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No. 1340: Sadism IN GOD'S NAME.

No. 1340:

By Svein Marøy

Photo by Jan Hanvold sitting in its TV schedule and believe that anyone who does not support him and Vision Norway are lagging. But Hanvold is arguably even with both feet on its way towards damnation with being an adulterer. Scripture clearly says that such things will not inherit the kingdom of God, but what constitutes damnation? This printer Marøy about, here's an introduction to what God's word says and teaches about damnation!

Paul writes to Timothy. "Now the Spirit speaketh clear words that in the coming times some shall depart from the faith, paying adhere to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils, by hypocrisy of false teachers who are seared in their own conscience, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from food, which God created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. "

Paul was infinitely right in what he writes here. It was not long before pulling into the evangelistic message pagan philosophies and beliefs. We know that the Catholic Church quite early came with a prohibition against priests and bishops to marry, a ban that applies to this day. Man began practicing another baptism than the baptism that the apostles practiced and taught. The pagan religions had its trinity, and gradually they began to talk about the Bible God as a triune God. (Illustrated Norwegian Bible Encyclopedia admits that there is a certain similarity between the church Trinitarian doctrine and certain triads in foreign religions.) But the worst and most heinous of all learning works, were still those who do not believe in God will be tormented forever, or "tormented without end, "as it says in the Lutheran confession. In the Middle Ages this proclamation about the wicked fate so intense, that there are certain places erupted pure insanity epidemics. And even today there are many people who have serious mental problems, because the thought of a torment without end, not on to endure.

It was the Greek philosopher Plato who argued immortality of the soul. This doctrine must at one time or another been brought up in the Christian faith. According to former missionary priest in Madagascar, Lars Dale and ( "Life after death," 1905 p. 467) and Bishop Karl Marthinussen ( "Time and Eternity 1938 p.67.") Claimed the Fathers Justin Martyr and Irenaeus destruction doctrine. Dr. Theol. J.P. Bang says: Destruction doctrine is not new. One can after show it with Justin, Irenaeus and other early church of men. "(Faith and Life," b. 3, s297, 1920.)

Justin Martyr belonged to the Platonic school. One day he came in contact with the Jew Tryphon. During the conversation, they came into the immortality of the soul. The sage refutes immortality of the soul. He says: But I am not claiming that all souls die. The good takes up residence in a good place, the unjust and evil awaits an evil place time of judgment. In this way, those who are worthy to meet God, never die, but the others shall be punished as long as God wants them to be and be punished. "" It is only God who is not created, and which is immortal . "" That soul lives, no one can deny. But when the liver, it is not because it is life, but because it has become involved in life. What has become involved in something different from what makes it advantageous. The soul becomes involved in life because God wants it to live. But when God does not want it to live, so live it no longer. For they have not, as God, life itself. "

Justin asks sage who to take as his teacher, and where he will learn from, when he can not find the truth among philosophers. The sage then shows the Prophet. These spoke at The Devote Spirit and said assumed what would happen. Their writings are Christians possess, and those who read them, you will get all the knowledge a philosopher need. They bear witness to a truth which is beyond all sense conclusions. They proclaim God the Creator, Father and Son Christ. Justin writes: "When he had said this and much more, which I now can not tell, he left me with the commandment to abide by what he had said, and I saw him no more. But fire burned in me, and I made love for the prophets, and the men who were Christ's friends. "(Lars Berg:" No eternal torment, "pp. 238-239, 1962.)

From what we read here, there should be no doubt that the Christians at that time did not believe in immortality of the soul.

The evil seed doctrine of torment indefinitely, had the power in themselves to foster sadists in both the Catholic and Lutheran church. Their god was a god who had delighted in torment, trying our best to emulate this god. History can therefore tell of martyrs who were cooked with slow fire. The pleasure which the sight of these poor people's torments brought, they thought that they should also retain in heaven, and form part of their beatitude there. One of the Catholic Church's most prominent theologian, the so-called "holy" Thomas of Akvino who lived in the 1200s, therefore wrote as follows: "The Blessed be from their place in heaven considered the damned torments, and upon seeing them, the be overwhelmed with joy, and thank God for their own happiness by to witness the wicked unspeakable misery. "

The famous Swedish minister Lars Linderot wrote a huspostill about the middle of the 1800s. There he wrote in a sermon on the 17th Sunday after Pentecost: "Honorable people on earth could the often after sermon, for their amusement's sake, go ind in prisons to defeats itself. Thus was also the blessed in heaven make up heavenly walks and look at the rejected tukthuslemmer who tormented agony's prisons, the condemned prisoners who tormented in hell prison, and lies there like eternity prisoners. --- "They would go on to see how the immortal worm Peeves them, and how the unquenchable fire burns them, and how they lie in the lake of fire as an abomination to all flesh." It is a terrible thought that the damned pine place should be "a spectacle, one eyetested where the blessed should go out and see their damned parents, their children condemned, their condemned siblings and friends, and all these helvedesbranner going to be a sacred eyetested ---."

This was my grandparents read to approximately 100år since without doubt a word.

Pentecostal founder Norden, TB Barratt defended the doctrine of endless torment in his book "Behind the death and burial." When Barratt defended this doctrine, it is not surprising that the Pentecostal movement had ministers who have been so very good at creating anxiety and fear mood with its issuance of perdition unbearable and eternal anguish. In 1970 came the book "The Saints' eternal rest," translated and published in Pentecostal Publishing, Philadelphia Press. It says: "How terrible it is when no one in heaven and no one on earth can help them (the lost in hell.) Without God, and he laughs at them. The worst of these agonies are meant to last forever. When one thousand million years have passed, they will continue with the same vigor as the first day. If there had been hope of an end to the agony, so would this idea have been a relief for the condemned, but forever is an unbearable thought. "Because of their sins", God is never tired of punishing them. - Their immortal souls bear the blame for infringement, therefore they must also suffer incorruptible anguish. "In the book we can also read that God has a helper to torture and torment, it is the devil. He will help to "implement the judgments of God." He who on earth succeed in pulling them away from Christ, the reward being a "tool in the hand of God to punish them for that they gave in to his temptation."

When I come across such writings, I am reminded of the words of 2 Thessalonians. 2, 10-11. "And with all deceit of unrighteousness among those who perish, because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, that they should be judged all those who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness, "The doctrine of endless torment is an insane lie, and helps to blind the believer's eyes completely, and therefore is not able to see and reveal the insanity that is expressed in the book "the saints' eternal rest."

The Christian conservative newspapers Norway In Day and Day magazine, TV channel Vision Norway with Jan Hanvold and healing preacher Svein Magne Pedersen is currently helping to continue the Lutheran conception of a torment without end. A couple of years ago guested Mary K. Baxter Vision Norway. She had had their revelations and visions about what was happening in hell and now she wanted viewers would get an insight into perdition reality. It was fire and brimstone, demons who took people into a torture chamber where they were tortured, cries of pain so violent that they could be heard all over hell, etc. And most important of all. These disorders will never cease. The program was rebroadcast at midday, where the children had the opportunity to follow the program. I knew that I was unwell to listen to her, and I knew that sensitive children and adults could bring harm to his soul if they took account of the madness gospel Baxter preached. The gospel is as clear and clean water that brings health and healing to those who drink it. Christians have been commissioned by God to distribute this water for free to those who want it. Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway nor married in this water, and therefore those who look too much on Vision Norway become ill. A visible side effect is seriously impaired judgment.

Someday Jan Hanvold face his judge, and I would not have been in his shoes when he must answer why he poisoned the gospel that God put him to manage.

In confession confession Augustana (Submitted by Melanchthon, approved by Luther) says: "the pious and chosen eternal life and eternal joy, but ungodly men and the devils He will condemn to be tormented without end. They condemn the Anabaptists, who think that there should be an end to the condemned men and devils penalties. "It is interesting to notice that the Anabaptists of Luther did not believe in an endless torment. Some of them, f. Ex. dr. Theol. Balthasar Hubmaier, had high theological education, and thus had the opportunity to read the Bible in their original languages. They came therefore concluded that the Bible is not taught an endless torment. Because they preached and practiced the baptism we can read about in D.N.T. had Hubmaier and many of his coreligionists pay with their lives.

Baptist Union rains Hubmaier and other martyrs in the 1500s as its founders. Unfortunately teaches Baptist community today an endless torment, and thus they have abandoned the position that society's founders stood for.

Two years before the Diet of Augsburg wrote Martin Luther's own confession. Here he writes; "Finally, I believe in all resurrection of the dead on the day of judgment, as well the good as the wicked, that every then will receive in his body that he deserves, and that the good will live forever with Christ, and that the wicked will die forever. "(Ewiglich sterben) to die forever, stands for me as something quite different from" tormented without end. "Sensational is the reading inference words of this confession:" I ask all with good heart be witnesses for me and pray for me that I have to stand by this faith and die in it. And if I by scruples and death distress going to say something else, then there will be nothing, and I hereby publicly professing that it is false and filed by the devil. Thereto help me my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Honored forever. Amen "(Luther's Werke, Weimar in 1909, b. 26, p. 509) Now we know that Luther two years later joined Melanchtons Augustana where the words" tormented without end "was used. But this is typical of Luther, he had a tendency to contradict himself.

Many years ago I sent some articles to about 130 theologians around the country. These articles tried briefly to show that the Bible does not teach some endless torment, what this doctrine leads to horror, anxiety and despair for those who believe in Augustana art: 17. In the context of these articles, wrote Dr. Theol. Leiv Aalen (1906-1983) back to me, and he used the words "vulgar misunderstandings" and "vulgar errors." What then says Leiv Aalen on destruction? In his book "Beyond inferno" he writes: "The atrocities at perdition is that God no longer reveals himself for salvation, but solely to the judgment and death of their enemies, so that they unceasingly must exist to face his wrath. There have against this has been argued that the idea that they should burn in God's anger flames in all eternity, in reality is 10 times worse than a medieval torture show. Well, it is true that it is said, but it is really nothing to be done about it, if we are to be faithful to Jesus' words and the entire biblical witness of perdition reality. "

I am glad that Leiv Aalen not right, and I get to use his own words. It's Leiv Aalen coming with "vulgar misunderstandings" and "vulgar errors." Just the thought of two minutes in such agony, will fill us with fear of death, and now alleges Aalen that such torment will never end. And this will happen without God, his son Jesus, God's angels and saved people care less. This is pure sadism, and there are many who have passed away from Christianity because L. Aalen and others have preached a gospel that Christ came with. I perceived never Leiv Aalen as a gospel defender. He was more of a confession watchdog, ready to bark and attack if a priest or bishop would take the liberty to read his Bible without first having taken on confession "glasses." Leiv Aalen writes: "The confession duty as gospel vision incumbent ecclesial ministry, means that they learn decisions that confession is expressed, have a non-repudiation requirements to be respected as the church's official teaching standpoint, whatever the individual might think this stand point biblical justification. "Then memories Aalen on ordination vow and promise by episcopal consecration . This sentiment is also shared by prof. Dr. Theol. Carl Fr. Wisløff, who was one of the Church's foremost defender of the doctrine of endless torment.

I have always argued that where there is a discrepancy between the Bible and the Church's confession, (and such discrepancies exist, although conservative theologians deny this) there follows the Church confession. Augustana learns about an endless torment in nature 17. Augustana art. 9 teaches us that one gets saved in baptism. Same species. also says that young children who are baptized perish. It says: "They condemn the Anabaptists who reject infant baptism and claims that children are saved without baptism." We also know that the Church and other free congregations teach that man has an immortal soul. The conclusion has to then be that little children who die without baptism are perishing, and destruction, according Augustana tormented without end. Certainly one hears from time to time that the men of the church claim that the Church does not teach that little children perish without baptism. I experience when a church that speaks with two tongues. Outwardly, not to create reactions, they say one thing, yet none of them are willing to question the Church's confession. On the contrary, priests constantly reminded how important it is that preaching is consistent with the Church's confession.

I have heard people say: "If it is not eternal torment, then I would not have been a Christian." Those who come with such statements have not understood anything. Jesus had after all go through a painful death that we might be partakers of eternal life, and he did it willingly, because he had love for us humans. This means nothing to these people. They have nothing else to add the Christian congregation than inconveniences, because they are Christians incorrectly. I hear again such a statement, I would without hesitation recommend them to live life in the outside world, so they can either come back after they have experienced this world is vanity and deception.

In another article I will go into some biblical passages that will help to confirm what I have long argued: The Bible does not teach an endless torment for the wicked, and the teacher nor that man has an immortal soul.

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