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No. 1238: Norway's perhaps foremost preacher Enevald fleet must now be allowed to do the same as Jan Hanvold and others do, get married again?

No. 1238:
Norway's perhaps foremost preacher Enevald fleet must now be allowed to do the same as Jan Hanvold and others do, get married again?


To me it is experienced as foul that people sit and think. It is God's word guideline. We can not do that unfortunately ia David Wilkerson did on several occasions when I've heard quite a few sermons by him. Where he believed if one had remarried, then had one remain re-married. But was one sign, so one should remain separated.

No, we as believers have no right to do so. Are you re-married as believers, we live one in an invalid marriage. That one then must leave this spouse, yes. That's what Jesus and Paul taught us!

Photo by David Wilkerson who had a totally incomprehensible learn that unfortunately many practices. That is one re-married, so one should remain re-married. This does not teach the word of God lives than in an invalid marriage. Then people will remain in adultery!

It's fabulous to hear this I now experiencing. People who before have condemned me to warn against Jan Hanvold praises me to warn against Enevald Fleet!

But both sitting in the same boat and are so far from evangelical and true Christianity it is possible to come by my reviews!

Jan Hanvold was not directly unfaithful, but he said he was not satisfied in marriage and he was not fond of Berit as his first wife. While his second wife from Eastern bloc said he took advantage of him. This he said on the airwaves, and for whatever reason. Remarriage for believers is adultery, fornication and sin!

Enevald Fleet is also now divorced, but he has as little reason to remarry as Hanvold. The road is closed!

By accepting Jan Hanvold, so there is not any reason to not accept Enevald fleet if he will remarry after his divorce. Simply invoke that it is so and so difficult to go alone, etc. I am the innocent party and I do not know what the excuses than user to remarry again as a believer? Here create a the narrow path to becoming the broad road. And those who will go on the narrow road, being held outside as judgmental, gossip and all other foolish and ugly accusations!

It's whoever marries again as believers that creates all the problems and all the horror, not the one who holds fast to God's word.

Room. 16. 17 I beseech you, brethren, to keep an eye on those who cause divisions and others fall by going contrary to the teaching you have received. Stay away from them! 18 The kind of people do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly. With fine words and platitudes deceives the people who have a naive heart. 19 But everyone has heard about the obedience you show, and therefore I rejoice over you. I want you to be wise in what is good, but innocent in evil. 20 God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet! Our Lord Jesus grace be with you!

Here it is in plain language what this proclamation of acceptance for eg remarriage and other sins creates:
"Creating divisions and others to fall. With fine words and platitudes deceives the people who have a naive heart. "

They cause divisions and others to be apostates. This forfølelse occurs through cunning and fine platitudes, where they mainly clear and will mislead those who do not have any objections and always women. Women are always the lightest and "change", therefore all seduction directed most welcomed women with fine and fair platitudes!

Now when Hanvold has set the standard - will not this then apply to everyone else? Inclusive Enevald Fleet if there is infidelity in the picture? God's word does not allow for remarriage whatever reason. Only death allows for remarriage after Jesus and Paul's teachings!

We can not respect people, this warns God's word against! When hypocrite we and real bad. As I see it, and all these divorced - re-married and lives to God's word ejected from the pulpit. They are really wolves in sheep's clothing - and false prophets!

Now we must deal with this, while we still can. Soon it is too late, and then it becomes the ward fully Sodom and Gomarra!

Before there were those who thought that I was radical, cavil and much else. Now begins more and more and change your mind, why? God's word has always been the same and are the same? It is that now things are about to get so out of control that even a dull and identical Christianity is about to wake up from its Sleeping Beauty sleep ???????????
For me remarriage sin if I am praised or cursed. For me remarriage sin for believers whatever reason!

There is only death that gives rise to a new marriage, everything else is adultery!

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