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Nr. 290: Pornography in all shapes and exposure of the body is an quick to sin!

Nr. 290:

Pornography in all shapes and exposure of the body is an quick to sin!

Rooms. 13. 11 And we must do, when we know the time, that the time has come when we will wake up from sleep, for salvation is closer now than when we came to faith. 12 The suffering of the night, and the moments of the day: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, but light armor, Put on us! 13 Let us walk honestly, as a day, not in rioting and drunkenness, not in promiscuity and wantonness, not in strife and envy, 14 But you, Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thus carry no provision for the flesh that it aroused avid units.

Porn industry is cynical, it not only leads people astray, but it is Satan's snare of a wicked and obscene life and therefore it is only one thing that is right for a believer, never concern themselves something about this industry and what it brings! Illustration by Hugh Hefner tells me that this man and everything he stands for the game is more rotten than anything else I can think of in this world, that's what porn and porn industry causes. Just writing about this feels nauseating, disgusting and revolting! But a necessity as it is much a need to address to make others aware of the realities and the reality is that the god of this world is Satan and this world is as evil. At the same time we have a flesh to lug as the all time leader and is enmity against God and our inner spiritual life. To win, win and have victory, it is necessary and important that we not concern ourselves with dark and porn is really dark and that Satan represents and wants us to concern ourselves with. Even his demons working hard on this within its genre. Deep down I think there's no place like demos "happy" and destroys people's lives, not least the believers here on the moral and ethical area. Therefore, remarriage, pornography and homosexuality as a favorite area for demons then also the consequences for our lives are so deep and grabs like the.

Focusing on body

I've really been wanting to write this article for several years, but there is so much with this as I feel joy. Being physically fit is very important and provides a comfort that is though, good and healthy. But it is this over-emphasis on body, and it's even worse. What is that intimate that belongs in marriage, and only there, are exposed to all the porn and all that comes through this industry! Actually, I could have wanted to stop writing, but will continue a little more when it is necessary and important to inform the particular believer that basically it is Satan's industry and it is he who is behind this. Why do I do it? When Satan always imitates and obscure what God stands for. God stands for the pure, sacred and intimate between man and woman in marriage. But Satan is that there are intimate in marriage should be tampered with, sex should be exposed and that which is holy to be desecrated!

Physical well-being gives spiritual energy and mental is a strong and healthy!

All this that I write against is really basically God-given and from the Creator's hand was a gift. Sex is a gift of God, but only in marriage between a man and a woman. Where has your spouse allowed almost so to speak openly and forthrightly, to be happy for each other! But the porn industry is in Satan's mission by exposing it as native to the intimate and marriage for everyone. They make money on this and it is big business. But what is worse, it misleads people by the millions to a warped life, to spiritual ruin and damnation! Porn industry leader just for the worse, to adultery and squalor, divorce and broken homes and breach of loyalty and trust between the spouses, the women's contempt and man contempt, prostitution and worse and worse and deeper into sin, darkness and misery. Has Satan been able to fool you into his net in this area, you must repent and confess it as sin and ask Jesus' blood cleansing and repent every day until the Spirit of God intervenes in your heart and release you from Satan's band and links. Admit it also for some Christians to pray for you. You will then be released and set free, because the son is freed will be free indeed, scripture says in Joh.8: 32 and 36 Remember that you must not play with sin, the thoughts come and Satan shoots his poisonous arrow, but be alert and make choices, so no sin can play with you. Scripture says we should take the helmet of salvation, it is the spiritual armor that Paul speaks about in Efes.6. For it is in our thoughts and our inner world the game is on. We will put out up to Satan's fiery darts, so does this by confessing them as sin and turn from it. When the devil will tempt, we take instead the Bible and read God's word, listening to a good spiritual song, seeking Christian brothers and sisters. Note that all hell will is negative and bad, but we can by being consciously choose to do good instead of Satan and turning experiments into something good and pleasing to our Lord and Father. It is wonderful. In fact, we grow in grace and knowledge in that we made the samples are submitted to us and we will win victory step by step. We fall, so we are rising again says the Psalmist. We are not lying, but look up to Jesus and go and go on the light and truth. Like real people we should not deny each other unions, but keep out of each other and be good spouses. The single has also promised that that day shall thy strength be.

What is porn and what is healthy sensuality?

Being fond of his own body and could see what is lovely and beautiful and what is less good is a God-given gift. Where to draw the line here is of course difficult to draw up 100%. One looks like both in behavior and dress of a man or woman is fit and healthy in mind and body as they say. Scripture addressing our inner as the most important, for example. a woman without sense is like a ring in a pig's snout. But it is something that I'm against, and which I would warn against. It comes in the next section. But being able to enjoy their own body by taking care of your body is healthy, straight and normal. Shall not elaborate on this when everyone realizes that being such. to train and otherwise be physically active is a healthy and good thing. But dull and unhealthy eating are the opposite. How could I have continued to elaborate and written about this. But everyone should understand that having an ideal weight and a healthy life is good!

What is porn?

Here, from Wikipedia: Pornography or porn is abbreviated texts, pictures and movies with sexually explicit content that is designed to work sexually arousing. Typically, the representations and depictions of sexual activity between adults, with particular focus on the genitals and sexual intercourse. However, pornography includes a variety of sexual acts, biases, and specialties, so-called fetishes. The term is often used for hardcore pornography that depicts sexual activity direct and intimate. Softcore portrays sex and nudity, often more subtle. By erotic art, it is expected also that the work has artistic self-worth. The view of pornography almost always reflects society's sexuality in general. Traditionally, porn has been subject to strict censorship. In the 1960s, legislation was liberalized in many parts of the West. Still, porn still controversial, and many regard it as an unwanted part of the private low culture. In particular, critics argue that the porn industry exploits and objectified women, promoting prostitution and creates a false image of sex. It is also accused of making popular culture more sexfiksert and ruthless. The defense believes their part to stimulate and release. Porn industry includes the production and trading of pornographic material. It is currently part of the international economy and have significant sales. The word pornography is composed of the Greek Porn, "whore" and graphein, "writing" and thus means "whore description."

As believers, we will not concern ourselves with pornography or anything that will harm our soul, spiritual life or conscience!

We will not be as concerned with the body or other body that arouses lust Paul teaches us about. Therefore, it is about to do to be themselves proved that this is something that harms, lead you astray and to confuse the conscience. I myself will never in any way have anything to do with this, if not necessarily all, just as unclean. But I know that it will sooner or later lead me astray and divert my attention away from my wife and that which is God-given. And it will again break and hurt my conscience and courage as a believer to God and other people. And again, this will damage and ruin my own self! I do not mean that one becomes an apostate and everything is being done at once here is a shame, but it will eventually lead you into sinful ways and hurt your spiritual and mental life! You do not need to jump from a terrace of 10 m for understanding that it will carry the wrong place? So it is with this, sooner or later this will carry the wrong place!

Be like Daniel, set limits for yourself and you'll be a happy, real, and fruit-bearing believer!

Daniel 1 8 But Daniel put himself made that he would not make himself unclean with the king's choice food and the wine he drank, and he asked the chief officer that he would be free to do so himself unclean. John. AD 15 2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he taketh away, and every one that beareth fruit, he cleanses it, that it will bear more fruit.

We sing the song: Sit for a holy goal, clearly confess Christ! Stand in line fast as steel and fight like Daniels men. Dare to stand as a Daniel, dare to stand alone! Give he a sacred promise, back to Jesus go! (End of quote).

That's what it's doing to the porn industry and porn. A hate it, do not have any dealings with it and pull away every time it comes on in life. Imagine that you have an allergy to something, treat this scourge in the same way and it will go well with you and you will not hurt yourself in any way! Porn and sex leads together into a false and demonic life image. It is not necessarily a pity that happen freely and look at something and come into contact with something harmful. We live in this world, but conscious and deliberately engage in this sin and will lead you more and more away from God and His will for your life. This is about to do to avoid, so I am writing this so you should be ready and aware of what porn leads to and what it is. It is basically an extension of Satan to lead people to destruction! And the believers astray and away from God and His will for the individual!

There is forgiveness even for this and it is not necessarily sin all, but it will lead you into very often in condemnation!

If one has been dealing with this and gone over the line, there's forgiveness for this by confessing it as sin and repent. And it's also borderline here, but my experience is that this will very quickly lead you into condemnation and accusations in your Christian life. So my clear call to you to not have anything to do with this. Pull away, be proved and enjoy rather than your spouse instead of others!

Here are some nice passages that I want to comment on and that will be of help and guidance to you as a believer!

1) Rome. 13. 14b berries do not care for the flesh so that it wakes eagerly units. We should not be overly concerned with appearance and others' appearance, but rather focus on our spiritual "appearance" and see ourselves, literally mirror. Balance and health, God will have, no abnormalities and exaggerations!

2) Proverbs 5:18-19, TLB. ? Then your source to be blessed. Enjoy the wife of your youth, the loving hind, the graceful gazelle! Rejoice always in her bosom, let her love alone fill you! It is the joy and excitement of their own spouse Satan will confusing, where he use porn to derail people today like never before!

3) preachers 6 9 Better is it that eyes dwell on what you have, than that the soul dangers worried about, also is vanity and a striving after wind. It is also important to comply with and enjoy how it has today. It is far from certain that those who have everything that you wish you are better off than you, I have even experienced. There is a lot of thought and castles in the air. Enjoy today over how you feel and that you are loved by God.

4.) 1. John. b 3 19 And this shall we know that we are of the truth, and then we set our hearts before him 20 for if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart and knows all things. 21 Beloved if our heart condemn us not, then we have confidence toward God. We will be pleased with everything, and by lifle of sin and what is on the edge of the word of God and our conscience, then it will lead to our heart condemn us. To avoid this and to take this into account, so it's best to let the weather. Peter was warmed by the fire that scoffers had and once again led him to deny Jesus. It's so important to stay as close to Jesus and to follow God's word as carefully as possible, to eliminate the one to get to the point that the heart condemn one and everything is much simpler, lighter and more accurate!

5.) 1. John. b 2 1. My children! This I write unto you that ye shall not sin: and if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, 2 and he is the propitiation for our sins, but not for ours only but also for the entire world.

Should than to have been misled and have sinned, even with this filth and the occult as a porn and porn industry. So there is forgiveness, restoration and healing. Scripture answers, we confess our sins, repent and get a fresh start with new opportunities, Hallelujah. When Jesus God's Son cleanseth from all sin, and he speaks our cause - yours and mine - like within its Father. It's like ALF sings: You will receive a day in mårå, here comes the whole song, it's so nice and good:

There was a small boy who was crying and was so tired, Haein scowled drawn Babylon, but your teacher Haein said no. Haein ød'la entire sheet, Haein was tufsete and judgment, but then heard a whisper that Haein of pine crown came.

Choir; You shall receive a day in mårå as reindeer and stands unused, with a clean slate and farjestifter tel. And when kæin straighten up again yesterday æille errors Excellence and when you get it as well mårå evening.

And if you do it and restored æilt is just sad so shall you hear the murmur of the pine as the last. You shall receive a day in mårå as reindeer and unused is and with a clean slate and farjestifter tel.

And then there was the boy vaccine and Haein went and was so tired, He had delivered ate Jinta say, but Jinta she said no. And Haein wept in wild woods: >> Detti will be my last day << but when it came upon the pine såmmå linen draws:

Choir; You shall receive a day in mårå as reindeer and stands unused, with a clean slate and farjestifter tel. And when kæin straighten up again yesterday æille errors Excellence and when you get it as well mårå evening. And if you do it and restored æilt is just sad so shall you hear the murmur of the pine as the last. You shall receive a day in mårå as reindeer and unused is and with a clean slate and farjestifter tel.

And now the boy married and going and hardships that people make the most with a small farm up Åsmarka where the wife's horse. And Haein think it is too little has been done and the toil out pace and comfort with furusus when the day is too short.

Choir; You shall receive a day in mårå as reindeer and stands unused, with a clean slate and farjestifter tel. And when kæin straighten up again yesterday æille errors Excellence and when you get it as well mårå evening.

And if you do it and restored æilt is just sad so shall you hear the murmur of the pine as the last. You shall receive a day in mårå as reindeer and unused is and with a clean slate and farjestifter tel.

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