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Nr. 284: Pastors and preachers who are re-married as believers live in a delusion! And they have a clear tendency to trivialize his own sin! But others, they focus on the degrees.

Nr. 284:

Pastors and preachers who are re-married as believers live in a delusion! And they have a clear tendency to trivialize his own sin! But others, they focus on the degrees.

4. Genesis 32 23 But if ye do so, as sins against the Lord, and ye shall know that your sin will find you. Gal. 6. 7 Be not deceived; God let him not mocked: for what a man soweth, that shall he reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh will reap corruption from the flesh: but he that soweth to the Spirit will reap eternal life of the Spirit. 9 But let us do good and not be tired! for we shall reap in his time, unless we are tired.

Bishop Per Oskar Kjølås "marry" (God's word, they are not married) with Jill Sæterbø and they not only adultery, but it is over 20 years difference between them. Jude writes about such people that they no shame keep the feast with you, and feeding himself; aqueous clouds driven away by the wind, trees, bare that in the autumn, unfruitful, twice dead, oprykket by the roots, wild sea stretchers that utskummer their own shame; stray stars, for whom darkness night is ready for ever. Do not trifles that so-called leaders and shepherds of the church of God really serving Satan and not the living and true God, and all others who imitate their bad example, and demonic. Paul speaks of that they follow deceiving spirits and demons learn with such a life and left!

Has a self-clean flour in the bag and no sin in his own life, then go one with lowered shoulders and do not need to rise above others. But is not there, so one must either defend their own sin or attack others to rise above the other on the way. Who are those who advocate a "Catholic" views on marriage, divorce and remarriage? There are those who keep the word of God. God's Word is very clear to the faithful who are divorced, they must either live alone or be reconciled to her. Getting married on a new or a divorced runs a prostitute and an adulterer.

1 Cor. 7. 10 The married I command, yet not I but the Lord, that a wife should not separate herself from her husband, 11 but she is separated from him, then she vedbli to be unmarried or be reconciled herself with her husband - and that a man does not to separate himself from his wife. Luke 16 18 Whoever separates himself from his wife and marries another woman, he commits adultery, and whoever marries a woman divorced from her husband committeth adultery.

This is what Jesus and Paul teach, they Katolikere? No, but they had a revelation of God, and Jesus and Paul completed the word of God! If, when today's Christian leaders standing over Jesus and Paul? We see the example. Pastor Jan Aage Torp that Emanuel Minos and many others have prophesied much about this man. And more prophecies and larger they are, the more sin and pride is in his life. The fruits of Minos and other great prophecies to him, this is nothing a man works at best, if it is Satan who is behind it all together! So it is with Pastor Jan Hanvold and many other "big" prophecies and recognition of Christian leaders with a spiritual vision that Eli actually destroy them even more and causes judgment and drop over into the church of God!

Divorced preachers like young ladies!

When one is separated, then teach the writing that one should live alone or be reconciled to her. But what do many preachers? Yes, not only distinguishes than him and married again. But often with a much younger woman. Is not that the flesh is in the top board and enmity against God? (Romans 5 and Gal. 5). There is some male chauvinism of this that I find offensive and which also shows that one does not take anything into the fact. One is a person without scruples and conscience in my opinion and ideas (and sure many others?)! Is a stumbling block to others, or something like that means nothing to them because you always see everything on the basis of their own subjective and selfish point of view. Then it just gets to live out their carnal desires everything is allright. That is what is crucial for these preachers, tragic that it's been like this! Here is the selfishness, the flesh and everything else that the world and Satan represents that it is the advice. The fact that Emanuel Minos and Co.. endorsement of these so-called apostles and preachers make only the case in an even worse light, where the dropout rate, seduction and this humbug end? In Babylon the great harlot mentioned in Revelation 17-18?

There is yet time to repent!

I do not know what these preachers and so-called apostles are thinking about their own lives, saved, they are no longer on what scripture teaches. They are like Judas, Demas, Nemuel, Dathan, Abiram and other apostates. Once saved, always saved is not! They are people who are spiritual, and without the spirit says Judas. But if they will repent, confess their sins and break up of the conditions that they have chosen. Then there is also hope, salvation and opportunities for them. Jesus forgives all sin, even remarriage, homosexuality, pride, arrogance, rudeness, slander and what a way to be. Only one comes to Jesus there is forgiveness for every single sin, but these people mocking spirit of grace and sin against the Holy Spirit. Than confess his sin and repent, so God also forgives them, one should be satisfied and confident. But one that is re-married can not just confess his sin, he \ she has to repent as well. Scripture is clear here as in all other places. We must repent, then they can not continue "marriage" with the new partner with whom they are living in adultery with. You know of course that this is harsh voice and a "Catholic" understanding of marriage. But it is biblical, healthy and straight. So I keep it up with great boldness, trepidation and desire that if possible that someone would take it to heart and repent while there is still grace and possible safety time!

Anyone who has taken the "freedom" as a believer to remarry must take responsibility for their own actions or who have married a divorced!

I know it sounds drastic, and it is by all means. Not least for today's people in the western world where one takes the real and giving in marriage of an low shoes. But I can not for what is written in God's own words, it's not my decrees or opinions. But it is what God Almighty and eternal God says, not what Jan Kåre or the Catholic Church says, teach or believe. But God himself through his own words, especially the New Testament by Jesus and Paul's teaching. When someone goes against what I learn here, they will take responsibility for it and if an attacker me, attacking me than not. But God himself and his own words. When playing a Russian roulette with their lives and all others who are implicated in this sin and life whore! The fact that Emanuel Minos and soon the whole Protestant movement accept remarriage of a low shoe tells me that they are in the midst of the great harlot. What's a whore? One who is cheating with others and through his life creating death, destruction and ruin both of themselves and others. Scripture says in Proverbs book that anyone who begins a relationship with a woman lacks understanding. That's what Emanuel Minos and the entire Protestant Christianity today is missing, wit, intelligence and true spirituality! One is not spiritually sober, but full of Snyder skjøgevinen from ancient Babylon, where a temple had whores and other re-married and this really represents. It really whoredoms disguised in a nicer way than it was back then, but it's the same source, and whoredoms, only now in the "legitimate" forms but sin is the same. Jesus himself said that he who commits sin is a slave to sin. That they are slaves, it shows in their audacity to than when one keeps up what God himself says in his own words. This I have experienced so many times that when I hear this so it goes in one ear and out the other, they have dug a pit for themselves with permitted sin in their lives, as scripture warns so strongly and clearly against the the entire New Testament.

Word. 5. 3 For the lips of a strange woman drip honey and smoother than oil is her speech; 4 but at last she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a double-edged sword. 5 Her feet go down to death, her steps lead straight to hell. 6 On life's path, she will not walk, her ways are unstable, without her knowing it. 7 So now listen to me, my children, and depart not from the words of my mouth! 8 Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house, 9 lest you give others your ornamental and a cruel lord thy years, 10 lest strangers be filled by your property, and the fruit of your travail get another man's house, 11 then you have to moan in your last, when your body and your flesh waste away, 12 And you will say, How have I been able to hate discipline, and how has my heart despised reproof, 13 as I did not listen to those who taught me, not bending my ear to them that instructed me! (Read like a chapter in Proverbs and Psalms book every day!).

Repentance and faith belong together, they can not be separated!

Luke 24 47 and that in his name to be repentance and forgiveness of sins proclaimed to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

As I already mentioned. It does nothing to confess their sins without repentance. There are two sides of the same coin, and we can not split this up. I can not help that there are those who take up the carnal and real Satanic "freedom" to marry again while his first spouse is alive or marry a divorced that the scripture says that this is adultery. And whoever marries a divorced also commits adultery. The writing is so clear here was even the disciples of rearing (Matthew 19), and this was 2000 years ago. And people have unfortunately at this level are not evolved for the better, preferably for the worse! What I am most against is that they are re-married as believers should learn other Bible teachers, Pastors and Apostles. That they put up on the last bench in the church and had been asked ten thousand times better for them, the church and all others! They have no right to speak in the church and should actually lived with his guilt for themselves until they found repentance. Actually, Scripture says, after we have counted them right, and if they repent. If we do not even eat with them and share communion with those re-married as believers or is married to a divorced as believers. Again, this is not my opinions or viewpoints. It is not the Catholic church rather their views at first hand, but what scripture teaches. Then in particular the New Testament of Jesus and Paul in the lead. So to attack me or the Catholic church here is really to attack the word of God and God and Jesus himself, not someone else. What spirit lives in it then those who advocate the word of God with respect to that believers can and are allowed to marry again? Nimrod was the first thing that God showed himself defiance and hatred actually God and all he stood and stands for. This is therefore permissible to remarriage of believers over a low shoe that Emanuel Minos and soon the whole Protestant movement does, a hatred and rebellion against God Himself. This shows only that they belong to Babylon the great whore that we find in Revelation 17-18.

Babylon Religion.

Not long after the flood, broke people up from the east and found a broad valley in the land of Shinar (Gen. 1. 11, 12). There they settled and built, among other things. a city of Babylon and the Tower of Babel. It was also their language confused. (Babylon means confusion). Ham, who was one of the sons of Noah, was the father of Cush, which in turn begat Nimrod. About this great grandson of Noah, the Bible says in 1 Puree. 10, 8-10 - that he was the first to receive wide dominion on earth. He was the ruler of Babylon. In the Norwegian Bible it says that Nimrod was a "very hunter before the Lord." The basic text is the importance'' in opposition to the Lord. "Various English translations write, therefore, that Nimrod was powerful" against "(against) God. Jewish Encyclopedia says straight out that Nimrod was he who led the people to rebel against God. The historian Josephus says the same thing. "Mighty Hunter" has the meaning tyrant. History tells us that the mighty Nimrod wanted to build a replica of God's system. He would establish a new religion and an alternative plan of salvation. In addition to the Bible's brief description, we have many outside of biblical historical accounts of what happened to Nimrod and Babylon. History researcher Alexander Hislop tells from these sources how the Babylonian religion was created. Key characters are Nimrod, his wife Semiramis and Tammuz their children. When Nimrod died, Semiramis declared that he was now transformed into the great sun god. When she later gave birth to her son Tammuz, she made it known that his son was born Nimrod would become the world's savior. Semiramis well aware of the promises of that from the woman's seed would be a redeemer. (Gen. 1. 3.14 to 15). In the religion Semiramis created, Tammuz was the sun god recreated also called Baal and she was the queen of heaven. From the very beginning, the Babylon religion an attempt to challenge the true God of heaven. People were declared divine, the soul's immortality was made a "doctrine" in order to justify that Nimrod was reborn.

To then get married again as a believer or marry someone who is divorced as a believer, scripture says that you are someone who stands against God and one is a tyrant and egotist who put themselves before God and what he says . One becomes a miniartyr Nimrod. Then you \ they also bear the consequences even for this search \ her own choices and expect if the church is a true spiritual size in time, not having access to the church. And the last place one that is re-married to a believer will stand and be, it's on the podium as a Bible teacher, apostle and Shepherd for others! This false religion for the sun god was honored, spread across the earth. The sky-queen and Tammuz (Baal) was worshiped. When Rome was a world empire, we find that the gods and rituals from countries that were conquered, was made a part of the state of their own religious culture. That sex and in a form that warns against writing has always followed and follow pagan religions and cult-is. The fact that we see here in the western world in particular, that what God has said in his own words, that one is married to the same partner and spouse for life, no longer practiced and enforced within its Christian churches testify only about the apostasy and deception is made its mark in a slit scope and size that it looks like time has expired for the Protestant Christianity which morality and ethics are thrown overboard for the grace to embrace everyone, even those living in sin, fornication and adultery!

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