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No. 831: Oslo Fire Corps seems incompetent to extinguish fires industry!

No. 831:
Oslo Fire Corps seems incompetent to extinguish fires industry!

Was in the past week on a competency course for bus and got to see how Oslo Fire devoured bus fires here in Oslo. They made matters worse by trying to extinguish a fire industry where it had caught fire in the bus using whole error fire extinguisher method.
Lick like this with open beam my in a bus with lots of diesel oil and other flammable material that keeps many hundred degrees is just to reinforce the fire. The water is "converted" to fire mustache when it goes over to join gas due the high temperature. This again allows a really adds more fire mustache into the fire.

This I wrote after seeing them in action:
Got today 1/12/14 see Oslo Fire in action at bus fire, and could hardly believe my eyes.

They work like a work many decades back in time in relation to industrial fires with chemicals, rescheduled liquid and gas.

On burning material with a towering temperature, splashing the water directly, which intensifies the fire.

There are only two ways to fight fires, either using Co2 extinguishers or skummlegge. Although some small Co2 fire extinguisher close the basis or bottles do a much better job than water haggling.

I myself have experience from industry turnout, therefore seeing Oslo Brannvesen hold was as close to a bunch of amateurs then they should extinguish bus fire. The fire flared up and 3 buses burned up, maybe they could clearly spared one or two if they had extinguished right and effectively ?!

Final Comment:
When one has worked with some for several years as I have done with being in fire preparedness for several years. And see that an amplifier fire with squirt open water straight into a bus full ignited. Fire uses a just to cool down, not open beam straight into.

It shows that society even today in 2014 has many things to learn and a good way to go when you have not obtained even today's technology and knowledge. To use it. It is of course an expensive item to have multiple extinguisher methods in use and available. But this "savers" quickly into a major fire. And above all, it is much safer and our values we will have a greater opportunity to preserve!

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