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No. 1162: Debate sent to, inter alia, VG!

No. 1162:
Debate sent to, inter alia, VG!

Display Photo of the Heavenly blog as Jan Aage Torp hate everywhere in this world. It was the reason he came with his fictional review, as it was on this blog he was first stripped and exposed. Now he is admittedly exposed and stripped of VGTV, his son Anders and many others.

And he is not even aware of it, talk about being in a form of psychosis, that he can not or will see that his days as pastor and preacher is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wrote this, and it is sent, inter alia, VG.

Police in Norway may be on the criminal side, as we see with Christensen / Torp matter !?

I have just written on his blog by and large at about Jan Aage Torp.
A blog that one must choose to seek. But here I labeled a stalker and the stalker. Here the police must lie in order to find a § to get me indicted and convicted.

We read in the Bible: Rom. 13. 1. every soul be subject unto the higher powers! for there is no authority except from God, but those that are, are ordained by God, 2 so that he who puts himself against the authority, against God's arrangement contrary; but they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

The authorities also have a responsibility. That is not to oppress and punish evil. But in my case they do the exact opposite in my estimation.
When VGTV Anders Torp (both VGTV and in his book "Jesus soldier") and others describe in Jan Aage Torp, so this becomes a Top Searches. When I have said exactly the same, but in a milder form, it is a criminal!
Taking with backdrop, that I've got against me over 10,000 hate speech by Jan Aage Torp and his supporters.
This will be completely proven omitted by police at Manglerud in Oslo who is standing with Jan Aage Torp Reviewed me when I preached against his low morale after what God's Word teaches. He as a Pastor and Shepherd should not be re-married.
While all of you I have written and spoken, as a response to this. Then what I write, even if it is on their blog, punishable!

In other words, it adds up to police a justismord! That's how I and many with me watching it. What I've seen in VGTV and Jan Aage Torp's son Anders Torp is like an echo of what I have said and written, but should be punished for this. The whole issue around me is incomprehensible in light of that we do not live in North Korea, but in Norway.

We meet in court, where the judge and the lay judges for my and my defender judgment did a bad job (Brynjar Meling is my defense).
The case has been appealed to the Court of Appeal Borgating.
For more, see my blog: http://blog.janchristensen.net/

Jan Kåre Christensen
(End of quote).

Final Comment:

What is certain in this case is that it is exclusively criminal here. Then there's me. I have written only in his own blog and website. And what I've written, purely verbally is like candy for what sluggers Jan Aage Torp has written about me. He called me the ugliest and worst things. And take with what he son has given his own Father, so surpasses me a hundred times. In other words, family Torp are the two major sluggerne here.

But police Manglerud want me punished and possibly jail ?!

Yes, here live Polti and Jan Aage Torp total different world than what is "normal".

Taking something that was in the newspaper Our Country as not least the police should have gone to the heart (rendering further down). Soon it becomes punishable only to say that one believes in the Bible and that God lives and exists. And he sent his son to earth to die for our sins etc.

Lawyer Brynjar Meling says it bluntly, that either I become 100% exonerated now. But surely the Court of Appeal when the things that might create problems for a 100% acquittal, they know we possibly weed out. And that the things that the police prosecutor had to come by, all this we will document does not match at all!

This says Media law Attorney Jon Wessel-Aas when he asked in Our Country as essentially absolves me 100%. Which also will certainly happen on Friday the 29th of January when I get the verdict. Everything else will be and be a big surprise than acquittal 100%.

But it should not be there, then it becomes an appeal to the Court of Appeal. And if we lose there, then it becomes the Supreme Court. And on to Strasbourg, which I do not think we will ever need. But give me? Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The criminal here is Jan Aage Torp, we receive come back to.

This says Media law Attorney Jon Wessel-Aas in Our Country:

Media law Attorney Jon Wessel-Aas react to the violation of Penal Code Section 390A "for the troublesome behavior or other reckless behavior violating the peace of another" underlying the case against Pastor Jan Kåre Christensen.

- I can not comment on details of the case, but I think in principle that it is special that this section is used, because we are talking about utterances in a blog. Christensen seeks therefore not Torp by phone, text message or otherwise directly, but writes what he thinks of him as a pastor in the blog. It lies outside the core area that provision, says Wessel-Aas, stressing that he only knows the case through circulation in Our Country and by reading the indictment.

Wessel-Aas points out that the aforementioned provision of the Criminal Code since ancient times has been called "telephone harassment law."

- It is clear that bullying and harassment in social media over time can do that people can not bear to be there more. But I still think it is important that the Court did not extend penal provision to include too much. There is a point to be as specific as possible when to restrict freedom of expression through legislation, says Wessel-Aas.

Statements such as "living in adultery" makes it more natural to use defamation law, says the lawyer. Defamation is decriminalized in the new Penal Code and can therefore only be the basis for a civil lawsuit. It seems more relevant in this case, according to him.

- I think there is danger if clause of the Penal Code will be expanded by adding something that is no longer a crime, says Wessel-Aas.

Public figure. - What impact can an eventual judgment get?

- If there is a punishment in accordance with the indictment, I believe much more can be judged the same way. It will make the boundaries of free speech little obvious, which in turn can lead to people avoiding expressing themselves, responding Wessel-Aas and refers to the matter are provisions to safeguard against false accusations, violations of privacy, threats and incitement to violence .

Wessel-Aas points out that Torp is a familiar figure in Christian Norway and largely in the same position as many politicians.

- The room must be greater when it comes to statements about public persons.

Christensen disagrees with how Torp practice the relationship between life and doctrine, that his interpretation of biblical texts, highlighting Wessel-Aas.

- Also there will be great headroom.
(End of quote).

Brynjar Meling said at least five things for me to be acquitted. It was this:

1) Incorrect application of the law, this section has nothing to do with harassment and this police claim.

2.) Jan Aage Torp has even gone much, much further than Christensen in their statements with ia calling him too many ugly and horrible things, as well as his blog, he has condemned in the most crudest and violated Christensen.

3.) Torp has encouraged nettrolene to continue with flaming by Christensen, when he himself has been silent.

4.) Torp has sought out MY BLOG THAT HE COULD MAINTAIN THEMSELVES AWAY WITH SINGLE NEVER clicked into IT! What I have done him no with violation of § 390 a. One can not use a § as a self-will, then we are North Korea or Saudi Arabia.

5.) Christensen has used only the Bible and Canaan language, it is not punishable, but legal.

6.) The sixth and final point that I would mention, there came the lawyer to Torp, police prosecutor who changed almost 180 degrees during the trial. From being fight negative to me, and be fighting posetiv. He Dag Paulsen said Christensen has not written anything illegal. I've really only hurt feelings Torp something really when he himself has chosen to click onto my blog!

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