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No. 984: Norwegian Christian leaders Statements about homosexuals! They are rough, ugly and far above what would be expected of managers to mention people who need Jesus

No. 984:

Norwegian Christian leaders Statements about homosexuals! They are rough, ugly and far above what would be expected of managers to mention people who need Jesus!

It is strange that Christian preachers and Christians in general are so vague when it comes to remarriage. But the more courageous, almost vulgar and brazen in its mention of homosexuals and others!
What could the reason for this being as God's word says that both homosexual practices and remarriage is sin for Christians?

This type Torstein Langesæter that I will bring the most defamatory and hate speech he has against gays. Here is a "nice" one:
Gay Saka is lost.
To Ytra negatively will in future transmit to the "punishment".
Sodomeriet is accepted your next Norwegian law,
About not long it will vera a part of Kyrkja its offer.
"Sodomerirituale" are all in the works.

At last kykjemøte lasted almost completed.

"The fear of man" is a word the Bible explain.
People who initially synest it's disgusting and abnormal that two men kissing each other and not least have intercourse with each other will for the sake of work and family "Teia still"

Bishops and priests are paid by the public sector with fat salaries.

Consequences by standing firm on the Word of God will vera enormous.

The documentary about Borre Knutsen shows what the mental stress is to not fetch fleirtalet.

The situation in Israel not better.
Over 100,000 attended the rally in Tel Aviv

Jude tells about the judgment that no core after 6000 years.

"It was about these ENOK, Adams Tree in seventh WAY, predicted då he said," Look, Lord core with its holiness in the thousands. He will continue at judgment upon all and punished every man for deira wicked makes tions of and for all harsh words they have tala against him, these gudlause sinned rob. "


This says sjefshykler Øyvind Benestad: "If the Church accept homosexuality, the next will be that you accept prostitution. If all forms of consensual sex among adults is ethically acceptable, why should it be objectionable selling and buying sexual services when it happens subordinates and the conditions? "

Here side MorFarBarn.no: "Marriage, not homosexuality. Today's debate is basically not a question of homosexuality, but about marriage. What is marriage nature and characteristics? Is marriage a resilient institution that we can redefine who we want in keeping with the zeitgeist and public opinion, or is it by definition a relationship between man and woman? "

Here are the most important in the debate overlooked, it is that remarriage is sin!

Vebjørn Selbakk: Are you looking at homosexuality as a sin?
- Homosexual acts are a sin.

January Aage Torp to be Pastor and Apostle spoke and wrote against gays in the worst terms (he said inter alia homosexuality a cancer in society), exactly the same as Jan Hanvold have done now in all the years to tell them a countless times that they are headed against Hell!

Pauli Georg Staalesen · University of Oslo (UiO)
The Bible does not allow homosexual practices and that should any church be committed to. The Bible has several paragraphs to review this and reject such practices. It is especially reading the biblical texts and also noting the context written in. In his 1st letter to Timothy has Bible Society translation of 2011 in Chap. 1 a section they call "Warning against heresy". Verses 3-7 should be read carefully. Here say no to the text; "Offenders and disobedient, ungodly and sinners, scoffers and gudsfornektere, those who kill their fathers or mothers, murderers, those who commit adultery, men who lie with men, those engaged in human trafficking, liars and swearers false and everything else contrary to sound doctrine ". Until now I have never encountered anyone giving acceptance to all the others. So who have given any right to say that everything else is understandable, but homosexuality is okay? The Christian churches need today is boldly biblical teaching to guide and show the way. It is a big responsibility when Christian leaders say yes to and even bless what the Bible calls sin.

Svein Krogenæs ·
No gays are discriminated against on the basis of the laws and regulations we have before everything was put on his head. The gays had and has all civic rights on a level with other people. It's just that it does not "fit" them to accompany them, but demanded to own prerogatives on the side of the country's other inhabitants. What they do in the private sphere, their own case and relating to no one else, and no one is not interested, either, although they will on death and life, shout it out to the whole world, that they are gays, With called pride parades. What they are so proud of, is not easy to understand when one's sex life has always been considered to be the individual's most private sphere, which do not concern others. They are created as man and woman, but make their choices on the contrary of this. No hinder them in this, so why can not it get established communities have their reputable and proven laws and ordinances in peace? Why on earth should the gays tried to enter the church for there to desecrate the church devoted to God. They know perfectly well that they are on a collision course with the Word of God, but nevertheless require to get a "blessing" something God sees as an abomination, which runs contrary to the Word and of creation. And several bishops, episcopal inner and priests with more, go ahead and lead the way straight to hell, for these thrust forwards. That they do not fear the wrath of God is difficult to understand, then they should know the font so.

proclaims Eivind fleece
Homosexuality is seen as a sign of civilization doom and judgment. Much also indicate that the Antichrist will be gay, or at least defend gays actions (See Dan 11.37). Wickedness, immorality and homosexuality featured time before the fire struck Sodom and Gomorrah, and will therefore characterize a whole world before judgment on new frameworks us through the great tribulation.

Final Comment:

This is just a small piece bride at all hateful, evil and unbiblical outcomes against lesbians and homosexuals. God has not called us to condemn the world people, but what the Christians do. That the "believers" stand and marry and live as in Noah's day by taking in marriage and giving in marriage over a low shoes. Is there something that really invokes the wrath of Yahweh, then there are those believers low and pitiful standard on the spiritual and moral area!

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