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No. 1221: God's people are underdeveloped spirit, soul and body!

No. 1221:
God's people are underdeveloped spirit, soul and body!

God wants his standard should be the goal for us believers, not what we believe is right, but what God's word says. Image of God's word which is a guideline for life and doctrine for us believers!

1. Tess. 5. 23 May he, God of peace, sanctify you through and have their spirit, soul and body be kept intact, so you can not be blamed for anything when our Lord Jesus Christ comes. 24 Faithful is he who calls you to this. He will also complete it.

Viewing all these conflicts that take place and come to the surface. It tells me that we as believers are not at the level of our life and service of the church as God wills, and as one would expect.

Looking example. here's the big family conflicts that have come forward. And when they are so great, so can and one should not sweep it under a rug. As I see this, then there is leeway for the evil in many ways in the church of God when things do not come to light and things are put your finger on. That's not to say that all things are resolved immediately. But the believers in a family matter disagreements can not be met, it is a tragedy and deeply unbiblical. When one needs to focus on that we as believers in putting off the old man and put on the new man, Christ.

God's Word tells us to "spirit, soul and body be kept intact." Or, as it says in the 1930 translation: "But he himself, the God of peace sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless at our Lord Jesus Christ!"

I like much better 1930 translation. It is also consistent with the basic text considerably better.

Basic text: "But he himself, the God of peace, complement you in every part, their spirit and soul and body be preserved perfect and blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ is coming!

We read in Salem 23. 3a He restoreth my soul.

Reason The text reads: "He restores my soul."

In other words, we should be like Jesus as he was in all parts. Not only some parts, but like him in one and all.

Jesus was intact spirit, soul and body. How shall we be whole spirit, soul and body.

How to get this? Then there are three things I want to mention briefly.

1.) Always let God's word be a guideline for our lives.
2.) All things in our lives must endure the light of the word of God, and other people's opinions.
3.) The people around us, must also live in the light. We are members one of another, should we as believers be strong, we are also dependent on others around us who stand with us in the fight for the good!

Final Comment:

As I see it, when the new man gets up in us. Then not only will we be victorious, but the environment around us will also have noticed it all.

Here is from my commentaries Ephesians 4. 21 Ye have heard about him and trained him for the truth that is in Jesus:

 Disciples also come in suffering and tribulation, but the sufferings marked Master image and being in us and we become equal with him. It is part of the agreement that God makes with his disciples. "This is the covenant I will make with them after those days - so says the Lord: I will put my laws in their hearts and write them in their minds, and their sins and their transgressions will I no more remember." Heb. 10: 16-17. When we have faith in temptations and trials and do our own will, this happens like formation works. It's amazing for a man to get into such a development. Jesus faced the same challenge us with the same "means" when he had renounced his Godhead Magnificent and power and become a human being like us fully. He triumphed by prayer and God's Spirit!

 22 You must not live like before, but put off the old man who is corrupted by its deceitful desires.

 Sanctification is not to do a variety of actions or rituals. First you have to understand what the fear is. Fear of God is about right worship. Acquire the word of God. If you have a good worship of Jesus, you will experience the sweetness of holiness. Fear of God that leads to right worship in everything you do, this leads to holiness. It is Holy Spirit who creates holiness in you. Boldness and joy in your mind. A joy that is not grounded in this world.
 Proverbs 2, 5 Then shalt thou understand the fear is, and find the knowledge of God. 6 For the LORD gives wisdom, knowledge and insight goes out of his mouth. 7 He causes the upright prosper.
 Worship is not that I feel good all the time. But also that I allow the word of God to do something with me. My thoughts, actions and attitudes. Which is sometimes a little discipline us. Yes of course. Fear of God of love leads to the Spirit of God sanctifies us.

 23 You have to be renewed in mind and spirit

"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he ... .." (Proverbs 23: 7)
 Why do you like to do? Have you ever thought about what it is that makes you think as you do? What gets you to reason and make decisions you make? All the different thoughts that flowed through your mind today, what is it that has caused them to appear in your head?
 We read here that you are as you think! Therefore, we are a product of our thoughts. It is our thought-life that govern our entire lives. We take provisions and selection think and act according to what is in our minds.
 All men are more or less tied up in different thought patterns. God wants you to have RIGHT mindset. The Bible says that we therefore have to go through a process called "Mind renewal". Man Found creature where spirit and soul belong together. And the body is the outer man but the spirit and soul is the inner man teaches the word of God. Replacing the body's heart, so it is with the inner man. This heart Lord has switched from having a heart of stone to a heart of flesh that he can shape, form and let life flow in and through!

 24 and clothe yourselves in the new man, which is created after the image of God to a life of righteousness and holiness of truth.
 The new man is Christ; and he shall we clothe ourselves. Baptism belong, but there is something far more. A daily walk where we are becoming more and more like Jesus. The new life is growing, thriving in what is right, true and holy. Just like a flower or a plant thrives in the right atmosphere with the right amount of sunlight thrive on the new man in the light of God and under the influence of Christ.
The secret to win, really win in the Christian life is the good habits. And why we suffer defeat, even as "old" Christians? We break with the habits and the penalties themselves. King David went every spring to war but that year he broke the habit was also the year the disaster struck him and his family. There are tobacco, alcohol habits, gambling habits, television habits and other habits that will ultimately lead us away from Christ and in the large tilintelsgjørelsen. While good habits will lead us closer to Christ and each other. Habits are formed and prevention!

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