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No. 1342: Now, 2 by Emanuel Minos death must be allowed to say that it was a false prophet who died, not a mighty prince ??????

No. 1342:
Now, 2 by Emanuel Minos death must be allowed to say that it was a false prophet who died, not a mighty prince ??????

When getting speak out without hearing profanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image of the now deceased false prophet Emanuel Minos, a true weathercock who always went compromise God's word!

Luke 22 15 And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer.

Just want you to look at part article I wrote about the false prophet Emanuel Minos before he died. This was a sad thing, the man managed to deceive people both within its the Lutheran, Pentecostals and charismatics to Optra as a "humble" man. But managed to switch the word of God over all that he did and preached!

What one should consider Minos, what if he had fruits with them and preached the word of God!

 Here falls Minos straight through, graded he always "sneaked" into everywhere with their 1930 vote. And if the audience get some excitement, then let him into the pitch his. And eg. "Mess" in a drawer, lo and behold was God's voice clearly with old dreams and big rave! It's so sad to think of Minos, who never, never been able to stand for the word of God. But struck by the word wherever he voted!

Minos - weathercock!

That was the problem and the problem is with the likes of Minos. Is that they "always" are on the "right" side. They do not seem anything wrong, apparently.

Let me take an example. Everyone knows that Aril Edvardsen was a false preacher, but in the beginning it was not so bad. Then it was just worse and worse with Edvardsen,

Pentecostals did quite right to reject the false prophet Aril Edvardsen. But what did when Pentecostalism in 1990? When should a sudden recognize Edvardsen, and this was of course Emanuel Minos on.
Edvardsen was completely out driving with his hatred for the word of God and Israel, a true false prophet in Life Now!

How could I have continued with Emanuel Minos. I would say, look at Emanuel Minos, but does everything opposite! Then it will go well for you and your service to the Lord!

Learn the way, to do everything opposite!

See here for article about Minos, written well before he died. Now two years later they are also relevant when here there is much spiritual wealth in!

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