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No. 839: "Christmas" message is that God made a body of his own son!

No. 839:
"Christmas" message is that God made a body of his own son!

Think it really is impossible to understand fully the Incarnation. That son of God, not God himself, became man.
God the Father made a body to him in Mary's stomach and Jesus had blood in them that was as innocent and pure as Adam had before the fall, so he was also a human being like us fully.
Without this blood, he had not been able to provided salvation for us. The main concern is why the Christian message, the blood of Jesus that was, is and remains pure, holy and precious forever.

After what researchers have found out, so Jesus was born on the same day as the World Trade Centers Twin Towers were subjected to an act of terrorism and lewdness September 11, 2001. Then, two hijacked airliners crashed short intervals into separate the two tall towers. It erupted explosive fires, and shortly after the two towers collapsed down; few hours after raging another high-rise building in the complex. There were a total of three buildings that collapsed, the same day that Jesus was born into this world. Satan, the fallen angels and demons showed at least that, it was an anniversary which they hated. It was 2004 years between these events.

Here are some excerpts of what else I over the years have written about this subject and in the homepage or our blogs:

Celebrating Christmas

If we think of Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus, began not to celebrate Christmas before more than 400 years after Jesus was born. It was Roman bishops who coined the "Christian" Christmas celebrations.

In Jesus' time was the Roman Empire at its strongest. It got beyond centuries increasingly weakened their power. There were many Christians in the Roman Empire at Constantine time. To get united and strengthened the Roman Empire he decided around the year 312 AD that the Christian religion would become the state religion. He set himself as head of the church, and led much of the Greek and Roman avgudsdyrkningen and thinking into Christianity.

Romans worshiped many gods, but their supreme god was the sun. Their big winter festival took place on December 25th, which they saw as the sun's birthday. In the year 440 AD transferred church headstrong this date to be the birthday of Jesus.
They did this to please both those who worshiped the sun, and the Christians, as the Roman Empire's celebration joint could be December 25th, although the most likely time for the birth of Jesus in September.

The Bible says in several places that the celebrations in honor of God should not be mixed with paganism or made such nations are celebrating their gods.

"When the Lord thy God hath cut peoples and get them away from your face them now coming in to dispossess, and you dispels them and live in their country, then you should take heed that you are not driven to follow them, after they are destroyed and away from your face and that you do not seek their gods, saying, "How did these nations their gods? I will do it the same way." You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way. For all that is an abomination to the Lord, all that He hates they have done to their gods. "(5. Mos.12,29-32)

Notice that God does not say here that we should not worship other gods. Of course we will not it! But here it says that we must not worship the Lord our God in the same way as the heathen worship their gods. The origins of the "Christian" celebration of Christmas is that it is mixed with sun worshipers celebration of their god.

God has not required us to celebrate Jesus' birthday, but if we want to celebrate it, we should at least celebrated it with the eye that we are aware of the difference here.
That time scientists believe He was born, and not on the public holiday for sun worshipers! Out of planetary placements and courts, have scientists, just as the wise men from the East, concluded that Jesus was born on September 11 this year -3 between kl.18: 18 and 7:39 p.m., Jerusalem time.

I have personally experienced that God delights in us "celebrate" Christmas and Easter and Pentecost and others, if he and his children are in the center! Think we may well celebrate, but have the Lord in the center. I will not embellish this here, but it is important to be aware of this.

Question 2:
In summer claimed Benny Hinn Jesus had Father blood and not Mary blood. Votes this or is it unbiblical and objectionable? Ulf Ekman and the rest of the Christians in Scandinavia argue that it is unbiblical and objectionable.

I'm mostly disagree both with Ulf Ekman and religious movement in the most part, and also with Benny Hinn. But right here I agree with Benny Hinn, and it's really a very deep and eternal truth that the blood of Jesus is different than other people's blood. Jesus had God blood just as we have "Adams" blood as he did after the fall when he sinned.
Jesus' blood was of a different quality, origin and purity one our. We aspire to sin and our own. Jesus sought to live clean and do their heavenly Father. Jesus had no sin in and of itself. We have both sin and for us before we are saved. After salvation we have sin in us (sin latent) but not on us. It is removed because the blood of Jesus and reconciliation!
The female egg has no blood in it, nor the male sperm. But fertilization happens when these come together in the ovary, and a new life begins. Blood cells in this new creation comes from both father and mother. Blood type is determined from fertilization moment and are then protected by the placenta against any flow of maternal blood in the fetus.
Bible clearly says that the Holy Spirit was the divine instrument that caused conception of Jesus in Mary's womb. It was therefore no ordinary conception, but a supernatural act of God by planting His all existing son's life into the womb of Mary, with no conventional fertilization by a male sperm and ovum of Mary.
When God son's blood type was a separate and precious theme, it is inconceivable that Joseph and Mary could have given some of its blood from Adam to God unblemished lamb. Everything baby's blood came from His heavenly father by a supernatural act of creation by God. Jesus' blood was not contaminated by Adam's sin.
Moreover, we read that Jesus was also different with respect to the body's when he came in likeness of sinful flesh and in Hebrews says: Hebrews 10.5 .. A body you prepared for me ... God formed therefore the body of Jesus in heaven and added him their own pure blood before retiring fetus in Mary's womb. Jesus had absolutely no genes or something inherited from Maria, otherwise he had been sinful. Maria was just an ordinary sinner who anyone. She was found in grace worthy to carry a pregnancy without Jesus got something of her nature in itself. Therefore Jesus said when he was in the temple, Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's house .. or when he made his first under: Then he said to Mary: Woman ... Here he says that he knew that neither Joseph or Maria had something with his being to do, but he was only Son of the Father. "A body you prepared for me."
Heb. 9. 22 By law Yes, nearly all things are cleansed with blood, and no forgiveness without blood being shed.
The blood of Jesus is of the utmost importance when scripture says: "no forgiveness without blood being shed."
Otherwise it's a very interesting observation the late Ron Wyatt has done, see here:

This is from my commentaries Gospel of John 1.
9 The true light that enlightens every man was coming into the world.

This third section takes as its starting point where the first ended in v.5. Thus he comes with the light of all people and the whole world.
Now it is emphasized that the light is the true light. It is a typical underlining that John makes about Jesus. ref. eg. true bread "in 6.32 and true vine" in 15.1. There is enough said with front second salvation figures who stood up and were not reliable. This's emphasis must surely be understood in light of the legal controversy that Jesus stands in. The word true "is on its way to giving extra weight to that Jesus is the only truly credible savior (more on Truth v.14). We note the same relationship between present and past in this verse as in v.5. and then probably also the explanation is the same: Although Jesus come into the world is an event that happened long ago, so lights salvation possibility against us still.

10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, but the world knew him not.

Jesus was now come into the world, who had created this our world. I know this is controversial for many, but basically as it is Jesus who is "responsible" for the creation of this world, with the "made" he had angels, at least one of the angels. Father was recumbent and pretended son unfold, together with angels. Angels are also in Scripture mentioned as Gods, therefore when it says eg. us, so we must also look at it that Jesus made himself using his Angels who was also his brothers and spiritual beings like him even before he became a man. Would not you agree, then let it lie. It was God the Father who was behind everything, then he who had given everything away from him and delighted in what happened! Just like a boss, Chairman and Director are responsible for their employees, both good and bad.

11 He came unto his own, but his own received him not.

We have two possibilities to react. The first is to reject, as most did and still does. This negative possibility mentioned first.
Actually the incomprehensible, because Jesus came to the world that he was involved in creating (ref. V3). Therefore world v11 called his own "and the people who live there for his own." To reject Jesus is thus to reject their own creating and brother.

12 All who received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God - those who believe in His name.

The Word says that he gave them the right to become children of God. That all who accepted Jesus he gave authority to become children of God. Accepting Jesus is the same as believing in his name. In the notation "name" is that Jesus is anointed by God to be the world's savior. In the Old Covenant was king, prophet and priest (chief priest) anointed. Therefore we speak about Jesus tripartite task. He is king, prophet and high priest. He is king over all the universe. He is a prophet who preaches the word of God, and he is the high priest who wears himself to God as a vicarious sacrifice. Jesus Christ took all sin on himself up on the cross and took the punishment on himself and died as a sinner and felon and was buried. Death, however, could not hold him for his death, he died to sin, but his life he lives to God. Therefore he stood up for our justification. Scripture says, "Him who knew no sin God made sin for us, that in him we might become the righteousness of God" 2 Corinthians 5:21.

Therefore whoever takes refuge in Jesus and go to him with their sins and failures and believes in him justified and is a child of God. He is born of God, ie he is reborn by the Spirit of God.

13 They are not born of flesh and blood, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God.

By the new birth is the penitent sinner saving faith and a new heart and a new setting. It is a wonder of God's grace that happens in the individual heart when God's word first gets to show the sinner's true standing before the holy God and opposition to God ceases and the gospel will make his merciful deed.

14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

V.14 must be the actual center of gravity throughout the prologue. It is instructive to study the way the verse is built on:
First we get two main clauses that say something about the Word: the Word became flesh "and ... dwelt among us."
Then follows a main sentence that says something about the church's reception: We saw his glory. "
The rest of the verse explains further what glory it concerns, first by saying where it comes from (as the only begotten son of the Father "), then by saying what it consists in (full of grace and truth").

Let's look at these five sentence joints one by one:

1) Word became flesh "
So easy, it's mystery in world history expressed. Three little words. But after reading about the Word divine rank in v1-5, so it is really groundbreaking to imagine that this divine logos entirely too would become a man like us.
This was unheard of for a Greek mindset that despised it created. (ref. v.3). It created was the second-class and inferior. How could God demean himself to be one with it?
This was madness for a Greek logos philosophy (1 Corinthians 1:23). Those who would win the right knowledge and insight into life secrets by abstract thinking, the audience will: Logos became man, was born on a particular day and died on a particular day. Logos could be seen, heard and taken on (ref. 1 Jn 1.1 to 4).
It was a blasphemous thought for Jews. They could probably be far when it came to distinguishing between different aspects of God, as we saw when it came wisdom theology v1-2. But to say that this wisdom of God was made man, it was completely uantakelig. When exceeding one boundary between God and creation, and were guilty of the grossest blasphemy.
It is therefore here in v. 14 John comes with what really distinguished Christianity from these other religions. This was so daring said that the church should fight to understand it for many centuries to come.
But it was a wonderful thought for all of us who accept the faith: this implies that God is not distant, but that he fully shares our plight!
We call this miracle of incarnation. In Greek it says that the Word became flesh, which in Latin is incarnatus, or Nynorsk: ikjøting. Christ - the Son of God - can be feed into a life where he really carries a fleshly body, so he must feel both hunger and thirst, cold and sorrow, loneliness and pain. It's pretty amazing that we have such faith in Christ!
2) .. dwelt among us "
Also this is an unheard thought for a Jew. Yes, God selected his residence in Israel: First, in the tabernacle that followed people on the desert journey (2 Mos 40.34), since the temple in Jerusalem (see the temple dedication and Solomon prayer in 1 Kings 8.1013).
But now says v.14 that God gets his residence in Israel by the Word. Thus it is said indirectly that the temple is past. Now God's presence linked to the person of Jesus.
We find the same theme clearer expressed in 2.13 to 22, where Jesus after tempelrenselsen proclaims himself as the new temple. See also John 4.21 to 24: The future worship of God should not be linked to a specific location, but must be in spirit and truth. So we let Christians to flock to a particular sanctuary in a specific place to seek God where he is finding. The person of Jesus is now the important meeting point between God and man.

Bible Comments Hebrews 10. 3 But victims are an annual reminder of sins.

Yet this has its positive aspects. It says that human sinners in need of salvation. That we are aware of our needs is the first step in the right direction.

4 For the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins impossible.

Then comes this is obvious: the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins impossible. Had they been able so had sin been removed when the law was in effect for approximately 1400 years and it was sacrificed million and totaling billions of animals, especially during festivals in Israel.

5 Wherefore Christ at his coming into the world:

Sacrifices and gifts you would not have,

but a body made you able to me;

We read that he had become like one of us to save and redeem us.

Joh. e. 1. 14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

6 burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not know about.

It was never the Father's perfect will that animals were dying for some people should go free. But for that he should be able to have compassion and mercy to Israel so it seemed a temporary and partial absolution. But it was only when the Son Jesus Christ that life and immortality were brought to light and we human child could fully take part in the salvation and the perfect remission of sins.

7 Then said I, Lo, here I come

to do your will, O God.

The scroll is written about me.

Jesus did God's will to the letter. But he also had the necessary qualifications to do so entirely. It was all for him.

Joh. e. 4 34 But Jesus said to them: "My food is to do the will which hath sent me, and to complete his work.

8 First he says: "Sacrifices and gifts, burnt offerings and sin offerings you would not have and did you not care," even though it is such sacrifices borne forward by law.

Had the law brought consummation, eternal bliss and salvation law had been good enough and sacrifices, gifts, burnt offerings and sin offerings have been able to save. Had it not been any sense that the Lord Jesus came.

9 Then he says, "Behold, here I come to do your will." He abolishes ie the first mentioned, to let the second apply.

By Jesus into the world happens for a substitution. All that the law represents is replaced with grace and life in Christ Jesus. In Galatians the fourth chapter, Paul says so strongly when he writes. That he compares the law by the slave woman and what should one do with her? Gal. 4. 30 But what saith the scripture? Rid of the slave woman and her son! For the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son. 31 Therefore, brethren, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.

Final Comment:
There is a lot to read, stopping therefore here. But wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

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