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No. 1321: Newspaper Norway today adds even out the whole article and then have to pay, but require money from me for an old slob picture!

No. 1321:
Newspaper Norway today adds even out the whole article and then have to pay, but require money from me for an old slob picture!

Image of Helge Simonnes has become a multi-millionaire due of press support Our Country has got and get.
He has since he became editor of the newspaper Our Country in 1987 and joined now in 2016, 29 years afterwards.
Around the rain so I reckon he has received a dividend of 100 Million in 29 years in the newspaper Our Country ?!

For this image requires newspaper Norway today money off me.


Luke 6 38 give, and it shall be given you! a good, stopped, shook, crowded targets shall be given unto you in the lap; For with the same measure you, shall be measured to you again.

This mail I got from the newspaper Norway in Day:

Hi Jan Kåre Christensen

We have seen that you have used an image on your blog, taken by our photographer Marion Hasli, we own the rights.
We have not given permission to use, and asks that this picture is taken away from your blog.

Otherwise, we will bill you for the repeated use in accordance with current rates.


We ask for your feedback on this, and confirmation that the images be removed.

With best regards
Norway TODAY

This I replied:

Okay, how much do you want for the image?

There is nothing difficult for me to change this picture when I just take the picture as a facsimile image from Norway today and it will be even bigger and better!

The choice is yours, either I get to use it, or so I make it a lot better and bigger, free!

This picture is so old, and I've had it in use for 10 years?

Then begin to demand money of it is fraudulent, unchristian and unspiritual.

You complain that you do not get money from the state to operate the newspaper Norway today. But you are here worse than what the state is against you, talk about hypocrisy!

And you do not write names either, only Norway today.

Who are you?

And you will be brothers and sisters?

Here there is only one, indeed an innocent picture of a blog, which you require money for.

This is shameful and contemptible of the newspaper Norway today.

Next mail will I have any name of one of the editors who answer, at least a name!

Jan K

Here are some SMS I have sent to the editor Finn Jarle Sæle without the answer:

I got an offer to pay for an image that is used for many years.
Torp plague and are now demanding payment for this and more.
Blue. Fax mile from Norway today, huh-huh.
Should I pay for a fax mile from Norway today?
Or should you over protect him?
What should I pay?
Runar said I could certainly keep this free.
You had never demanded money before in this way for a single image.
And these pictures are from 8 to 15 years back in time.
Be a man, a man of God and going through.
There is one thing that creates the problem, it is Torp hatred against me and the Heavenly blog.
Torp has spent image facsimile of me, and many others.
What is the problem then?
Torp living in sin with being re-married.
He lacks love in his heart.
That he at the top requires money by facsimile image from newspaper Norway today says he is in the process of oppspises HAT IMO ME AND HEAVENLY BLOG!
(End quote).

But what makes newspaper Norway today at Finn Jarle Sæle?

They press the entire article and want to do it for free.
This is taken from the newspaper Our Country in its discussion of the case:
The day journalists sending bills to the newspaper Norway Today after they blåkopierte an article. Norway Today refuses to pay the bill: - We meet in court, the newspaper said in an editorial.
In early June, the newspaper stated day that Bjørgvin bishop Halvor Nordhaug refused to worship the chapel before Israeli flag was taken down.
The day after hitting Norway Today the same coin. That is, they copied the entire newspaper page to day and let it into their own newspaper. The only change was that the entrance was replaced by a separate written comments and that side was labeled "facsimile."
The title of leader is "Expensive to honor people." Norway Today argues that such copying practice is quite common in all of journalism in the world.
"We credited them actually gave them the honor of a case. That was the whole facsimile purpose ... We thought we did honor to the newspaper, "they write.
Further claims Norway Today the case was old and that everyone could made it in less than one hour. Thus 8.000 million equivalent to an annual salary of 15 million.
"So where the game takes obviously on top journalists."
(End of quote).

I shall not go into the matter in question, just say that the newspaper Norway today lays out an entire article, which is redrafted.
I take only an image that is 10-15 years old and is used for many years, this requires the money off.
Lovely that it can, but the newspaper Our Country which requires money newspaper Norway in Day could also shown little generosity here ?!

Newspaper Norway today do not get a penny of subsidy or press subsidies. While newspaper Our Country gets buckets. I reckon that former chief editor has been many, many millionaire due press subsidies.

Helge Simonnes has become a multi-millionaire due of this, he has since he became editor of the newspaper Our Country in 1987 and joined now in 2016, 29 years afterwards.
Around the rain so I reckon he has received a dividend of 100 Million in 29 years in the newspaper Our Country ?!
This of course had never gone without the press subsidies they receive as newspaper Norway today do not get.

Final Comment:

The standard as Jan Aage Torp set to write this:

We sell photos to some media, while other media, we lend free of charge to use only their medium. However, we will not let you use our intellectual property at all, and they must be immediately removed from your blogs.

This is the policy to me and the Heavenly blog:

Everything is permitted to publish only it says http://janchristensen.net/
(End of quote).

There are a lot of things in this world, but I never let the negative control myself. Be a little generous, God has blessed us all - with or without press subsidies!

For my part, so we really so good it is possible to get it, why go around and collect money and other others who are Christians? Never!

I am sure of one thing, that Norway today and Finn Jarle Sæle will be more than abundantly blessed.
Also than newspaper Our Country that gets so much press support that the editor can become a multi-millionaire, and they continue to get even more press subsidies.
So will the newspaper Norway today with honesty and generosity be than more blessed than any press support can and will give them.
When scripture says that it is the Lord's blessing that makes rich, private labor profited nothing!

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