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No. 996: Prayer to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, the angel Rafael or people is not consistent with the New Testament teaching and practice!

No. 996:
Prayer to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, the angel Rafael or people is not consistent with the New Testament teaching and practice!

Protestants have a very hard way to judge the Catholics who pray to Mary. Yes, that's right. But to pray to anyone other than God Father is not either consistent with what the New Testament neither teaches or what we find of what the early Christians practiced. Prayer in the name of Jesus to God - the one true God - is the only practice we find after Pentecost!

Image of Jesus as always even prayed to His Heavenly Father - the only true God. The fact that Jesus should be our example, the witnesses he also here to the fullest that he prayed to God the Father. Do you going and do likewise, I would say.



Pentecost - the day to take first place for all the New Testament teachings, beliefs and practices!


We see us back, even to Jesus's teaching, without looking forward, inward and what above all Paul taught and learned, we will become lost in the spiritual landscape. This can of course that anything pulled too far in either direction.

But Jesus lived under the law, preached to the Jews or above all to South kingdom was Judah, the tribe of Levi and part of the other Israelites who were not spread around the world after the partition of Israel 700 years before!


After the Jews rejected both Jesus and the gospel (Acts 13) so we came as pagan-Christian into (Rom. 9.11).


Jesus taught partly to pray to him, but this was something that "came" before Pentecost because they were not having the Spirit!


We find no practice in Acts or mention in his letters to pray to Jesus. We can not find any examples of asking or sing to Jesus in the New Testament before we get to heaven and sing God and the Lamb song!



Can we build a doctrine on a passage or a quote Jesus?


Yes, if one finds it reproduced in Paul, not without! Or that Paul "recognize" Jesus' words and teaching. And is there anything from GT or the Old Covenant, is the same way!


Paul is the "big" architect and "learn fader" for us as Gentile believers or New Testament Christians. Even Jesus who preached to the Jews are here set in the "shadow" of Paul.


This can of course be very strange to hear for many, but it all has to do the work and mission one has received from God Father, and who the ministry pledged to!


Can we find some place in Paul's teaching where he believes that:


1.) A Triad-God

2.) Pray to anyone other than God the Father

3.) sing and worship anyone except God the Father?

In Jesus - before Pentecost - so we can find that Jesus speaks of praying to me, as something that applied disciples before the Spirit had come. After Spirit was coming, so we find only prayer and worship to God the Father. And in the name of Jesus!


Final Comment:


There are many who think, because one thing has been practiced for generations so it is straight. But to build on traditions whether they are Catholic, Protestant or now what they are. There is only one thing that we should relate to, it is the Bible, and especially the New Testament with Paul's teaching that must and will form the foundation for New Testament teachings, beliefs and practices.

We are really countless scriptures that tell us that prayer and worship is directed against no one called triune God. But the only true God - Father.

Meanwhile, I will not turn my hand by some as God sees the heart. Therefore, should the Protestants as well as Catholics realize that they are wrong as long as they do not pray to the one true God - Father. Pray to Jesus, praying to Mary, praying to the angel Rafael or another so-called Gude Person or engleskikkelse, it is and remains unbiblical and out of what Paul taught, believed and practiced. And the early Christians if they were Jewish Christians or Gentiles!

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