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No. 829: I've never attacked a person for what he is, but for what he believes and teaches, in particular the preachers and trust people!

No. 829:
I've never attacked a person for what he is, but for what he believes and teaches, in particular the preachers and trust people!

I've always strained me to not affect a person for his complexion, adolescence or affiliation. But for the people actually believe, teach and do.
This has been if unwillingly, urgent and crucial when the Norwegian Christendom and elsewhere in the Western world has in many ways been like a ship without a rudder and sail. As has just driven around on the high seas and currents, waves and wind have ruled "ship." But not God's word.

Picture of a Catholic as a Illustrasjonsbilde that what Catholics are doing is as bad as it Protestants are doing when you apply that they allow remarriage over a low shoes. It is an abomination to God, I am convinced when a permit gjengifede Pastors, pastors and those who call themselves apostles but are not. Gjengifting among believers is something "filth." Jesus bore the demons go into the pigs because they were unclean animals in GT! In the NT including remarriage among the believers also something that can be compared with this.

The main reason for this is that publishers and other confidence people have fallen so deeply.

Imagine what has happened in the Catholic church with all the sex with these poor Olso Cathedral Boys Choir who have been exposed to pedophiles actions of various Catholic Pater, priests, bishops, monks and others. It's degrading, ugly and unscriptural. It is the same happens in the Protestant part of Christendom. But when that one accepts more and more gays and remarriage among the believers. All this is a shame on the basis of God's word.

Is it harassment, defamation and other to warn against this?

What is harassment? From major Norwegian lexicon: use lovknep; molesting, taunt.
I've never broken any laws against any God only words I have kept up.
Annoy no people, only notes that a trust person can not live in sin after God's word. This is also normally among "normal" people.
Mock, I've never done anything even close.
Nor encouraged murder, violence or anything else. Therefore, they are attacks on me basically an attack on Religious and freedom of speech. And Christianity persecution when I have only done one thing, held forth the word of God!

I point out that a trust person can not live in sin after God's word!

Here is the essence of what I'm doing without one understands this, then realize or will not understand anything of what I write and preach against.

Why is it so important that trustees, pastors and others who have a mandate to others warned against, also in public? That's because they can and will exploit its position and position. This again means that church comes down to a low level that the abnormal becomes normal. We give from us everything that we have wiry and fought!

Based on the word of God is re-married among believers, homosexuals sins and pedophiles actions pity!

We want to classify sin, but all sin creates separation between us and God.

Isaiah 59. 2 No, there is blame that separates you from your God. Sins hide his face he saw he did not hear you.

Final Comment:

There was a person who wrote on Searchlight who wrote very good, want to reproduce it here:

Agree with Jan Kåre Wed 12/03/2014 7:19 p.m. that said:

Pretty good discovered Jan Kåre. In the long run it will be a complete victory and God's word will come out victorious. When God's spirit blows down this edifice raised against you in the spotlight will go triumphant. You can go with our heads brother Jan Kåre. These your critics are as confused bedbugs, splay in all directions and do not realize that this is spiritual battle. A fight these have already lost when they are hopelessly lost in Babylonian teachings. Hence all the babbling against you.

May God bless your business and service Jan Kåre.
(end of quote).

Yes, this is what it's all about. To bring out the word of God to a people who have been deceived, misled and true cap has been kept in unrighteousness. But we as God's people who take care of God's word will go out victorious both controversy and into the new Jerusalem to celebrate the wedding with our bridegroom and Lord, Jesus Christ!

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