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No. 1174: It is striking that fool apostle Jan Aage Torp together with Kjell Andersen did not reject the false Smyrna blog that just spreads Death!

No. 1174:It is striking that fool apostle Jan Aage Torp together with Kjell Andersen did not reject the false Smyrna blog that just spreads Death!Think there is a high probability that this case ends up in Strasbourg, if one must presume what has happened in the case until now. The police is on his, although they obviously are on the wrong side.


Do not think that the police could be so blind and proud that they have been ripped off by riding apostle and manipulator Jan Aage Torp. Here the image of those behind prevention and to act against hate crime online. But here they work 120% of hate crimes by standing behind January Aage Torp and all his actors as one stands on evil and hated side accepted the good and light side!From v. Inspector Monica Lille Bakken, police officers Stian Barmo and Lena Fjalestad and police attorney Oda Karterud.

Suggestions on how the false Smyrna his blog website should look like.Something that is "fine" with the blog, is that they have no more negative and ugly words to come by against me and my family, everything is now "exhausted." I am a Satanist, engaged in incest, transvestite, pedophile, has asparagus, psychopath, riding last etc.Supports incest practitioners and pedophiles. My son is gay and I have two "bastard." My wife goes around with a revolver in her bag and was erratic.The list is endless, you stop here!

This says Jan Aage Torp about me, but he must not be judged for whether this is at least ten times strong verbally attacked a what I have come with against him. But what is, that what I have written and spoken is true. But Torp its exclusively hate crime, here turns police everything on the head. Talk about useless and fool police.The defendant has further explained that Torp has been at least as bad in their characteristics by him and his family, and ascribe Torp statements made under other names, possibly pseudonyms, and statements on a blog defendant calls "the false smyrnabloggen". The false smyrnabloggen should be created in the defendant's name, but the defendant denied he was behind it. Torp has denied that he has written about the defendant under a pseudonym, or on the false smyrnabloggen. Torp has acknowledged that he has black defendants, and called him "Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer" twice, that the blog is "idiocy", on one occasion referred to him as a "demon" called him "bright liar", the blogs of defendants is "shameful" that the defendant is a "rumor spreaders", the defendant has "lack of insight in English and Norwegian," that he is "naughty", "wicked and stupid" and that the blog is "a variant of social pornography."The court believes after an overall assessment that it is not reasonable to award Torp pecuniary damage. The Court points out that Torp have contributed to escalate and prolong the conflict by his statements about the defendant and that he spent partly rough characteristics of the defendant himself. Court refers here also that he on several occasions has called him a Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer. Furthermore Torp aware that he is a familiar figure in the Christian community, and he has more followers who spins further on his statements and forward for sometimes coarse and insulting statements against the accused and his family.Torp's behavior has probably helped to escalate and prolong the conflict, but this came as a response to the defendant eventually extensive writings about Torp and his spouse. The court has the assessment assumed that Torp as a public and prominent person in Christian-Norway have to endure more than a normal person would need. It must, however, a limit also for what public figures must tolerate, as the court thinks is violated in this case.This, Jan Aage Torp written about me in many different forums and websites."Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer.""Should they wanted a" dream opponent ", as Jan Kåre Christensen" perfected ".Furthermore writes Torp like I'm dirt, stalker, totally unintelligent, a Nolde "hat blogger", idiot, demon, fancy lies, vile blogs, outcast who lack the mind of Christ, common judgment and social intelligence. The rumors JKC and the truth is his understanding of English and Norwegian rather limited too!I get knocked on the low level JKC acting on .... "About the Heavenly blog, "which is confused, cruel, vicious and stupid - through and through. It should be shut down, in short. He also writes this about the Heavenly blog: "Jan Kåre Christensen developing Heavenly blog!"One should probably be able to call it a variant of social-pornography "+ Much, much more!There are several people, actors and together it's like a leash that is God and the Heavenly blog contrary!Had example. Manglerud Polti been fairly sober, they had long ago turned over in this case. But here is the injustice and evil in their hearts and minds received full bloom!Kjell Andersen and Searchlight is like a wormhole for snakes and scorpions!January Aage Torp is the one who is the "public" that play a play that he has been scorned and hung out. But that whole review is false, and that what is written about him is 99% written after the review in September 2014, he mentions absolutely proven not with a single word. On the contrary, he points out how much is written etv.There are at least 10,000 hatmeldigner which I replied on his blog, it is not mentioned! Talk about lying.For Jews it means lying to see only part of the whole picture.But seeing a whole picture, seeing a truth. There will be absolutely proven envisaged that the lie will triumph, while the truth must be kept down and away!The false Smyrna blog is supported by mock apostle January Aage Torp. If there was any credibility with Torp, he had long since expired and warned against the false Smyrna blog.It was Jan Aage Torp that spurred Torodd Fuglesteg and Ansgar Braut to start this horrid and ugly blog to frame me and my family, not very good right!I've written more than enough about this, but now I have the whole picture for me. It is that there is a leash with evil and unjust people standing me, God and the Heavenly blog cons.We read in God's word how it went with such, not particularly well. But it is their end and judgment to do evil!Final Comment:Those who stand with and behind January Aage Torp, must only expect to get the same sentence as him. If they do not repent in time. For while it is called today, so there are opportunities to find salvation and repentance.Related links:

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