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No. 1227: It's just a play that Åge Åleskjær altered doctrine - it has always been the same, complete and full freedom for the old man!

No. 1227:
It's just a play that Åge Åleskjær altered doctrine - it has always been the same, complete and full freedom for the old man!

Image of liar man and the false prophet Åge Åleskjær.

Åge Åleskjær is a qualified teacher, and a good teacher!

Here he bluffs the Norwegian Christianity that he has changed!
Hehe! He's the same old bløffmakeren he has always been, and certainly going to remain? Nothing new under the sun!

What is the gospel? The essence of the gospel is Galatians 2 where I am crucified with Christ, and live no longer for yourself.

See my commentaries for Galatians:

What is faith preaching and Åge ÅLESKJÆR preaching about? Always the same whether there are Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Jan Hanvold, Jornstrand, Jan Aage Torp or whoever it happens to be!


The Gospel is turned upside down, it is I AND ME IN THE CENTER!
Not the word of God and Jesus Christ!

Jesus is not Lord, but even being Lord. Jesus is coming in the distance, but even being great and super!

The basic understanding of what the gospel is and why you need God and His salvation is gone!
Well as, a promise always a revival that never comes. It's keeping the effort and generosity up!

Here are some article I have written about Åge Åleskjær and OKS:

There is one who has written about OKS and Åge Åleskjær on Debate which is very readable, comprehensive and true. Look here:

Written by Torgeir Tønnesen
The problem with your father Åges ÅLESKJÆR preaching is no. 1 that he would never participate in a debate. I even heard him say a hundred times that he did not have a "discussion-spirit", read day or other Christian newspapers and look at criticism as a "spirit". This is otherwise entirely consistent with his mentors Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland's teachings.

The thing is, that when your father Åge realized it started to go bad with religious movement, so he took a new twist: he introduced "grace doctrine". Åge realized that people were tired promises of revival that never came. Your father has prophesied revival in Norway since 1983, and before that time. The revival never came and why he changed tactics and introduced grace doctrine: Now should any claims be removed in religious movement, everything would be relaxed and he opened for ecumenism at the Pentecostal charismatic reason. Basically, this is this what you refer to in your article.

What you perhaps too young to remember (You were a little kid when I went on OKS conferences) is that Åge says one thing but practice something else. He says there is no requirement for tithing, but in reality nag him constantly about money and tenth how blessed it is to give. He says it is not a biblical claim to serve in a church, but teaching still about subordination, pastor hierarchy and the blessing of "obedience" and to have its own place in the congregation. He sees the church as pastor own, and naturally it was his own son Thomas who took over his position as Pastor. Åge speak warmly of democracy and lederstrukturerer ward, but even shuns his elders that he would consider old-fashioned legalistic nonsense. He handpicked even their elders in his time as pastor. No despised other traditions and Lutheran relationships that your father has done. Do take urgent distance everything old in his heart, but even he goes happily up an old Pentecostal hymn to come forward as credible. False alibi.

I find it sad that you David must stand up and defend your father.

Luneborg, this is Åge ÅLESKJÆR problem, his Bible-principal and mentor Kenneth Hagin.

I have no faith in the freedom that you see in this video. If this is what is meant by full freedom, then I would rather put me under legalistic Lutheran law and bid-Christianity.

Åge has never renounced Hagin and Copeland (who nowadays runs ecumenism with the Pope)

"Full freedom" book as Åge wrote, I consider that one settlement with his time in the mission communications, as he himself has said hurt him with laws and commandments and regulations. Åge would in my view have no legalistic strung down his head, and therefore he uses the term "full freedom".

David Åleskjær invited to a debate on his father's settlement with just this and that.

Can you and deal with it, whimsical castle?

Or do you cavil and use superlatives about me?

David Åleskjær've probably also need to clarify Åleskjær his relationship with Hagin?

Then you may well comment on You-tube video with Hagin not 1983, but from the 90s and possibly also 2000's. Do not make me a liar.

Return to Start - and try and tell me if you consider the garden as an anointed prophet of this video.

Is this man Åges spiritual mentor, or was he?

So you've seen the video of Kenneth Hagin, Åge ÅLESKJÆR mentor, where Hagin goes around and hisses like a boa.

So you say this is a Pentecostal manifestation ala Peter and the guys had at Pentecost?

One thing is certain Wara, we may not both.

I call this mass demonic possession. You call it the Spirit of God. We can not be right both.

If you are right then I am obsessed.

See for yourself, -if you dare, gaze and see if this is the right person to be a mentor for Norwegian preachers.

I'm glad you agree with me, but I think you have slept an hour as many others unfortunately do. But I see that you are "new-saved" in 1996, then you are excused. 20 are small-)

Hagin's Åge ÅLESKJÆR spiritual father, in his own words. His mentor and teacher.
Here are Hagin.

I myself in my past carried Living Word Bible. I was cell group leader for many years and knows the religious movement in and out, since the 1980s. I was rescued in 2003 after ten years, because I had a Lutheran background and did not lose salvation I had when I walked in.

OKS was started on the basis that Åge Åleskjær traveled to the United States where he received a so-called renewal of Rhema environment by Kenneth Hagin. I've been to hundreds of meetings with Ulf Ekman, Åge Åleskjær and Fleet and his fellow preachers.

I contend that both Ulf Ekman and Åge Åleskjær builds all its teachings on Kenneth Hagins preaching. Primarily A-Pastor on top doctrine, hierarchy and subordination doctrine disease is satanic teachings so and reap the teachings of Jesus spiritual death doctrine, Hagin -the spriritual-man (The anew-born new creature can live and do everything Jesus could), subordination of church doctrine, and the doctrine that God has abandoned the old churches (if they are not renewed with the "new God does"), God makes you rich and happy teaching ......

I could continue indefinitely in this subject if I had not bothered. While the response is so lackluster that I moderate my activities as the years pass. It shall be as Jesus himself said: Let the blind lead the blind, then they both wild and in the trench. Bible teachings that all this religious movement is the great delusion to come over all the earth. Millions will be deceived and lose heaven and salvation. This fallacy is the antichrist (religious movement and other deluded) that sits in the temple. (Church) and allows himself to be God.

I've got 0 likes 1500 views. There are hard facts to me. But I think I'm right, - The vast majority takes sadly mistaken. My task is to try and avradikalisere people who unfortunately believe in fairy tales about revivals, healings and a golden time for the church in the world. I do not think that's the way it is. I wonder if he can find faith on the earth, in its coming?

Get to be saved, it is written. But many have come home to Jesus. God has enough and have full control.

Åge has not taken any settlement with anything that has to Hagin to do. On the contrary he promote and advocate Hagins learn today.

Åge preach often on Credo's Church in Bergen. What do you think he preaches? Lutheran dåpslære?

No, he preaches success in the Christian life, great faith, joy, and economic progress in all areas of life and a healthy body in a saved soul, which he used to speak.

There is no basic difference in teaching Åge Åleskjær, Hanevold or Kenneth Hagin or any other faith preaches. The idea, philosophy, theology, the methods are the same and have the same goals -statment lie revival that never comes.

Last reply:

Eirik Flikke

@ Tønnesen is not at all far out when he ties a "link" between Kenneth Hagin and Åge Åleskjær.

When Åleskjær wrote op-ed "My silent exit", published in our country in July 2006, it was relatively clear voice in the introductory preamble which reads:

"I think there has been much regrettable in the wake of a misguided belief preaching, and I ask forgiveness that I may not have been clearer in my criticism of these aspects of the religious movement."

But towards the end of the chronicle are therefor not Hagin in this settlement when Åleskjær writes:

"There is no doubt that religious preaching has missed! For me it's neither Jesus, Peter, Paul Kenyon, Hagin or Osborn's to blame for this! There are enough other communities and individuals in the wake of Faith movement which has gone far beyond the textbook said. "

And so it appears it all as something strange - when just Hagin, which by many is considered religious movement's father - not part of the warning lights that Åleskjær teeth.

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