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No. 836: Emanuel Minos!

No. 836:

Emanuel Minos!

I wrote some articles about Emanuel Minos which I now relaunches due that now he's dead and it has almost been one month. page. It needed some corrective votes, he was unfortunately not the "God" man who many thought he was.
I do not write about him as an individual, but for what he preached, or failed to preach. Here comes something of what I have written about Minos:

Emanuel Minos death - notice the conclusion of his life!

Emanuel Minos became ill and sought help from the false prophet Jan Hanvold.

Here is Emanuel Minos depicted along with the false prophet Jan Hanvold, holding on to Minos did Balaam's way as I have written several articles about which I recommend you to read if you want to know and understand why I write and preach as I do . David Ostby is third person photo.

God's Word says: Heb. 13. 7 Do not forget their leaders, those who spoke the word of God to you. Think about their lives and end it got, and take their faith to model!

Emanuel Minos openness against everything and everyone, without warn heretics and those who live in sin is nothing else than Balaam way as Judas and the apostle Peter speaks about.

Jude 11 Woe unto them! They have turned into the way of Cain and have plunged into the same delusion as Balaam, who were looking for their own gain. They have rebelled as Korah and perished.

What did Balaam? He opened not directly for heresy, but for sin. He let it not be so carefully, just as Minos. He could cooperate even with an adulterer as Jan Hanvold and so much else I will not mention more when he is dead.

Scripture says: Heb. 13. 7 Do not forget their leaders, those who spoke the word of God to you. Think about their lives and end it got, and take their faith to model!

Minos was ill for several years before he died, this I believe that all other Christians for centuries is God's warning to be much ill before a door. And in his period of illness he made both programs with the Jan Hanvold and even searched intercede with him. This is nothing but a great delusion that one must take a strong stand from.

Emanuel Minos 'exaggerated' proclamation of the coming of Jesus!

Minos believed that Christ's return was an important truth that almost everything else had not significance. This is delusion. All truths of God's word is important, no truths to go at the expense of someone else. Entire Emanuel Minos theology is simply set a very big question mark behind, it's really delusion accepting empty Jan Hanvold and so much else that is wayward.

What Minos preaching? Preachers and teachers should become more stringent convicted, says Scripture. It is scary when one thinks of it, where we should really think after. Here in Norway we have a huge, huge privilege that we live in peace and freedom of belief. But the greater the responsibility to proclaim the truth above all. To be a Christian in this world is to go uphill and swim like salmon against the current. It is against what the secular life offers. Only God knows, but I do not think it goes so well with such slaraffen life and ministry. Are you on the narrow road when collaborating with heretics and preach against sin?

Final Comment:
Has written so much about Emanuel Minos when he was alive, and now when he is dead it is of course sad for his family and friends. But what he stood for the spiritual area is just to say a big tragedy and pain. Know that there are many who disagree with me here, but then I agree with Minos in a thing that it was a åndsutgytelse taking place. A åndsutgytelse of toad spirits is what we see today where "all" infiltrated by the evil.

2 Thess. 2. 7 Lawlessness seems already with his power, but in secret. For he who yet hold back, must first be cleared by the road. 8 Then shall that Wicked be revealed, and he whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of his mouth and destroy the day he comes in glory. 9 When the lawless coming, he has his power from Satan and works with great power and with wonders and false characters. 10 With all unrighteousness he seduces them that perish, because they would not love the truth so they could be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a deception that makes them believe a lie. 12 How will they get their judgment, all those who believed not the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.

Minos accepted unfortunately lawlessness when he could go so far to cooperate with Vision Norway and the false prophet Jan Hanvold, a tragedy in my opinion.

2 Pet. 14b. They seduce weak souls, and in their hearts they can trick hoard. During curse they are! 15 For they have forsaken the right way and gone astray. They follow the same track as Balaam Bosore son, who loved wrongful gain. 16 But he was shown to facilitate their iniquity; a dumb ass speaking with man's voice and stopped the prophet in his madness.

Now was Minos not stopped in his madness before he died, sad it would go so far. He warned never accept anything or anyone, inclusive, the false prophet Jan Hanvold he collaborated with. When is a grown pretty saddled with demons learn and seducing spirits.

Note the wording: "they have forsaken the right way and gone astray."

Hanvold and Vision Norway's and other false prophets. But that cooperates never with such, makes a so will order or since the end Balaam Minos and others. This was a sad life and service which is closed, but take lessons and stand before God and God's word. And cooperate or compromising with false prophets Jan Hanvold and others are error of Balaam!

Could have written so much more, but getting end here. Minos life, ministry and work is not something to emulate in any way. To criticize and warn against Minos I finish here and talk about him and his real bother I do not. One gets read and take it into consideration what I write. Or so you ignore it, it will be no agonizing discussion about this topic in respect to his family. But since I have written about Minos before he died - and warned him. So I think it's appropriate that I take a closing article in which there is no doubt that cooperation with false prophets and many other strange and unbiblical Minos did, "deserve" is still to be warned against!

And it is sad to see that Christian Norway has become like a "mafia gang" where one can no longer warn against something or someone before getting a stamp that is negative, judgmental, etc. I'm so not shown, but I holding forth the word of God, I intend also to do in the future, no matter what and what meaning and reaction I get welcomed me. God's Word is essential for me, and should and should be for everyone else too!

This writes Jon Kjølberg:
Nevertheless puzzled myself that he (unlike Barratt) could almost reluctant to talk about sanctification!

Taking ultimately what Torstein Langesæter writes: That Minos had committed talar is without doubt correct. But it was right what he preached?

All shelves Emanuel Minos after his death - but the man died as a spiritual cripple!

Now after Minos death so it seems that it is like "swearing in church" to say anything negative about Emanuel Minos. Of course one should try to mitigate since the man now dead and the family will grieve most at peace. But what he did and lirte himself on the podium for the last 20 years of his life is really a great, great tragedy. He died as a spiritual cripple where he went so far to be one of Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway's foremost proponents and empty last year when he became ill searched intercede with Hanvold. This is correct to warn against when Hanvold is Norway's answer to Simon sorcerer.

Peters confrontation with Simon. Simon in black on the right. (Avanzino Nucci, about 1620).

Here are some excerpts of what I've written about Minos, read yourself. This warning not to enter the same way, it punishes itself. And do not judge me, but sit down and pray and reflect on what I write. Would not you agree, fine. Would you agree, then do not go the same way and search it with wizards and others who live in sin and doing heresy.

Cardinal Sin Emanuel Minos was not his preaching, while his attitude to heresy and sin!

When Hanvold boast Minos up in the clouds, so I can tell the truth that Minos compromising with the world, sin and Satan!

Minos developed a type of Christianity that is very dangerous. We have heard "the purpose justifies the means" or "end justifies the means." It looks like this was the slogan of Minos and therefore he became exceedingly popular. Never stand for something, then anyone can go far in these dropout times. It was a grouping here in Norway a few years ago who evangelized by ladies also be able to sell their bodies just they won new followers of the sect's. This is of course extremist, but it was largely this kind of Christianity Minos was to introduce the word of God warns strongly.

Balaam und der Engel, Gemälde von Gustav Jaeger, 1836
God's Word warns us against not initiate any relation to other one those who stand before God and the word of God as believers.

2 Cor. 6. 14 Do not under yoked together with those who do not believe! For what partnership have righteousness and iniquity, and what light has in common with darkness? 15 How can Christ and Belial be coherent? What does a believer in common with an unbeliever? 16 How can the temple of God and idols reconciled? We're the living temple of God, as God has said:
            I will stay and wander midst,
            I will be their God,
            and they shall be my people.
17 Therefore thus saith the Lord:
            Pull away from them
            and separate yourselves from them.
            Touch not the unclean thing;
            Then I will receive you,
     18 I will be their father,
            and ye shall be my sons and daughters,
            says the Lord Almighty.
7. 1. Beloved, when we have these promises, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of body and soul and finish our sanctification in awe of God.

But faced with the world's people, we must be generous, they live and walk in darkness.

1 Cor. 5. 9 I wrote in my letter to you that you should not have anything to do with people who live in adultery. 10 I did not mean everyone in this world who commit adultery or are greedy, or robbers and idolaters. Then you had to go out of the world. 11 What I meant what I wrote was that you should not associate with one called brother, and who still live in adultery or is greedy, or is an idolater, spotter, drunkard or robber. Such shall not eat with. 12 What have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside, you should judge? 13 Those who are outside, God will judge. Get then the evil away from you!

Minos mixed this, which is a disaster. We should be generous to the world's children, but within the church we should not be there. Where should we not permissible either sin or heresy. Minos failed again and again. Even when he was sick, he sought the intercession of the sorcerer Hanvold. This I strongly warn against.

Our attitudes says many times more than our words.

1 Tim. 4. 12 Let no man despise you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech and conduct, in love, faith and purity.

In living and purity should we be a role model. Minos survived even "pure" as far as I know, but Nevertheless it so he opened up for more sin and heresy than anyone else with their attitudes towards those who lived in sin. Minos unfortunately was like Balaam, this is tragic, really tragic.

Let me explain a little about Balaam son of Beor who Minos became a successor.
Balaam could not curse Israel, but he got Israel to bestow youth and hold a dance party with pagan women. That was a colossal extravaganza where extramarital sex then abounded. This was the judgment of Israel and 23,000 young Israelitiske boys were killed and a whole lot of gentile women. This shows that our attitudes are equally important as what we ourselves live, teach and preach. We can not preach against sin and open it up to the people who live in sin. We can not preach against heresy and open it up to those involved with heresy. (read 4 Genesis 20-25).

Taking an article by Balaam way
Mikkel Vigilius, Denmark

Prophet Balaam portrayed as a cautionary example of apostasy. Both Peter (2 Pet.2,15) and (Jude v.11) warns us that turn ind on Balaam way. Balaam sin consisted in overrule God simple and clear words for a personal gain. It is ransagende that see, how it happened; by small steps, almost imperceptible, but no less catastrophic. It's an old story and simultaneously extremely relevant.

     The pagan King Balak sends messengers to Balaam that make him that Forbes Israel (4 Mos 22). Attachés promises him a good salary, and Balaam is obviously tempted. But God comes in a dream giver him a clear message: "You must not go with them! You must not Forbes people, for they are blessed "(4. Mos.22,12).

     Anyway takes Balaam day after the first step on ind disobedience way. He will not directly defy God. There he dare not. But he will not like an obedient prophet bend himself to God's word, Giora himself to eat it with it and empowering assert it over to others. His response to Balak people reads: "Drag to your land, for the Lord will not let me go with you" (4 Gen 22:13).

Balaam does not let envoys be in no doubt that he is on their side. He can well understand them, and personally he would like to follow them, but the Lord will unfortunately not charge him do it!

What Christian does not know the temptation to speak at this Maad? Preachers Meetings temptation constantly. Very af it, we should say awakens resistor among our listeners. It is very that talk about God's wrath and hard that provide guidance in matters where the Bible seems out of touch with vor time attitudes. We notice not only a critical reaction from outside, but also from within - from our own heart and feelings. And that's when more natural end that expressing this in our preaching, "I understand jer well! I also think it is urimeligst and unfair. I can not bear it struggled. If it was to me, it would be completely different! But God has sadly said. "

What happens when we speak so? We get a win! We avoid that antipathy mod message turns against ourselves. We can pr as warmhearted, good and sensitive people. So it may well be that our listeners turn met God and His word, but we go free! It's clear to everyone that we do not even care os about it, as the word says! We have a better cardiovascular end God!

Yes, we achieve a large gain. But our listeners also pay a big price. They go wasted opportunity to cut af meet God as he is! The God, where unites holy rigor and eternal love on a Maad, which surpasses our understanding and not be contained af our feelings. The God who speaks both law and gospel and believe both share! The God, not moderates and editing, but bowing and entitle - and thereby salvation!

The point is not that we do not need to be honest above os himself and God our reluctance mod and pain that would preach the offensive and judicial aspects af word of God. Jeremiah was hudløst and liberating honest in this area (Jer.20,7-18). But there was nothing, he trains forward in his preaching to the unconverted. Here he made himself to eat it with the word, and therefore experience as the other prophets and apostle, that antipathy mod God directed him mod him. As David puts it: "Me have blasphemy stricken from them, where taunting you" (Slm.69,10).

     In the story of Balaam, we hear further, that Balak sends second and more distinguished envoy af place with promises to Balaam an ample payment, if he will blot Forbes Israel. There is so far no news in their request and Balaam have once received God's clear and simple answers. He heard and understood it the first time. But in the same degree he dishes gaze mod possibility that BLIVE recognized among the nobles and achieve a great financial reward, seems at ever more unreasonable, that this road is closed to him. Even before he has spoken with God, he has convinced himself about, that God must have something andet and more seepage, end it simple and clear: no!

     Who does not know to this temptation? The desire that God's word that creep anything andet, end it actually does, so Vejen open to it, we want. The temptation bliver double serious when it comes to a minister in reality the doctrine, he should convey to others. There may be so fixed views and meaningless blot that stand firm and BLIVE by sag the same and experience, that more doors snapped in for us. What causes it? Conversely, we can see for us, that so much would BLIVE easier for us, and many opportunities would nu himself, if only we could get a 'enjoy sight' on things. It is not because we want to set aside and give Bible as authority. We understand us even as Bible-believing, and we will gladly could BLIVE by with. But the more we look at the possibilities, the more grows Balaam thought himself strong in our sin, and gradually bliver we are convinced, that it is indeed possible that make God seepage anything andet and more end it, he once said - and that our conscience deepest set well at, is true!

     There are many serious and ransagende pages af Balaam story. But it incomparably serious is that God donor Balaam the answer, he would have! God donor him over to lie and charge him believe it, he will. He giver him permission to go with Balak's messengers.
     Balaam is happy. He has got what he wanted! Nu is Vejen open, and he goes happy af place. But he has against God himself! A donkey bliver his rescue from God punitive angel and death (4 Mos 22,23).

     Two places in GT Meetings we the same harrowing and ransagende statements about God: "27 You show yourself clean against whoever is clean but purl against the deceiver." (2 Sam 22.27; Ps 18.27).
     If we go to God's word with a target that make God seepage anything andet, end it, we have already heard and acknowledged as sandheden, then we built on falsehood way. Then God act mod os, which he traded mod Balaam. He pretends himself, charging us hear it, we will. In Paul's words, God sends "delusion magt" over us as we "believe the lie" (2 Tess.2,11). Something worse can hardly imagine: that see the lie as truth and have God against them - without vide it!

Balaam continued ad disobedience way and ended as an obvious seducer (4 Mos 25; Åb.2,14). But Vejen begyndelse with the small and almost imperceptible steps: unwillingness Giora himself to eat it with the word of God and insincerity in access to God's word.

     May God preserve us mod Balaam way and hold us in a sincere and obedient relationship to sit words!

Final Comment:
When Hanvold boast Minos up in the clouds so I can tell the truth that Minos compromising with the world, sin and Satan! Exits my writings about Minos here and lit course peace of his memory. But how he ended his life as a preacher of the Word, I take 100% distance from. Not first and foremost what Minos self taught, but who he collaborated with and let come into "heat". And he never warned against anyone. I could respected Minos if he had said that the he disagreed, but he did not even that. We may sometimes stand together with people that we do not share all views with. But then it's important when asked, confronted or it falls naturally to say that here we disagree. But Minos always went on compromise, it was his court and therefore he died as a spiritual cripple!

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