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Nr. 288: It's narcissistic and false spirituality remarriage preachers represent, although they call themselves Apostles, Prophets and Pastors!

Nr. 288:

It's narcissistic and false spirituality remarriage preachers represent, although they call themselves Apostles, Prophets and Pastors!

Jan Hanvold founder of Vision Norway pretending to be a Pastor for Vision Church in Drammen, even if he lives in blatant sin and condemns others to hell who live far better than himself, this is narcissistic, what the spiritual darkness brings and false spirituality! And let such. such a person praying for you and put his hands on you so he transmits his spiritual powers to you before that know about it, scary, dangerous and a warning!

Matt.5. 19 Therefore, whoever breaks one of these least commandments and teaches men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus himself said what is really true spirituality. It is to teach others what is right and even live then! Single? Yes, but incredibly important! When such. «Acts» Jan Aage Torp and "Pastor" January Hanvold and many more who live in blatant sin of attacking others who are living far better than them. So it is to hide their own sins and shortcomings!

I have talked with a lot gjengiftetde believers, including ministers, and they use very often rule techniques to get others to recognize their sin!

I am not a diplomat of sin, whoredoms and self-deception! It was not Jesus or any biblical men or women. But I use the biblical words, concepts and all the time what the scripture says. They will hear the truth, afterwards, a viewing them away. They live in adultery and sin, and will not even eat with such people and the very, very last place this should be is and will remain at the podium. The fact that Emanuel Minos, David Ostby, Lise Karlsen, Norvald Yri and many other old men and women who are as blind as the priest Eli has seen it as his last call before they come here from to support them, prophesy over them and participate in their TV programs and the service really makes everything much worse. It is Babylon and God's Word says about this that we should get out of this skjøgekristendommen, the faster the better I say! 1. Kor. 5. 11 but what I wrote to you was that I should not have sexual relations with anyone called a brother and an adulterer or an idolater, or havesyk or a railer or a drunkard, or robber, so I do not even eat with him.

We will not even eat with those that separate and marry again as believers after we have warned the once or twice a writing teacher!

From my commentaries Revelation 18.1. Then I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great power, and the earth was illuminated by the splendor around him. Yet again it was an angel came down and informed the earth. It needed it in truth when it was dark, dark hour as the Council. Jesus speaks of that time. John. e 9 4b. There comes a night when no man can work. 2 And he cried with a strong voice, "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! It has been a haunt of evil spirits, a haven for all sorts of evil spirits, even a refuge for all sorts of unclean and detestable bird. Through the ages it has skjøgekristendom and the harlot religion been a place of evil spirits. How now, and so then. It is like a refuge and hiding place of darkness. Jesus had the challenge and the challenge is also his congregation at any time. Markus 1 21 They came to Capernaum, and when the Sabbath came, he went into the synagogue and taught the people. 22 They were amazed at his teaching, for he taught with authority and not as the scribes. 23 Now there was in their synagogue a man who was possessed by an unclean spirit. He began to cry: 24 "What do you have to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God! "25 But Jesus rebuked the spirit and said," Be quiet and come out of him! "26 And the unclean spirit shook the man, screamed and rushed out of him . 27 All were amazed and asked one another, "What is this? A new teaching with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him. "28 And his fame spread soon all over the Galilee. 3 For all nations have drunk of her fornication wine, a wine of wrath, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and merchants around the world were made rich by her lavish well-being. " In all false religion, also the Christians have carnal people and secular state more to say than Jesus' true friends and those who are born again and live in the light of his life. The world has never or will never understand in true Christianity, for them this is life in and with God unknown. But to make profit on religion, it is the master of. They are merchants who can bargain and turn off the word of God here and there and add a little here and there. All for it to blend in and not offend. Isaiah 5 8 Woe to you who add house to house and adds field to field, until no more are back again, so you can sit alone in the country! 9 From the Lord of hosts, it sounds to my ears: Surely many houses shall be desolate and large, fine houses stand empty. 22 Woe to those who are heroes - to drink wine, and brave men - to mix liquor, 23 that the bribe acquit the guilty and do not let the innocent get justice! 4 From Heaven Now I heard another voice: Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and not affected by her distress. The call and the command to the church and the believers are aware of the Lord. Do not mix in with the secular Christianity, another religion or anything else which is not the word of God can be tolerated. The sins of the church that the Lord can not endure. And any other religion that he founded and been good for is an abomination in His eyes and ears. Are you in this then you will also find her plagues and judgment. 5 For her sins reach up to heaven, and God has remembered all the wrongs she has done. For God nothing is hidden, for him, all naked and bare. Unrepented sin and the sin that you have not repented from waiting for his judgment. God does not wink at sin. But it is settled and has repented from it, is forgiven and forgotten by God. But there was one in tandem with sin and had no other plans or wishes. The will to change and repentance was gone. 6 Give her back like for like, yeah, give her back double for what she has done, and sideboard double up to her in the cup she filled. Through its liberal attitudes to be adaptable, she had managed to tricked many, not few. But now she would get double for their sins and the work of darkness would be her end, in the end! (End of quote).

Scripture speaks of giving heed to themselves first, here give a heed to others!

It's not for nothing that is said in 1 Tim. 4.16: "Give heed to yourself and the teaching! Stay at this. For when it does, you will save both yourself and those who hear you". The relationship is in fact so that the sound doctrine creates the healthy life. First, the doctrine, then life! The first acts of the other. This is also in school: First, the theory and practice! In child-rearing is also the principle that what is learned must unfold in their lives. In the case of a Christian, is it that our high and glorious position in Christ Jesus commits a sublime journey. A high confession will prove a worthy life here in this world. Certainly, every Christian must admit to falling short, but the Hebrews. 12.1-2b shows us one way: "Let us therefore, as we have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, laying aside every weight and sin that are so fast to us, and run with patience the race we have before us, with eyes fixed on Jesus, who are of faith author and finisher. " One consequence of Bible-believing creation proves that we see here are always in our practical life. Nothing is worse than a man holding a large confession that Apostle, Shepherd and Pastor, as he is a tyrant at home. Unless the word of God will be mocked, it is imperative that sound doctrine leads to a healthy life. The doctrine appears to be in good deeds. Here is the fight for all of us - that life can be so Mattias Orheim writes: "everyday Christian I will be." God grant that we do not come under the judgment in Tit. 1.16: "They say they know God but they deny him by their deeds, for they are detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed."

God's word speaks of becoming conformed his own house as a prerequisite to hold a spiritual office!

1. Tim. 5. 6 but the one who lives according to their desires, the living dead. 7 And this shall bid you, that they may be blameless. 8 But if any provide not for his own, and most of his household, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. When that desire and holds a spiritual office, but even then living. What should he \ she do? First and foremost, repent! And the last place they should stand and be is a preacher and as a leader, they are incapable thereof. If they still stand out as preachers and pastors, so incurs the guilt upon himself, the church and those who lend ear to them. And if they for example. pray for someone, so too will the spiritual powers that possess them and who have taken them. Be "transferred", therefore they are like a cancer on the body of Christ!

These people play with Satan and they are like him, a disguise of something they are not!

2. Kor. 11. 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, who create themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And it is no wonder, for Satan himself creates himself into an angel of light, 15 so it is nothing big about his servants masquerade themselves into righteous servants, but their end will be according to their deeds. They know how to "get" it! They usually live on other work they do often and wear for a living, make you sure? And they can manipulate, use words, control techniques and play humble. They can be a victim one day and the next invincible, they are and remain actors with clear and prominent narcissistic and mendacious traits in their personality! The fact that so few today reveals such, much of that in today's Christian Norway is similar to how everything is in the evening twilight. Where there was neither day nor night, when everything is gray and not able to see the difference. Such is also the spiritual climate in today's Christian Norway. No wonder there is such elbow room for those who live out in blatant sin and directly contrary to God's word, even if they seem to be Apostles, Pastors and TV entrepreneurs etc.

We all have a responsibility!

2. Joh.b. 10 If anyone comes to you and not bring this doctrine, then do not take him into your house, and bid him welcome! 11 for the one who offers him welcome, being an accomplice with him in his evil deeds. If one sets up these false apostles who pretends to be the opposite. So become a party to their sins and evil deeds. Therefore it is absolutely the last thing I'd like to lend my ear to them or that what is even worse that they should be asked or prophesied over me! Why is there so much over these prophecy and false prophecy? They infiltrate or possessed by demons and infiltrate of seducing spirits. Therefore, it is about to do to stay as far away from them as possible after one has warned them. They will get a chance and two, but then it stops. Then, a turning away from them, not even eating with them and see them as infidels as not associate with! Scripture is not really clear, simple and radical that it is in most areas in general. 2. Tim. 3. 5 which has a form of godliness but denying its power - and they should turn from thee. We must turn from them, not to them. That it is, unfortunately, so be sure many people ignore these clear instructions from the Lord and God's word makes it Laodicea condition as is the advice of church life, and not as it should, and should have been, unfortunately. But the opportunity is present to us today if we want and repent and seek the Lord again and follow the instructions and decrees that the Lord Himself has given us in his own words, Amen! Psalm 119 4 You have given your orders so that one should keep them diligently. 9 Whereby will the young maintain their path clean? By keeping him according to your word.

I've mentioned about being narcissistic, it is a prominent feature of this! It is important to note that these are people who take advantage of every opportunity to advance his own case and not the cause of God. Therefore, it is helpful to know a little about the personality very often these people have. It goes over and over again, so it is my hope and prayer that more people will understand the factors and human types of this is. They are not what they purport to be, but wolves in sheep's clothing as the Apostle Paul spoke of would come into the church of God at full strength after his death to mislead and deceive the believers! Acts 20. 29 I know that after my departure shall grievous wolves come in among you, not sparing the flock, 30 even among your own selves shall men seem perverse speech that leads to entice the disciples after themselves.

From Wikipedia: Narcissistic personality disorder is a diagnosis that has certain similarities with psychopathy. The diagnosis does not exist in the European diagnostic system ICD, but are however in the U.S. diagnostic system DSM ("Narcissistic Personality Disorder"). Some believe that this personality disorder occurs as a result of difficult experiences in early childhood. Karterud (2002, s.114) writes that "It is pathogenic childhood environment. It's caring person's personality is essential. That is their ability over time to serve as a good enough Even Objects". Kohut (1971) also believes that ".. narcissistic personality disorder aris largely from a failure in Profound Empathy modeling by the parents early in a childs developement." In a speech four days before his death, he described it. Exactly how this happens, there are several different theories. One theory is based on the child is exposed to stress (cortisol) at an early age and that it damages important components in the brain so that the genetic-based conditions for satisfaction of some basic needs are not met. These primary needs are the need for self-affirmation, and there through the construction of a psychological threshold for infringement. Through learning at an early age connects billions of nerve cells together. Chronic high levels of stress hormone cortisol (MCA) damage such nerveoppkoblinger and vital components of the brain (hippocampus, amygdala) that control our emotions. Stress in early childhood leads to less than normal "connections" as well as damage or reduce the development of key components. One must assume that the brain is of primary connecting the links that are important to the organism's survival and the secondary and higher brain functions damaged / are poorly developed. Empathy is such higher brain function, which developed through the narcissistic personality, lack of empathy and fear of infringement of one's own self, or put another way, the fear that others will not have empathy with oneself, also called selfishness. Sigmund Freud spoke of "primary narcissism," a natural state for newborn children, and "secondary narcissism", which means that the person did not come out of the infant state, and thus grow up with an unmet need for confirmation of his own self. The need for self-affirmation was not covered by the caregiver (s). A person with narcissistic personality disorder appears to be "selfish", but it is a superficial and overly simple description. Actually, the person lacks a clear development of his "Self". Self was never developed normally (at the time it should have been developed) because the child at an early age were taught to build caring person even through the fear of not getting the necessary attention. The result was that the child itself was underdeveloped / damaged. As a desperate (biologically driven) attempt compensation for that person to try at all times and in different ways to bring the environment to confirm the existence of the person's "Self" as the only way the person can have some understanding of their own existence is through feedback from others. An individual's identity, based on feedback in social relationships. Confirmation and feedback from the environment is important for all people, but for a person with narcissistic personlighetesforstyrrelse / functioning is the need extreme, as if the person would cease to exist if the others do not turn their attention to them. They are controlled in fact by primitive psychological defense mechanisms normally developed grew them in childhood. Projection is one such mechanism. Criticism against such people trigger natural enough feeling of invasion much earlier than in normally developed and thus becomes visible through passive aggression aggression, lies (reality distortion), manipulations, and in some cases violence. Such people often exposes children to violence because their frustration threshold is so low and because the social heritage (learning) often have learned that the conflict be solved with violence. These parents have learned that conflicts are resolved with violence in childhood, and often expose their children to the same psychological and physical violence. Especially is this about such parents are exposed to criticism of their parental role. Turning kids think they are perfectly fine because it was what they "learned" was fine and small! Pointing out of such violence are met with immediate denial even if the child exhibits a distinct injury. Such children end up protecting the abuser behavior, which one assumes has sammenhneg that the connection system is activated. "I think you probably understand it myself" said Christoffer when someone asked why he had bruises. This is typical of children who are exposed to such behavior. The fear of loss of attachment and fear of more violence means that many such children do not say what they are exposed. Why do not these parents in their violence as other than "normal", that's what they often grew up with. Still missing a person with NPF in a sense, the ability to recognize other people as independent individuals. This as a result of their need for object relations. "Covert narcissists" often invests in external objects (child, partner) and thus reflected in these objects' success: "Look how nice clothes my children .. and I am his mother," or "Look how successful this company is .. and I work here "or" Look how successful my husband is .. and I'm married to him. " How to use external objects to confirmation of their own shortcomings. This should not be confused with being proud of an external object, which can all be. The difference is that the child does not need nice clothes, but emotional mirroring, which is not. Instead, the child must reflect the adult! They have not developed a normal ability to show respect for others, as a result of that they were not respected as small, and do not have the normal ability to feel empathy, thus becomes a self-centered behavior is important in order to meet the need for separate confirmation . Conduct that may look respectful and / or empathic out is motivated by goals guided by conscious / unconscious need for self-confirmation. That seemingly respectful and empathetic behavior from a person with this disorder is a play / instrument that is used actively in a kind of fraud to manipulate the environment. In reality they have no empathy with others, when all mental energy is spent on "empathy" for themselves, what they call egosentrisme. Most often, the partner or the "external object" that is experiencing the deviant behavior, because the environment only see the play! Since a person with "NPF" lacks a clear perception of themselves has the person difficult to have any opinion or perception of something that is not directly relevant to the person's own agenda. Therefore it is necessary to copy the normal people as much as possible when it comes to presentation of personal qualities. Values, opinions, tastes, ways of speaking and so on, are taken from others, and the ill person will perform the next step is to imagine the character of true, their own personal qualities. They copy what they see as acceptable and high quality, because it meets their grandiose needs for confirmation. Hence, the concept of the false "self," which represents the facade surrounds himself with. Criticism reveals that this façade is very vulnerable and therefore perceived by those serious violations. Often jargon sounds like a 'copy & paste "and seem unnatural and absurd in the context. Alleged views and opinions can be difficult to follow the presentation, you have poor inter sammmen hang and even basic differ from the person's actual actions and life practice. "Performance" can be confusing for those who are "public" and the impression is also compounded by the fact that the patient is clearly not notice the lack of coherence in the statements. Logical flaws in behavior is typical. Narcissistic personality disorder is considered difficult to cure because it is so chronic in its foundation.

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