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No. 1108: Manglerud police have been clean Inquisition "executioners" in my eyes. Then they will bring proceedings against me, or indeed give the man who has written against me at least 10 times worse than I've ever written against him counsel!

No. 1108:
Manglerud police have been clean Inquisition "executioners" in my eyes. Then they will bring proceedings against me, or indeed give the man who has written against me at least 10 times worse than I've ever written against him counsel!

Police dismiss employee who wrote exactly, but not as hateful as Torp has written about me was dismissed.
Police operate here with two sets of "promises" as one does in countries like Saudi Arabia and North Korea. Everything is allowed for some, for others it's all "criminal."
We are consequently faced with a police force that has two sets of laws.

"First they took the communists but I did not care ... because I was not a Communist.
Then they took trade unionists but I did not care ... because I was not trade unionist.
So they took the Jews but I did not care ... because I was not a Jew.
Finally they took me. But when there was no one left to care !!!! "
(Martin Niemöller 1892-1984 - German theologian and Lutheran pastor - the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power).

Picture a boxing match. It becomes as total and pointless to watch a boxing match in which one has both hands tied as the upcoming trial on Wednesday.
When the so-called "investigation" Manglerud police have made here, then nothing but let me lose if their "investigation" underlie then they totally ignoring all aspects of this matter that is not about what I have written and spoken.
But the reality is that I have given an indictment of all that has been written and spoken by others, which exceeds my statements 1 Million times, this really started in 2010 or thereabouts.

It's like boxing with both fists clenched. It is hopeless and the result is a foregone conclusion. This is a pure form of false imprisonment and execution for my opinions when I dare and managed to speak out and reveal a mockery apostle for a life that does not agree with the teachings of Christ and what one should be able to expect a person to go public speaking God's word. When life and teachings diverge so much, so it is when "nice" to get pursuance of magistrates, so have those who are "above" others always done, nothing new under the sun said the wise and prudent King Solomon.

In this case that will hopefully come to an end right now coming Wednesday January 20 in Oslo District Court. So Manglerud Police by Day Paulsen, Lene Fjalestad, Monica Lille Bakken, Oda Karterud and the others in this case more Opper as they did in the Middle Ages with the ugly and loathsome Inquisition which was widespread throughout several hundred years in several European countries. It coincides equally in this matter that the Inquisition was!

How was it then Inquisition?

Here slightly from Wikipedia about the Spanish Inquisition for brevity:
The Spanish Inquisition two biggest weapons are surprise and fear. Among the biggest weapons is their surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency and fanatic allegiance to the Pope. And nice red uniforms. Since no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, they could emerge when they least expected it. If someone mentioned the words "Spanish Inquisition" was automatically drawn to the place, where they often arrested all those who were present, put them in a dungeon and tortured them.
(end of quote).

What one can say it all went on, it was even to go free and leave others in the lurch. Had an example. even made a punishable offense, as it was full possible to go free to enter others. And the reason to set other, it was just that you had a "story" to tell. Then one who rhymes free himself, while the other had the bucket of imprisonment, torture or death. Or this all together. And to go to jail, then lost a love to work and health, and was a cripple for life.

What was the central, was a confession.

Got a there, so the matter was over, it was "proof" well enough. That's how the police on Manglerud have been allowed to operate against "weak" people who have given them immediately. Here they meet a "strong" person who will not give in, then they are even more at the chop. Yes, they are like the Inquisition executioners were in the Middle Ages.
Only here do they not go out with pliers to pull out nails and ear, but to get a criminal record and destroy life and for one's revenues. Talk about evil and rotten people. There is only hope they eventually being obtained for their own guilt before or since. And who knows, maybe through this trial will this happen ?!

What we see today with the police at Manglerud?

I have written clearly against a person who will be Apostle, but by the word of God is a false apostle. As part of getting me removed then has Torp proceed in several ways and he has apparently closed if I have revealed slightest movement here.

He himself has written far worse and much harder words to me than what I've ever written against him. And to get an overall picture, then Torp their "lackeys and poodles" as they call themselves for. Who writes constantly against me on several sides. Not least through the false Smyrna blog, the site Searchlight and constantly messages on the Heavenly blog. And it is also created other blogs that are not worth mentioning and written against me from abroad in Norwegian on English websites.

They send emails and twitter messages, in all ways to work for Torp's "best". That this matter has gone so out of time, they've got very long time to do all its criminal and ugly actions. Therefore, one may say, if Torp tier. So in truth, his "friends" and associates for evil, spoken and written!

Taking with what Torp has posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts and all other sides, but he has erased most. It seems that he will frantically to escape with all his criminal activities online to be brought to justice that he himself is the ugliest and meanest nettrollet of all!
Personalize this united under a, as is right and proper. All the others are then controlled and "directed" on somehow Torp. Then what I've written that nothing raining, like blueberries. It must be seen as a response to everything else that has been written and spoken. And with this being the whole affair and everything meaningless and absurd.
Overall, this is the 1 Million times worse than what I may have written. But why should I be taken as the total innocent up in this, and that too with counsel? One can only guess, but here it must be to set an example? But what example? If one does not bow to the authority, grace you. When we take all means in use to break you and yours!
You and your family are fair game, only we get crushed and that has on you and your family.

And so they run "evidence" against me is also the worst imaginable and devious way with Torp tip. What they have on me? Actually answers to Torp and other life and preaching. I've got questions and made things, and the other party comes with, it leaves out the completely proven. And what I've written, it uses the for everything it's worth. This is abuse and strong manipulation, and so a driver with the dictatorships ala Saudi Arabia, North Korea and other states where human dignity is nil.

How operates Manglerud police in my eyes?

For me it seems like Manglerud police has its own laws of Norwegian law. This is a way to proceed that is impossible in a free and democratic society to handle things. As I see and perceive this. Therefore, it was no question for me in any way to cooperate with the court on coming Wednesday the 20th of January at. 09.00 Oslo District Court. Not on the premises that is laid, it's like boxing with both hands bakbundet. But everything comes up and brought into the light so I know what is right in this case.

1.) Jan Aage Torp convicted of false accusations against me when his fictional review was to get me and the Heavenly blog away from the net when I have so clearly preached against remarriage among believers and otherwise taken up that which is right and proper.

2.) The two largest nettrolene, who has written most shit and everything about me and my family. Through several years and who has stood with Torp in this fight. They are doomed!

My son and wife being awarded every major replacement of Ansgar Braut who have threatened and gone out with my son is gay, one poor 20 year old boy. And my wife has gotten mailer on its own private mail. On his job mail and written to the school administration that she runs around with a gun in her bag. And that the harassment I received there the roughest and worst is my link up to ABB's super criminal offense and I get a redress. Each of us three ought got a redress of 50,000, - kr of Torodd Fuglesteg and 50.000, - kr Ansgar Braut which are the two real big and ugliest nettrolene in this matter (the worst in Norway's land safely?).
Torp is only one who puts the evil started!

3.) Website Searchlight by Kjell Andersen in Kristiansand that has allowed so much sake welcomes me several years is convicted. Or deprived, in order to operate own site.
Giving free expression free rein as he does and be an editor. And utterances are so hateful several years, so that is a really co-responsible for the hate speech.
Give free rein to Jan Aage Torp, Ansgar Braut (that's his name psynonym), Torodd Fuglesteg and many others are in my opinion punishable and irresponsible when it has been going on for several years. When one is not fit and able to operate a website, and should debarment the court.
Such a website is basically to promote hatred and harassment!

Andersen is ordered to pay the couple Ingwersen 100.000, - kr each as redress for the harassment that they have sustained through this site. They have been lied, harassed and mocked at the worst possible way. When they were co-founders of Tanum his party, and he later changed the content basis. They were held responsible for this ++ much else. It is therefore right that the review which is located downstairs in Arendal had been taken seriously and Andersen had to answer for his great transgression.

How do I see a fair judgment and decision in this matter.

Final Comment:
In this case the user must take the whole picture, if only looking at what I have written and spoken. Then it becomes like a game with only one team on the pitch, and everything becomes completely meaningless and without content. The whole case is really against me over power. Jan Kåre contrary "Rokle»!
I did not leave after, will not succumb. And if I lose or give in, so this is how I see it a purely judicial, the largest if not the worst?
It's like it's Inquisition executioners who have been afoot. So it was in the Middle Ages, where squealing and if one could point to the failure of others, then went one always even free!

In other words, if one collects everything here, so it is so unfair it may have remained, when my views and what I have written. It is a comment on how others lived, spoken and meant for me. That it has been hard kara him, yes. It will take a total mistake and totally misleading to see my views and opinions separate. They must be seen in a larger context or is it hopeless and totally pointless and unfair trial. Then I really the culprit long before the trial has begun!

I will definitely not in the upcoming trial mention a few things about my writings and what I have spoken. But only and exclusively about what Manglerud police totally ignore proven, to get me convicted. Then get Torp her great desire fulfilled, and delude apostle and manipulator has been "right".

This wrote Torp both Searchlight and stated philosophy to Our Country that his goal it was to get me and the Heavenly blog removed, why? Because I have had the courage, strength and ability to reveal a false apostle. Most baker out and courage and abilities not stand match, but with God and people help I am convinced this will have to complete victory and the truth will always prevail in the end!
God bless you and yours. Be in prayer and stand with us in the fight for the word of God and what the Bible teaches and speaks of all things, marriage is under pressure as it has never been in history!

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