc. so will I not Torp even up to the ankles! He now has the last month. carpeted about the internet where he has tried to put himself in the best possible light, but me in a bad muligst. This is so wrong so it may have remained and are nothing more than a form of hersketeknikk and manipulation! Torp neither live or preach right after the word of God. I both live and preach then as being Torps argumentation following:

Isaiah 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

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