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Nr. 286: Evangelist and Dr. Emanuel Minos has made false and misleading prophecies, why is there no one who reacts to this, or no one is interested in this and not included in such things, or is it because everything should be accepted because the man has a household name and has been well-known Christian leader in the Pentecostal movement for many years and is trained?

Nr. 286:

Evangelist and Dr. Emanuel Minos has made false and misleading prophecies, why is there no one who reacts to this, or no one is interested in this and not included in such things, or is it because everything should be accepted because the man has a household name and has been well-known Christian leader in the Pentecostal movement for many years and is trained?

Toralf Gilbrant was a spiritual leader of the rare, underrated of all Christendom in Norway and the world at large. But in his old age he t.o.m. good for the false prophet Ulf Ekman, and he called for one of Scandinavia's largest Bible teacher, how blind and deceived, old "Pentecostal leaders" will be?

I like my good faith 31 years followed by Emanuel Minos on the outside of his service if I have talked with him a few times. Before, in the 1980s and into the 90 - century he seemed spiritual clairvoyant! We were then in the same church for a while, Filadelfia Oslo. But what has happened the past 20 years is really sad! It may seem as if he is good for everyone and everything! He used as an opener for the false apostles and prophets in the past, especially in the charismatic relationship.

Look Eva: Dr. Emanuel Minos' prophecy Oslokirken 2001-09-07 Read this powerful portrayal of Dr. Emanuel Minos' prophecy to Jan-Aage Torp in 2001. Dr. Emanuel Minos in September 2001 the phone rang at home with Pastor Jan-Aage Torp. It was Dr. Emanuel Minos, who went straight to the point: "Jan-Aage, you know how careful I am to convey the prophecy, because I have seen so much abuse. But I am led by the Holy Spirit to speak to you you to build an international church in Oslo that by God's grace will get the same effect and power of Kensington Temple in London. You shall not fear, because the Lord will guide future work. This is the provision that the Lord has for you, Jan- Aage. The best is ahead of you! " http://www.oslokirken.no/arkiv/profeti/artikkel/article/75127

He opened the door for the false prophet Aril Edvardsen

It was a battle between Edvardsen and Sharon Valley on one side and Emanuel Minos and the leading brothers in the Pentecostal movement on Edvardsen. Then they were 25 years and then "forgave" each other without a question of what should be forgiven or whatever controversy had actually been about. No, we should just keep quiet and smooth over who is a well known trick in the religious systems around. Minos Sharon visited the Valley in 2004 and thus he helped to legitimize the Edvardsen unbiblical views on almost everything in God's word. From Dominion Theology: to accept remarriage of believers over a low shoes! Edvardsen was a false prophet in the true sense as Emanuel Minos vouched for, and was as an opener for.

Toralf Gilbrant, David Ostby, Morgan Kornmo and many other "Pentecostal leaders" were or were spiritually blind priest Eli was there!

The priest Eli had spiritual vision and acumen enough to see God's way for Hanna's son, but not of their own. 1. Sam.3.13 says, "I will judge his house forever for the iniquity that he knew that his sons brought a curse on himself, but still did not keep them in subjection." No one can be convicted of involuntary blindness. The curse that came upon the priest, his voluntary spiritual blindness, caused it a cowardice, misunderstood father's role, indulgence for a new youth culture and that "love is blind"? Such a heart-searching, each pastor and church leader let go of his life. It can reveal excessive turbidity and incipient spiritual glaucoma. Paul worried about that he, who preached to others, even found to be unworthy (1 Kor.9.27) When the prophet came to warn Eli because he honored his sons more than he honored God (1 Sam.2.29) he warned him that this would "go out of his eyes" (v.33). But the priest counted little on the warning. The priest Eli, who was blind in his old age and let their sons commit adultery in the temple, extramarital relationships, they were bound by monetary greed, they were wine drinkers and ate the victim belonged to the Lord. It is sad when a relationship is not capable or will be responsible for the message and teachings for life, then it would be much better to take your pension with them to Spain or anywhere and lived a retired and shut up! But there is something about the spotlight that many will be fascinated and drawn against. It also did the false prophets of old days that Balaam, Hananiah, Jannes and Jambres. It is the doctrine that Jannes and Jambres that these "Pentecostal leaders" is entered below and any other deceived and false prophets stand for. They do not speak directly against Jesus and God's word, but they legitimize sin and everything else in the name of "Jesus". It is sad! O, the mighty fallen, and so deep!

The Lord said through the prophet Isaiah: Who is blind but my servant. Es.42. 19 Who is blind but my servant, and deaf as the commandment which I send? Who is blind as my intimate friend, blind as the servant? Isaiah describes the condition in God's house today! There is almost no judgment again! Hear again the prophet: "My messenger - my messenger that I sent - BLIND!" He says: "You see many things. (You run from one conference to the other. You read countless books. You hear so much about truth and revelation, but it does not transform your life.) But you do not see it!" God's people are plundered and robbed by mighty doctrine winds and waves. Doctrines of demons have caught quantities in despair caves and prisons. New converts are switching to new lessons and are Satan's booty. There are so few leaders who has sufficient judgment to say "Enough! This is wrong." There are so few who cry out "Give them back!" So few people have enough divine wisdom and understanding to deliver the captive and deceived. Where did this blindness to God's servants from? It is a pity in the hearts of the shepherds and sin in the life of the faithful that causes this judgment famine in the house of God. Isaiah said, "They were not willing to walk in His ways and obey His law." John prophesies about a last-day Laodicean church that is completely blind without being aware of it, "Because you say I am rich, I have plenty and have no need - and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked "(Rev. 3:17). The charismatic church do not know that in spite of all its blessings, it is a blindness that spreads! World touches and defiles almost everything in the house of God and have become uneasy by it. Why? Isaiah says: "He set them on fire all around, but they did not understand it. It burned them, but they leave it to heart." (Isaiah 42:25). We learn to justify ferment our sins, and adapt to them. Choreographed dance in many charismatic churches today look so new and innocent, but now, in some areas it ends up dancing on the premises Saturday night - sponsored by the church. It is another step in the blind stumbling to the world. An appetite for pleasure is hatched out among the people of God in the midst of the sacred space. Spontaneous dancing in the Spirit can be a wonderful sacrifice of praise, but rehearsed dance in the house of God tastes of carnal manipulation. Literally thousands of pastors and lay Christians have bought satellite dishes now have the ability to take in pornography from the Playboy-like satellite channels. Men of God in ever larger number of stands in the pulpit and preach a Holy God's righteousness, and then sit in front of Satan's evil idol and drink into porn that is destructive to the soul. Who is able to see that Satan uses these weapons to rob believers of their faith, to destroy the peace, disturbing the sanctity, to ruin homes and destroy the Christian services? Where are the shepherds who cry out: "Give us clean our homes back, give us back home without idols, violence and promiscuity!" A growing number of Christian couples now drinking alcohol, visiting nightclubs and loves to party. You see them in the house of God with their hands lifted high in praise to the Lord. What clapping! Which high hallelujarop! What a wonderful sound, they cry to the Lord! But they can no longer judge what is right and wrong, sensual or spiritual. Isaiah warned: "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20). It's sad, but there are so few pastors with enough judgment to call them back from their worldly desires. Tragically enough, many Christians to fall, they will perish because without judgment, then it will be almost impossible to survive the demonic invasion is now about to accelerate. God's Word says: "The righteous perish, and not someone who settles on the heart. Pious men are caught up without anyone understands it." (Isaiah 57:1). Why do so many Christians today deceived by the self-centered teaching, which satisfies the flesh? Because there is no longer any understanding, no judgment! It is a kind of godliness without power, there is so little of true holiness. "Horrible and disgusting things happen in this country. The prophets prophesy lies, the priests and guided by their advice, and my people would like it that way. But what will you do when the end of this coming?" (Jer. 5:30-31). "Gods in a new era" (Gods of a New Age) is a painful film that describes the heartbreaking betrayal of thousands of young people who give their minds and souls of Indian gurus. I am appalled by the total lack of discernment among young people in the western world. Could it be the result of the blindness and lack of discernment in the church, especially among the shepherds and to lead others? Isaiah says: "Israel's watchmen are blind, they know nothing. They are all dumb dogs, they can not bark. They lie and dreams and loves to sleep. Yes, dogs are greedy, they are never satisfied. They are shepherds who do not have sense. All together they have turned to their own way, each to his own gain, from the first to the last. " (Isaiah 56:10-11). This lack of discernment among God's people was the pain that lay on Jeremiah's heart as well. Israel's blindness overwhelmed him and he shouted: "My inner self, my heart, I tremble with fear! Oh, my heart's walls! My heart roaring in me, I can not keep silent, for the sound of the trumpet, war cries have you heard, my soul! Destruction of destruction they shout about. Whole country is destroyed. Suddenly are my tents destroyed in a moment my tent. How long shall I see the standard, how long shall I hear the sound of the trumpet? unwise are my people, I know they do not. They are foolish children, and foolish they are. They are wise to do evil, but to do good they do not understand. " (Jer. 4:19-22). Why has the judgment been robbed God's people? Why has God sticking their eyes lest they see? "Hear and wine and new wine take away the mind. My people ask their wood to the Council and its stick it provides answers. For obscene spirit has led them astray, so they commit adultery and walk away from their God." (Hosea 4:11-12).

Read it again: "An hors spirit has led them astray, and they have silt whore's role and abandoned their God." A man of God with secret sins in his life, an indulgent husband, a sensual man will get his spiritual sense of sticking to! He is blind and robbed of all spiritual wisdom or knowledge. This is what happened to Emanuel Minos and other "Pentecostal leaders"! "This I say then, and testify in the Lord: Walking is no longer as the Gentiles walk, which follows his empty mind. Their understanding is darkened. They are strangers to the life of God through the ignorance that is in them because they have hardened their hearts. feeling they have given themselves over to licentiousness, they live in all kinds of impurity and greed. " (Ephesians 4:17-19).

Hardened, callous and given over to sensuality - and practice all kinds of impurity and greed!

Timothy warns: "... hypocrisy of false teachers, who are stigmatized in their own conscience." (1 Timothy 4:2). This includes men of God who is deceived by lying spirits and doctrines of devils. The double-minded servants of God no longer has any judgment - but they are carriers of a false peace. "These are the words of the covenant which the Lord commanded Moses to make with the Israelites in the land of Moab .... Let there be among you a man or woman or family or tribe, which today in his heart turns away from the Lord our God, so he goes away and worship these gods, let there be among you a root that beareth gall and wormwood trollbær. No need to, when he hears the words of this oath, count themselves happy and think that it should move him well even if he follows his own hard heart. Then he destroys the water-rich countries, together with the dry. " (5M 29:1, 18-19). A servant of God who hold on to his sin, who walks with partial darkness in his soul, is not only blind and without judgment - but worse: he begins to plan the rebellion! The church is at this moment overwhelmed by the rebellion advisors. "Then you will not listen to the words of the prophet or one who had the dream. For the Lord your God is testing you to know whether ye love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. The Lord your God you shall follow . Him you shall fear. His voice shall ye hear. Him shall you serve, and him shall you hold on to. But the prophet, or he who had the dream will die, because he preached rebellion against the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt and redeemed you out of slavery, and because he wanted to lead you away from the way which the Lord your God has commanded you to walk on. so shalt thou put evil away from among you. " (5M 13:3-5). Jeremiah shared God's wrath against those who counseled the rebellion. Hananiah, preaching peace and prosperity when God called wrath and judgment. Jeremiah said to him: "The Lord has not sent you, and you've got these people to put their trust in a lie. Thus saith the Lord: Behold, now I send you - from the earth: In this year you shall die, because you have preached rebellion against the Lord. " (Jer. 28:15-16). God's true prophets accused the shepherds of the blindness that prevailed in Israel. Jeremiah thundered: "For the shepherds were foolish and did not seek the Lord. Why did they not wise up, and the whole flock was scattered." (Jeremiah 10:21). "Shepherds * in abundance destroys my vineyard. They trample down my inheritance. They make my glorious inheritance to a desolate wilderness." (Jeremiah 12:10). "Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the flock I guard, says the Lord." (Jeremiah 23:1). "Lost sheep were my people. Their shepherds have led them astray, to the mountains, they had driven them ... they forgot their resting place." (Jeremiah 50:6). Satan goes after the shepherds! If he can deceive one shepherd, blind him with one or form of immorality, he will deprive him any form of spiritual discernment, and the man will end up encouraging the rebellion from the pulpit! I know it! I was once one of these advisors rebellion. I offered comfort to those who were divorced, because at that time was my own marriage in jeopardy. I could not see God's people their sins, because it was the rebel in my own soul. All this liberal, sensual, superficial preaching today comes from the hearts of pastors who are bound in sin. On the basis of their own hearts they speak compromise. They can not honestly see God's people their sins because of sin that is buried deep in their hearts. Hear the Word of God: "Both prophet and priest are godless. Even in my house have I found their wickedness, saith the Lord." (Jeremiah 23:11). "Thus saith the LORD of hosts concerning the prophets: Behold, I give them wormwood to eat and bitter water to drink. For from the prophets of Jerusalem has been the godlessness of the country." (Jeremiah 11:15 p.m.). "Your prophets have seen empty and bad things for you. They revealed not your guilt to prevent your captivity, but they taught you empty and misleading predictions." (Lamentations 2:14). Jesus by his spirit and his word now traveling up a clean, sanctified remains of shepherds and servants who are given great spiritual discernment! They will lead the remnant of God with a renewed understanding " It rises a Zadok priesthood - Those who serve the Lord in holiness, who daily sit at the Lord's table, filled with wisdom and justice. who has clean hands and cleaned, undivided hearts! That is how such a service would look like: "But the Levitical priests, Zadok's sons, who took care of what was to take care of my sanctuary when the children of Israel wandered away from me, they shall come near to me to serve me, and they shall stand before me and offer to me fat and blood, saith the Lord. They will go into my sanctuary, and they shall come near to my table to serve me, and they will take care of what I would have taken care of. They shall teach my people to distinguish between holy and unholy, and explain to them the difference between the unclean and clean. " (Ezekiel 44:15-16, 23). God is raising up pastors of discernment that will blow the trumpet, to show God's people their sins, and calling people back to the purity, in obedience to His Word. "Cry of the throat, spare not: lift up thy voice like a trumpet and declare to my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins!" (Isaiah 58:1). God's true shepherds heard the call to repentance and respond to it. I rejoice in the many letters that now flows into my office from pastors and Christian workers who confess that they have fallen and been cold and no fire or emergency in their hearts. Now the hungry desperate for true holiness and purification. They want to see a revival that leads to justice in their congregations and their communities.

The hallmark of judgment is to reveal sin!

True judgment leads one to see their own personal sin in the heart and throw it out. It leads us also to see how far away from the ideal of purity, we have walked - and get back to the narrow path. "Thus saith the Lord of hosts: Do not listen to these words of the prophets when they prophesy unto you: they fill you with empty fancies. They carry out their own heart's call, not the words of the Lord's mouth. Again and again they say to those who despise me, the Lord hath said, Ye shall have peace! And to everyone who follows his hard heart, they say: The evil shall come upon you. But which of them has stood in the Lord's council, so that he saw and heard his word? Who has given heed to my word and heard it? Behold, the Lord's storm, his anger come out, a swirling storm winds. The swirling over the head of the wicked. Lord's anger will not turn back until he fully accomplishes the purposes of his heart. In the latter days ye shall understand it perfectly. I did not send prophets, yet they ran. I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. If they had stood in my council, they would let my people hear my words and bring them back from their evil way and from their evil deeds. "(Jer. 23:16-22). Conclusion: There is no need to rely blindly on a shepherd and head, but only in Jesus and God's word. And every true servant of the Lord will be held responsible not only for what you have preached. But their attitudes, behavior, they have worked with and everything else. Paul praised his young co-worker Timothy that he had followed him in and everything. This is where Minos and the vast majority of 'Pentecostal leaders' failure. They can probably give a good speech, but to follow them in life and realities will end in a disaster and right into Satan's grip, I'm afraid of ugly! 1. Tim. 4. 12 Let no man despise thee for thy youth, but set an forbillede for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity! 13 Add diligent oplesningen of Scripture, the exhortation, the doctrine, until I come. This was the exhortation and the wish of the apostle Paul to Timothy, then came the testimony that was 6 +, wonderful! 2. Tim. 3. 10 But after you have followed my teaching, my conduct, my intent, my faith, my patience, my love, my patience.

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