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No. 1161: Only those nefarious sites Searchlight and the false Smyrna blog, and hate group at Manglerud supporting Jan Aage Torp!

No. 1161:
Only those nefarious sites Searchlight and the false Smyrna blog, and hate group at Manglerud supporting Jan Aage Torp!

Website Searchlight with Kjell Andersen writes constant crap about me, and anyone writing on this disgusting site also writes shit, false and keeps completely with Jan Aage Torp.
I take again, and prints the same. So I get thousands of diagnoses and sake!
Should anyone defend me in Searchlight, so within 1 hour so is an out with name, address, phone number and all the information they can find about you!

The whole site is a crime and should really be warned against!
Image of Torodd Fuglesteg which is Jan Aage Torp well sole defender standing up with your full name and clout ?!

The few others who defend Torp, do it either with a fictitious name.
Or behind a keyboard so he is never depicted, showing who he really is.
I think of the evil and obscene Kjell Andersen who runs the website Searchlight. So have a hate groups on Manglerud who call themselves police. If this is the Norwegian police, when it says very bad to the police in Norway. Yes, it is a disaster for such a poor police like this are probably not even in North Korea or Saudi Arabia I'm convinced!

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are called adage!

For Jan Aage Torp is no preachers in Norway country that has stood up for him, but his two most ardent defender has been Norway's two ugliest and worst net roll. Ansgar Braut who writes under a fictitious name. And the evil and conniving Torodd Fuglesteg, here is Torp defenders.

No other, not a single one. Apart from Polti at Manglerud which have been totally misled by Jan Aage Torp, talk about being police who fight on the wrong side.

Then we have the website Searchlight standing completely with Jan Aage Torp.

Why is not there anyone else? It is very strange? Or is it not? I know at least, for my own part. That after what has emerged in the recent past, so all this is like an echo of what I have already spoken and written.

There is really only obvious criminals and people who are spiritually blind who now stands with Jan Aage Torp. As neither wish, or can face reality.

Let us briefly take mentioning who then faced with Jan Aage Torp.

1.) hate groups on Manglerud.
2.) The false Smyrna blog with the two largest and worst web roll, Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg.
3.) Searchlight is a dark and disgusting part. Eg. I came in injury when I pasted a thing with angel Mormoni. This team Searchlight own cause on. But when they leave out some shit to my "advantage" that lay out a few hours when I pointed this out. Then it is not so "dangerous". Here's all I speak and write, anyway not good. But what Jan Aage Torp writing and speeches, all this is good, anyway. Such acts Kjell Andersen Searchlight, here we are talking about a dark site that is in black literally!

Here are some articles about these people who are the only ones standing up for Jan Aage Torp. In other words, Torp is so inflamed, that no one will or dare stand up to him? Or is it that they have realized that I have argued for several years that Jan Aage Torp is a mockery Apostle and manipulator.

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