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No. 1168: Having finished reading the book by Anders Torp, "Jesus Soldier"! Why did not intervethis wounded family?!ne CPS or other in and stopped

No. 1168:
Having finished reading the book by Anders Torp, "Jesus Soldier"! Why did not intervethis wounded family?!ne CPS or other in and stopped!

In many ways it looks like all relationships in the family Torp is broken, why are there these things.
Grandpa's missions who abuse little boys, and in the impoverished Bolivia.

Torp stealing, taking in all. 1.5 Million from a person who he calls quite sick, why pay he not refund?
Torp attacking everything and everyone. Now it's mainly me he would take with his fictional review. It's ridiculous, I've written almost 100% of what I have written about Jan Aage Torp after his fictional review.

But it fails he completely proven to mention, for the verdict in the district court said Kinn one thing. It was not what I had written, but the amount. This track did not in court when I thought this was not anything significant that the amount of things had anything to say, but what they say. But the judge was obviously 'bought and paid "when she never once asked me about this.

MALIN STRØMBERG AMBLE who was judge, asked me not even think about this as entire judgment is based, talk about being biased judgments.
But fine, the Court of Appeal will not these lies go unchallenged.

In a "normal" family protect one another, but in Torp's family attacking one another. It says that love covers a multitude of sins, but when January Aage Torp attacking everything and anyone who says anything against him. When everything becomes too then.
Of course should the child welfare has been built here in this family, but now attacking January Aage Torp BV again. And the newspaper The day he lets publish their worm works!
Torp, Fuglesteg, Andersen and the man with the fictitious name Ansgar Braut is criminal.
When this case is over, then these people will be on the losing side in with Jan Aage Torp who will not repay 1.5 Million to a person who he describes as sick. And I is not sick, is it not strange that he is attacking the worst possible way?
Take for example. the false Smyrna blog created for one thing, malign and create fear in me and all that speaks to my advantage. I had shown there was some writing on my behalf, and I did not agree with them. Then I had the act clearly from, but for Jan Aage Torp he does not know what empathy and stand up for anyone but themselves are.
Deeply tragic! But we all just wish that Torp gets himself a longer stay in prison and pay back the money to him as Jan Aage Torp describes as quite ill and he must fend for themselves. 1.5 Million must surely the "big" apostle could give a fairly sick person? No more than this is to be expected of an apostle Torp or it's Apostle Jan Kåre Hanvold or apostle Giullermo Maldonado!

See he for the first part of this article:

Image of Bolivia missionaries Erling and Marita Andreassen, parents of Ann-Chistina who is the mother of Anders and former wife of Jan Aage Torp. This Erling was a pedophile, which he was convicted as well. Ann-Christin was "won" with what was outside the "norm." Could it have been a contributing factor that a man such as Jan Aage Torp as a must without doubt stile big question. Got operate so freely to the entire family and in the various congregations he served? Actually same church, only the changed name constantly.
Erling was also Norwegian consul, it also tells us that here there is a family with oratory out of the ordinary.

There are several factors I will dwell on here in this article after reading finished the book by Anders Torp, "Jesus Soldier"!

1.) All what I have written regarding Torp, really comes out ten times stronger through the book to Anders Torp, "Jesus Soldier"!

2.) Why did not intervene CPS or other in and stopped this wounded family ?!

3.) Is not it time that other Christian leaders openly deplore in by Jan Aage Torp?

4.) It does not help to say that one has distanced themselves away from, one showed no etc. When overtrampene are so big and rough, so no excuse for them. Then one must take the consequences and leave his post.

5.) There are two ladies in the midst of this that has allowed themselves to use by Jan Aage Torp, they also need to take responsibility. And second, Torp had not accomplished this without having implicated others too!

1. For me, this book "Jesus soldier" and program on VGTV an affirmation that I have done what is right and proper. While Jan Aage Torp and Manglerud police live in falsehood rich!
It is also strange, indeed strange that I should be punished for holding up even that Anders Torp, son of Jan Aage Torp says about his own father (Anders Torp is like an echo of me). It is totally incomprehensible, umusikalt and punishable such Manglerud police act in this matter. Torp his own son goes much further than me, and Torp mention of me. It is much more powerful verbally as well Brynjar Meling said in court.

If we include what January Aage Torp poodles and lackeys writes and speaks, it is completely beyond. That I should be punished and taken is nothing else than false imprisonment and Christianity persecution! I'm the "snillste" by all here!

2. I ask, "Why did not intervene CPS or other in and stopped this wounded family ?!"

I will come back to the last point.

3. It is totally incomprehensible, elusive and inexplicable that no more deplore openly in from narreApostlene and the cynical manipulator January Aage Torp. Here we are facing a man who cynically exploit their Pastor title to rule and control over anyone who gets in his presence. He uses the same tactics every time.

a.) Jan Aage Torp promises always up his "fellow workers", so long as he is several steps ahead. Eg. both their wives have been with Pastor and been raised in Oslo church.
b.) The he disagrees with making his first with the following. He always says some positive words and put downs, he comes with some kind during beltestadiumet, he is a born psychopath. The tactic is the first "lift". When one feels fairly safe, then "drag" him to!

4. I've read several places, not least the stupid newspaper The day that they almost "frikjentener» Jan Aage Torp. This applies journalist Stein Gudvangen which is totally absent in understanding what this is all about. There is power abuse of power abuse it in January Aage Torp doing. It's just an option here, it is closing all doors for them. He is incurable, the only thing one can hope for with such is that they should get a fairly good life for themselves. But they will have to do with people and be Pastor or shepherd is totally exclusive.

5. January Aage Torp his two wives, they also have a responsibility in their own way. They are older people who have been with the Jan Aage Torp's exploits and madness. Of course, not so bad, but they've been with.

I do not know where all boundaries go, but one thing I know the basis of God's word. It is that Jan Aage Torp's first wife Ann Christin is bound to Jan Aage Torp and can not remarry. But must live single while January Aage Torp live scripture says clearly, reunion're not recommending here I expect?

1 Cor. 7. 10 The married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, that a wife should not divorce his husband; 11 but divorced him, then abiding she being unmarried or reconciled with her husband - and a husband should not divorce his wife.

Regarding Aina Lanton Scripture says that she lives in an "invalid" marriage and is an adulteress. About Norwegian law accepts remarriage, so do not accept the word of God remarriage for divorced believers. Nor marry a divorcee.

Room. 7. 2 The married woman is bound by law to her husband so long as he lives; but if her husband dies, she is loosed from the law of her husband. 3 Therefore she called an adulteress if she, while her husband lives, marries another man; but if her husband dies, she is free from the law, so that she is no adulteress if she marries another man.

Luke 16 18 Whosoever shall put away his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and whoever marries a woman who is divorced from her husband commits adultery.

Last point:
2.) Why did not intervene CPS or other in and stopped this wounded family ?!

January Aage Torp has had a continuous battle against CPS, not least now when he became a figurehead for the family Marius and Ruth Bodnariu. I think it scarcely be a worse frontman for any case in Norway than in January Aage Torp has been for this family. But that said, forhåpligsvis they have realized this this family? When Jan Aage Torp is not so depicted them as he was in the beginning.

What is "bad", physical or psychological punishment?

After reading the book by Anders Torp "Jesus soldier" who Tonje Egedius has led this voluminous and really terrible book in the "pen." So there are three questions that flows to mind, where we shall only comment on the last two.

a.) Do not the cops on Manglerud that they have been duped?
b.) Why did not intervene CPS in?
c.) What is "bad", physical or psychological punishment?

b.) Why did not intervene CPS in?

When a reader of Anders Torp "Jesus soldier" who Tonje Egedius has led this voluminous and really terrible book in pen.
So it is absolutely incomprehensible that other brand and has put this? Or Torp has been such a "recognized" that there was a free-for all in Jan Aage Torp's auspices?
It appears that people around Jan Aage Torp has in some way been and been so dazzled by Jan Aage Torp that they have not seen that here was a wife and six children who were "abused" and grossly manipulated if one It must presume the book? Something that a lot of speeches on is true and a representation of the family in Jan Aage Torp that seemed to be true and trustworthy.

c.) What is "bad", physical or psychological punishment?

As I read the book by Anders Torp "Jesus soldier", so there are six children who have been subjected to simply Barnemishandling. It throughout their childhood to Ann Christin broke with Jan Aage Torp. It was in many ways what saved those children from extreme child abuse.

What can we learn? And what berries done? Yes, it's not easy to know to the fullest and all. But to warn against such cynical manipulators is not easy, we see how I and my family are treated.

I would say that a blow or physical violence sometimes that makes CPS takes children from a home here in Norway. There is nothing up against it to be controlled, vaka and then a like locked as a punishment or otherwise punished. Is Long worse many times than physical punishment. It is good that corporal punishment is not right in many respects. But anyway, here is the picture completely skewed when it is the physical punishment, long before parents are allowed to improve and change. The pups are the result taken from their parents. No, here it Norwegian society shoot themselves in the foot.

What is truth? Truth is really seeing the whole picture, lie just to see part of the picture. Therefore ought Norwegian authorities received in Jan Aage Torp convicted and imprisoned. There are lots of fabric that holds to long prison terms within the family in Jan Aage Torp if only half is true of what emerges in the book to Anders Torp, "Jesus soldier." I am certain that Jan Aage Torp attacking journalist and author of this book, Tonje Egedius. He must hate her very like he hates me and the Heavenly blog. Each VGTV those folks.

But he again and again attacking his son Anders Torp with ia writing false, wrong, lies and ugly etc. It just shows that here is a person who is absent what it means to be a father and have empathy for their own children what they have gone through. In many ways this is tragic that a father can be.

The whole story in Jan Aage Torp sad, shocking, and it is a disaster.
It is also inconceivable, it is that he still is believed by some, particularly the police and the Norwegian judicial system. But that said, whatever it is "process" with Jan Aage Torp come so far that his days as Pastor and "Apostle" is over. But he'd also been convicted and punished for their criminal activities through many, many years! There are many people he has hurt. Who feel that they have been exploited, manipulated and destroyed by Torp!

Let me take an example. Jan Aage Torp will beacon il Zambia to learn to drive out evil spirits and to get even more in the center itself. He takes with Anders and little sister who is not a teenager once, but a child. This will be traumatic, and the one on the trip to protect Ann-Christin. In other words, here is a bewildered couple in 2007 in Africa with about letting their kids get traumatized. The kid here asking afterwards why she should be involved in this when she has nightmares of it even many years afterwards. The whole book is full of such stories!

Deepest level, Anders Torp never abandoned Jesus, he has just left an extreme offspring of Christianity that really is criminal and totally unbiblical!

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