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No. 1163: Manglerud police allows Norway's two worst-line roll sake even my employer, only they get taken me!

No. 1163:
Manglerud police allows Norway's two worst-line roll sake even my employer, only they get taken me!

Photo of the so-called hate groups on Manglerud allowing the largest distribution network roll to operate just as they would on the web as long as they get taken me.

From v. Inspector Monica Lille Bakken, police officers Stian Barmo and Lena Fjalestad and police attorney Oda Karterud.

When the target sanctified means it may be many strange manifestations. As it is for Manglerud Polti with the so-called hate groups there, then everything is permitted if it is against a family member Jan Kåre Christensen.
But come the other way, so everything is a crime, no matter!

Dag Paulsen, head of the so-called hate groups think that I'll just left as deserved. Do not longer words to say at what level this Polti is on. It must be "world's worst"?

They put out repeatedly both on the false Smyrna blog, Searchlight and with Jan Aage Torp my address, job, company, kids, yes, everything. + Much, much more!
And that I have two bonus children somewhere.

They write about me as Unibuss driver, and when they can put this out. So frames they do not really me, but my employer. When a search for Unibuss, so get one up these articles. Where I am featured on the false Smyrna blog as a bus driver and Unibuss driver many, many times. Plus the same pattern is both Searchlight and in Jan Aage Torp their writings.
Here are some examples:
Question of many: Is Jan Kåre Christensen mentally retarded?
May 30, 2015May 30, 2015 Smyrna Church in Oslo
We've got eight emails with exactly this question. Let me answer these eight people and others who wonder just this but have not asked us.
Is our very beloved pastor Jan Kåre Christensen Mentally retarded person?
He is reasonably good in practical matters like driving a bus and no one has complained about him there. He's actually a good bus driver, much popular among their Muslim and Catholic colleagues.
But intellectually he is what one might call for mentally retarded. He understands around 50 words. The rest of the words he uses in his blog and in his many posts in Searchlight blog is a pure guessing game on his part.
His understanding of the concepts of morality and ethics are also diffuse and unclear. He is a pastor because he has memorized Bible verses without fully understanding them. He understanding of the Bible is also diffuse and he survives by copying and stealing quotes and material from those who understand the Bible.
In a normal conversation he comes somewhat short when he did not quite know what he's talking about. We let him talk every Sunday and otherwise, we are keeping something away from him when his contribution to any conversation or discussion is, at best, very limited.
That he is mentally retarded is there no doubt. But it is just as innocent and mentally retarded who are God sent servants to us humans. It is these simpletons without any mention worthy under the top cover that best conveys the word of God. If you use a microphone, expect not that the microphone also works as a dishwasher and an oven. That's how Jan Kåre Christensen. A microphone without any other benefit to God.
Arne Breen Smyrna Church

Unibuss driver Jan Kåre Christensen shows their math skills
On February 14, 2016February 15, 2016 Smyrna Church in Oslo
The requirements to become a bus driver in Unibuss is apparently not particularly high. One of the requirements is that you possess mathematical skills below kindergarten level. It is at that level one finds the bus driver Jan Kåre Christensen.

As this clip from his blog show, his math skills very deficient.
He believes that it is three years since we found ourselves in June 2014. Those of us who have considerable more math skills than the requirements to become a bus driver in Unibuss, know that 2014 + 3 = 2017. Those of us who even know what time and month this is, also knows that we presently writing on 14 February 2016. Something that is considerably fewer days than June 5, 2017. About 500 days, I estimate it.
If there are some who think that this is a single miss from Jan Kåre Christensen's side must unfortunately think again. He has for many months and countless blog posts written that there are more than three years since we enjoyed ourselves in June 2014.
What do we call a man in 50 years of such a mathematical level? Idiot and the measures are words that can be used. And then the idiot and the measures in medical and health-related significance.
It is therefore no wonder that the father of five Jan Kåre Christensen believes he only has three children. He can not count to five and therefore it becomes to keep track of so many children all too difficult for him. On the whole there is much that is difficult in Jan Kåre Christensen's world. That's why we have so much sympathy for those affected by he and his idiocy. Eg his children.
So we want Unibuss luck with a workforce that obviously, if Jan Kåre representative of them, has the lowest competence in Oslo and Norway in general. And this is a good enough reason not to use their services.

Arne Ulf Breen Smyrna Church

Unibuss driver Jan Kåre Christensen: My bosses and passengers Unibuss is whore goats and hussy

On March 28, 2016March 28, 2016 Smyrna Church in Oslo
We have listed us that Jan Kåre Christensen Krokstiveien 2c has long wanted to become a martyr for their opinions.
He is undoubtedly on the way to this when he said in a now deleted blog post (which we have a copy of) have implicitly asserted that his bosses and colleagues in Unibuss is hussy (= whores) and whore goats. This is because some of them are divorced and gjengiftede.
In the same blog post, he also claimed that many of Unibuss their passengers are hussy / whores and whore goats. Which they certainly do not like to hear from a bus driver in the company.
We would assume that such a disrespectful statement will not awaken joy of employees and customers in Unibuss. It's certainly not fun to be referred to as whores and whore bows of a person who literally have their life in their hands.
Of course we are not bus when it can use buses that transport is contrary to the Bible.

Arne Ulf Breen Smyrna Church
(End of quote).

Everything is a samensurium, there really only one who profits from this. It is Jan Aage Torp who have managed to make it look like I'm a criminal, but he is not. Talk about living in a delusion.

This I wrote to the police in your mailbox:

Police on Manglerud!

Here I am again and again harassed on their mail by two people that I have reviewed for this. This is Norway's worst and ugliest web roll!

These are just some of what I have received the past month.
I will not answer these emails, as these are people who want me and my family just evil.

I think that you do not at their job as long as they are allowed to continue to harass me and my family.

They write shit about me and my family today.
They make contact with my son, and says he is gay etc.
They write the same way about him online.
They contact employers ours, and continue in the infinite being stalkers!

They give me diagnoses that are completely beyond.
They probably have soon written 20,000 hate speech against me and my famille the last three years?

Rekka is endless!

They have defended January Aage Torp (which I think is behind all this misery and these stalkers).

In other words, I and my famille is fair game!

Is sure of one thing, you must be the world's worst police who are completely in the dark side. Did not think it was possible with such a bad and evil police!

But okay, Dag Paulsen stood in court to lied that we had sent documentation on some of what we have been subjected to.

It was just that we had given up police and not written in a while.

This will be the last two emails from me. For you do not say anything to my and my family's benefit. Only criminals as Kjell Andersen engaged Searchlight. January Aage Torp who click through to the Heavenly blog and provoked. I have never ever been in contact with some of these people, just possibly responded to their inquiries ultimately!
But I will give you take, inconceivable!

Make no impression on you?

Debate sent to, inter alia, VG!
Display Photo of the Heavenly blog as Jan Aage Torp hate everywhere in this world. It was the reason he came with his fictional review, as it was on this blog he was first stripped and exposed. Now he is admittedly exposed and stripped of VGTV, his son Anders and many others!

Wrote this, and it is sent, inter alia, VG.

Police in Norway may be on the criminal side, as we see with Christensen / Torp matter !?

I have just written on his blog by and large at about Jan Aage Torp.

A blog that one must choose to seek. But here I labeled a stalker and the stalker. Here the police must lie in order to find a § to get me indicted and convicted.

We read in the Bible: Rom. 13. 1. every soul be subject unto the higher powers! for there is no authority except from God, but those that are, are ordained by God, 2 so that he who puts himself against the authority, against God's arrangement contrary; but they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

The authorities also have a responsibility. That is not to oppress and punish evil. But in my case they do the exact opposite in my estimation.

When VGTV Anders Torp (both VGTV and in his book "Jesus soldier") and others describe in January Aage Torp, so this becomes a Top Searches. When I have said exactly the same, but in a milder form, it is a criminal!

Taking with backdrop, that I've got against me over 10,000 hate speech by Jan Aage Torp and his supporters.

This will be completely proven omitted by police at Manglerud in Oslo who is standing with Jan Aage Torp Reviewed me when I preached against his low morale after what God's Word teaches. He as a Pastor and Shepherd should not be re-married.

While all of you I have written and spoken, as a response to this. Then what I write, even if it is on their blog, punishable!

In other words, it adds up to police a justismord! That's how I and many with me watching it. What I've seen in VGTV and Jan Aage Torp's son Anders Torp is like an echo of what I have said and written, but should be punished for this. The whole issue around me is incomprehensible in light of that we do not live in North Korea, but in Norway.

We meet in court, where the judge and the lay judges for my and my defender judgment did a bad job (Brynjar Meling is my defense).

The case has been appealed to the Court of Appeal Borgating.

For more, see my blog:

Jan Kåre Christensen
(End of quote).

What is certain in this case is that it is exclusively criminal here. Then there's me. I have written only in his own blog and website. And what I've written, purely verbally is like candy for what sluggers Jan Aage Torp has written about me. He called me the ugliest and worst things. And take with what he son has given his own Father, so surpasses me a hundred times.

Only those nefarious sites Searchlight and the false Smyrna blog, and hate group at Manglerud supporting January Aage Torp!

Website Searchlight with Kjell Andersen writes constant crap about me, and anyone writing on this disgusting site also writes shit, false and keeps completely with Jan Aage Torp.
I take again, and prints the same. So I get thousands of diagnoses and sake!
Should anyone defend me in Searchlight, so within 1 hour so is an out with name, address, phone number and all the information they can find about you!

The whole site is a crime and should really be warned against! Actually prosecuted together with Torp and the false Smyrna blog.

Do not expect you are doing something, but now at least documentation sent. And it is there on the web up against 20,000 hatmeldigner welcomed me and my family that I have responded. As you overlook total!

Jan Kåre Christensen
(End of quote).

In other words, the police team up with those who are criminals.

It is strange also this with Anders Torp, here are some of mail exchanges I have had with different:

Gain the book "Jesus Soldier" written about Anders Torp, son of Jan Aage Torp. I said exactly the same thing but in a milder form. Anders is hailed for its boldness! Meg police will punish for the same utterances! This is of Manglerud police nothing but harassment and Christianity persecution.
But God is good, yes infinitely greater than all our problems and challenges.
This goes to victory!

Regards Jan Kåre and Berit; -): - D

Anders is hailed for he perceived as a critic of Christian values. While preaching the word of God and that no one likes. It goes to victory no matter how they treat us.

Part wimp of Christianity persecution. What they can not tolerate is that people point out that the emperor has no clothes on. A form of gagging. Bøffemennesker to get hold of as they want. Our task is to succumb and curtsy and kiss her shoes theirs.

Yes. However, it is certain that here it smelt a rat as I see today. Got this message of a brother; Anders is hailed for he perceived as a critic of Christian values. While preaching the word of God and that no one likes. It goes to victory no matter how they treat us.

Exactly. The rules vary depending on who is talking. Son's book comes as ordered. Torp is stripped back without credibility. The only one who is unable to understand it himself. It only confirms that you have set the correct diagnosis.

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