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No. 1209: It was Jan Aage Torp got Torodd Fuglesteg and Ansgar Braut to pursue me online at the worst possible way!

No. 1209:
It was Jan Aage Torp got Torodd Fuglesteg and Ansgar Braut to pursue me online at the worst possible way!


Image of one of the two largest and worst web roll, Torodd Fuglesteg.
The second, Ansgar Braut writes under a pseudonym.
He is not so easy for me to track down. It's the police's job to track him down and get him imprisoned and punished, not my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not write so much in this article, as I've written so much already.
But let there be no doubt, it is Jan Aage Torp behind the two largest and worst net roll.

I have been asked who these two lackeys and poodles to Jan Aage Torp is. Now there are several that have blackened and harassed me online that Bjørn Storm Johansen, Kjell Andersen, Birgir Hermansen, Free Pentecostal, Siri Haugen and many others.

But the two worst in this respect, it is Torodd Fuglesteg and Ansgar Braut who writes certainly under a 20-30 different names. Everything to hang out me and my family!

If what I have written is a criminal offense, then you have what Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg written be life sentences.

So great is the difference, therefore the whole case against me is nothing but a judicial murder the greatest, not the worst in Norway's history, guaranteed!

Here many quotes show that there is Jan Aage Torp who have incited these two ugly nettrolene to clergy me and my family on the absolute strong man online, through mail and others.

Look here:

1. Jan-Aage Torp Wed, 20/10/2014 at 4:02 p.m. said:
When this matter with JKC has reached its necessary end, Kjell Andersen, then I think you with wisdom is able to modere necessary debates about difficult topics such as divorce and remarriage. I'll be happy to help as best I can, only I do not have to moderate itself.

Otherwise it is partnership with Braut Fuglesteg etc. which engages tough and necessary in relation to a blog that is confused, cruel, vicious and stupid - through and through. It should be shut down, in short.

Final Comment:

Words are unnecessary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January Aage Torp has never renounced public from these nettmonster but publicly supported and encouraged them.
He says anything else, so he leis though he does so often and often!

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