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No. 1185: Newspapers Our Country and day calls me web roll in one moment, the next moment they write the same as me!

No. 1185:
Newspapers Our Country and day calls me web roll in one moment, the next moment they write the same as me!

This writes the online about fun apostle Jan Aage Torp:

Pastor Jan Aage Torp in the charismatic Oslokirken, are among the many prominent sect leaders. Yes, quite right, he is a dangerous and cynical cult leader!

Hehe! I have in this matter with Jan Aage Torp just become quieter and quieter. Found that actually the smallest comma has all that I have written and spoken, been with reality!

The newspaper Our Country calling me a Christian web roll and many other unfavorable things. It together have many others made. Okay, I know that all this is just nonsense, I'm anything but this.

But now, yes, now writing more and more the same about Jan Aage Torp what I have written and spoken. First up was VGTV as Anders Torp, so VL and now the newspaper's Day. I'm just happy, very happy that the truth emerges, and such a person as Jan Aage Torp will be warned against at all levels and edges. He is a manipulator and a great, great fun Apostle. This is very, very good that one warns.

I think most sorry for the fine handsome boy Anders Torp who openly speaks of his father to correct! But for his part, so I hope this is a thing of the past in his life, he will move forward in life. And not least, you get to experience the living Jesus that even Inger Hanvold openly confess now that she will face. Yes, there are opportunities for all people to be saved and born again. Even for Anders Torp and everyone else regardless of their background and upbringing. The Lord is rich to all who call on his name!

Here's what the newspaper Our Country writes about Jan Aage Torp. This is of course for the newspaper Vårt Land.

a betrayal

I'm writing this because there are still some indistinct voices out there. Some of them have spoken out for stories about a Norwegian-Romanian couple who lost custody of their children. Jon Hustad is one of them. Pastor Jan Aage Torp another. They seem not a little violence against children is so dangerous.

Otherwise a very nasty article that I am writing about here:

But what he writes about Jan Aage Torp is very straight, good and true! He is a crook and criminal who engages in false accusations against me as his real problem is that he hates me and the Heavenly blog for our preaching about marriage - divorce and remarriage!

Here from the newspaper's Day:

Anders Torp tells some detail about the relationship with his father. He also describes sympathetic feature of him, but much of the depiction draw a picture of a father and a pastor who has not attended to their roles in the best way.

Otherwise from the web:
1. Terese Egelid says:
21 April 2016 kl. 11:39 p.m.
Thanks to a strong and incredibly important chronicle! What you describe is an upbringing with neglect, who had no children and young people experience. Good to hear that you have kept the faith in a good God, despite everything you've experienced. There is much honor to deal with his own father, but from what you beskriver- was necessary. He is sadly astray.

Here, Jan Aage Torp his own daughter that gives an almost equally strong and sinister portrayal as his brother. Only an excerpt, and I can find so infinitely much, much more.

Christine Josephine Andreassen, a student at Youth, Culture and Christian education at MF, and active in the YMCA-YWCA.

- I am a God soldier, kill me if you want.

The words rang still in my head occasionally. I was barely 11 when I was sent on Father house summer camp in Denmark. Big brother was tortured and I was taught to hide me, sacrifice their lives for the cause and save those who were kidnapped.

The summer camp was to prepare us for the end of time and to fight the battle for Jesus. The leaders were convinced that the time was near. We therefore had to be trained to become soldiers. I was in the group for the youngest. At midnight we were awakened by screaming and yelling that one of the participants had been kidnapped. We did not even have a flashlight we alone were sent into the woods to look for the participant who had been kidnapped.

Furthermore, we learned how to hide in order to not be seen by those who came to "take us Christians". At camp I was taught to a worldview that said the world would do us harm.

One day we were lined up in a line. The authoritarian leaders told us with strong words that if we were ever kidnapped, we should die for the cause. We would die for Jesus. "I am a God soldier, kill me if you want." We should say. We rehearsed it together. The leaders asked us one by one, and we had to respond with straight clearers. I was ready. Eleven year old, I was ready to die for the cause.

A little later my dad happy home from Zambia. He was excited and engaged; exorcism was on schedule for Oslo Church. Mom tried to get me to stay home, said I could not miss school, but we all knew that two weeks school is not meant so much for a skoleflink 7. Classing.

The journey was long, and suddenly I was sitting alone in a room with a dirt floor and an African lady. She asked me to breathe in newspaper rolled up like a cornet. I heard screaming and wailing everywhere, but did as I was told. I breathed and cried. I was afraid. I shivered. When we finished she crossed on a list of various demons I had in me, jealousy was one of them. She said I had to come back for more exorcism. Mamma averted it.

When I went out I met the sight of a screaming African lady who ran out of space and tore off their clothes. When I walked through the hallways so I people I thought I knew from Oslokirken behave like other people. They were violent, eyes rolled and cried.

Some time later I broke out. I had gone to one of my brothers to be there for a while; I was too scared daddy. I would not be with anymore. I would not be driven out demons by. I would not be forced to meetings and prayer meetings every week. I was afraid.

One evening mom beside me. She saw that I never managed to lower your shoulders; constantly tense. She looked at me and said, "Christine, do you want us to move out?". I felt the pressure ease and said yes. For years afterwards I awoke from the nightmare in a cold sweat. I thought I saw demons. Everywhere. I never felt safe.

It took almost three years before I ended up in the emergency room. Big brother suspects a punctured lung, it proved to be a panic anxiety attacks. I did not understand what happened. I could not breathe, I was hurting and I was scared. Just before panic anxiety arrived I had seen an African.

It took me four years before I stopped going by bus every time I saw a person of African origin. I was afraid they would throw curses at me. Afraid they would attack me. I had PTSD, also known as posttraumatic stress disorder. I was treated at NKVTS, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress.

In recent times I have met people who looked parish life I was part of the outside. They saw me at school and among friends. They have said that they understood what happened was not good, and I'm glad they understood. But why was nothing done? What does it take for teachers, parents, friends, kindergarten teachers, nurses etc. In our society today is actually going to say when they happen something they think is good? This is not only about religion either, this is on a general basis.

We have to learn to speak up.

It is not okay that children should be afraid of the shadow of the desk chair at night because my dad said I saw demons. It will not happen. We must learn to dare to use our voice. Dare to speak up. I challenge schools, politicians, imams, pastors, priests, deacons, youth workers - the list is long - to dare to speak up. For either to speak up once too often than once too little.

Children should be allowed to be children.

My brother, Anders Torp, has released the book Jesus soldier. I've been contributor and proud little sister. I support him in what he has said and done, believe prudent. My faith is still firm, despite all that has happened. I think it's about that I found an environment where I could learn about God in a new way. A God who holds the whole person and not based on shame or fear. As a child I was afraid of hell, demons and the pitfalls. My father was my idol, and my feet tried as best they could to follow his footsteps.
I am thankful that I currently do not follow his footsteps. I make my own.
(End of quote).

Final Comment:

That said, I could make a separate book which now lies there on the web with statements that only confirms what I have already said, everything is like a big echo of what I already several years ago wrote and spoke and welcomed mockery apostle Jan Aage Torp:

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