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No. 1109: We succeeded in the strategy - that I think have been "secret" that we really have been able to come so well out of this session with Torp / police!

No. 1109:
We succeeded in the strategy - that I think have been "secret" that we really have been able to come so well out of this session with Torp / police!

Lawyer Brynjar Meling, without him I probably sat in the paste, but with him I expect full acquittal, but it should not be there. So we anchor, this is also Brynjar completely agree. This case against the false Apostle January Aage Torp be won and really there is Tor who should have been judged here along with Ansgar Braut, Kjell Andersen and Torodd Fuglesteg. But it is too much to hope for, but never say never when God is with.

From Wikipedia:

One strategy is the leader's plan or approach for reaching a goal. Strategy is more about what to do than about how something should be done. The word comes from the Greek "strategy" that has the meaning "general art" or "hærføring." Today the term refers to long-term planning in general, especially when there is talk of plans to achieve certain goals, and it differs from the term thus tactic. The description strategist is being used to a person who has carried out appropriate actions and choices to reach a goal.
(end of quote)

Now this trial over for now, but it could be appeal case!

But I think I did two very good choices that have been decisive for which I think that we either win the case that I will be acquitted. Or that this apparently looked like an obvious case against me, we come out of the best possible way. The two things I mention. And then we got a "gift package" I see in retrospect, it was Torps hatred against me that made him failed to tie set and has written many, many posts posts and articles about me where his view, hatred and anger over me has given free rein. I estimate that 80% of these have I? Had I shown in retrospect I had of course taken care of everything, but really, I am not such a person using what others are saying against me. To use it again against them, but in this case it has been very good!

1.) I decided early on that I would never give me in this matter, and I will also appeal if I do not get 100% exonerated next Friday the 29th of January. Will never agree to pay 1 penny or sit one day in prison for making use of religion and freedom of speech!

2.) In this case I did not get a lawyer, which could easily have cost somewhere between 50 - 100,000 - US $, at least. But I searched, prayed and made contact with Brynjar Meling who sent a present questions to the Oslo District Court to be my defender. Thank God, he did so, and without a defender in court, so I had never had a nubbesjanse. It runs on two things, one is credibility, the second one that can jusen. When choosing a lawyer, so it has been profitable you many, many times for me and my family!

End Comment.

Although I have been attacked on the simplest ways online. And mail to my employer with lies and smear campaign. So has my wife experienced. My son has been hanged on the Internet, also now my two daughters. Everything just criminals and criminal acts to break us and get me to throw in the "towel" and give me! So I'm never going to do this. I wrote an article early as I will render to finish, see here (but ask for full acquittal next Friday 29 January) then I do not think the police will appeal when prosecutors changed totally in court? From being negative fight against me, and a wall against me. Then they fight posetiv, and then Dag Paulsen held its closing argument, I would say that there was more to my advantage one Torps advantage.

No. 945: The road towards remarriage will probably sooner or later end in Strassburg to be convicted or acquitted on the legality of this freely and without obstruction by the authorities!

 Is convinced that this fight I will win in the end of the five reasons.

All what I have written and spoken come under religion and freedom of speech when I only had one concern, focusing on the standard of God's word says about preachers and overseers / women.

That Jan Aage Torp is a public figure, even if he is a false apostle in my estimation.

God is with, and many believers standing in prayer!

All that I have written and spoken is 100% true and documented!

And that Torps verbal tirades against me and others exceeds both me and what others have written about him!

Here is one of Torp's quotes that I think can not be anything other than what a man who stands so far from God and the kingdom of God can say when a public call his own son for the worst possible it is possible, to be Fragell lackey.

"But then notified Anders into Humanist Association (NHA), and he was Levi Fragell lackey" Jan Aage Torp

Jan Aage Torp they homosekuelle:

They must be removed from their positions of power, the gays a cancer on society.

What he has said about me and many others I can not bear to bring here, the article is already so long!

Here is some of what others have written about Torp:

Espen Ottesen

He maintains also criticism that Torp as pastor marries a woman who is much younger than himself.

"My point was to emphasize that he has weakened his position and trust by entering into a new marriage, thrown in with a much younger woman. I respect that others have a different assessment, but I have thus expressed what I think.

Once the theme is what kind of spiritual confidence that we have a specific person, it is impossible to get past that 'suitability' is a key word, and the assessment is somewhat discretionary. "

Jan-Aage Torp replies that he has not had any desire to censor Ottosens opinions. "Much of what is important and necessary. But I think his mention of my wife is with a certain lack of manners ... "

In a new commentary about divorce and remarriage writes Ottosen: "It is said a lot about forgiveness and mercy in connection with divorce and remarriage on this thread. Much can I set me back. I think all sins can be forgiven by God. I will also argue against people who are divorced and people who are remarriage. But I do not think the message of forgiveness can be used to argue that Jesus did not mean what he said when he saw clearly forbids people to remarry (see eg. Matt 19.3 to 10). I have great sympathy for the situation Jan-Aage Torp has ended up in, and then I think both on a tragic divorce and his son's public confrontation with his charismatic backgrounds. But a discussion of whether Torp should continue as pastor (and, as it says on his blog, a "apostolic-prophetic voice ') is not about God forgives him. God's forgiveness is fortunately unlimited. The question is whether Torp has the necessary trust and confidence. "

Morten Christiansen - go to the quoted text.

Man agree that abuse is wrong, but they also attack Fragell for his work for those who are experiencing abuse. As I interpret it, one is against child abuse, but if religion is hit so one must still defend it, even if it comes at the expense of those who are experiencing abuse.

Aha, so if you have something critical to adduce against Fragell, so one does his efforts against abuse less? Then you are not wholeheartedly enough? Either you're with me or against me? Pentecost Meeting in reverse, in other words. This can not seriously believe. Then it may seem to me that it is as much Fragell which must be defended as matter. In other words, may your argument just as easily be turned against you even if you are right petulant.

We are spectators to a family tragedy being played out for open stage with all tabloid journalism instruments, and with Fragell a role as there is every reason to question. At the moment I argue against this Fragell, I hear that I belittle the case. Yes, it's almost like being at Pentecost meeting. This shall not be said and means nothing else than one thing. You are with or against. It has obviously caught the foot of the old Pentecostal pastor now. Child welfare Eren Nygård executed for open stage and been promised avskjedssak.

I am glad that Pastor Torp and his business reaches a critical spotlight on himself. For the same reason you should Fragell withstand a critical spotlight on himself. It is only in fairy tales that black is black and white is white. There are in fact no evidence that the old Pentecostal pastor has changed so much. He has changed the sign over his life, but Pentecostal pastor is he and he. For some of us less charismatic landscaped personality types is however something of emotionality in the family drama that unfolds, which implies a certain modesty and aloofness. There, as Love Krag also contends, a natural reaction is to step slightly aside and ask to question what is happening. Fragell, however, stomps into the glass shop. There is something in the lead up around this issue that gives me a bad taste in your mouth.

Should Jan-Aage Torp quit as pastor?

Brave words of Espen Ottosen, but where are your colleagues in the other organsinene?

The well-known Christian leader Espen Ottosen commenting today (15.04.11) Twitter media press about pastor Jan-Aage Torp's son Anders, who in my book and in the press have talked about incredible offense in his father's church. "It is regrettable that Torp does not end as a pastor," writes Espen Ottosen.

Jan-Aage Torp denotes the Oslokirken's website his son's report as a "Crimean and scifi article" and call the independent young man a "mouthpiece for Levi Fragell". Other terms of the son's "lackey".

I had never heard of Anders Torp when he a few years ago broke with his father's church and criticized the church in VG. The young boy did not know who I was. I was ignorant that he later joined the NHA, and I met him before he appeared on Our Lands debate about children and religion fall of 2010, after the first edition of my book was already published. At this point Anderstorps humanistic beliefs solidly established. The same applies to his plans for a "rescue mission" for abused children in charismatic communities.

It subsequently emerged, in that we now are two pastor's sons who independently come to the same path, strengthens the case we both priority and I am obviously pleased that a younger and more powerful voice can reach farther out than a 72-year-old's rusty and eventually monotone voice. But we must be more to reach our goal: a church where children ravished in Jesus' name. Thanks to Espen Ottosson, but where are the other Christian leaders? It is not morally acceptable to whisper us sympathetic word in your ear, then set up on the same platform as Norwegian and American prophets, preachers and miracle exorcists - and subsequently report on the Kingdom of God glorious global progress. When new charismatic wild shot Catch the fire in Oslo invites Toronto prophet John Arnott and young and old is wriggling on gulvcet under "power of God", when Reinhard Bonnke, Benny Hinn, Daniel Kolenda and Ulf Ekman come to Norway, the charismatics as TV -pastor Egil Svartdahl and Oasis leaders answer culprit. There is reason to believe that most preachers drew a sigh of relief when Jan-Aage Torp pulled out of the organized Pentecostal community, and thus marginalized itself. But the time Anders describes applies mostly those years his father an ordinary Pentecostal pastor. His colleagues did not react at that time - and still do not in public.

It took a misjonssambander to Espen Ottosen. Yes, Jan-Aage Torp should quit as pastor.

Svein Nyborg

Much more effective if

Should Jan-Aage Torp quit as pastor?

people put into what the Bible is all about, then it would Christianity drought on root, priest and pastor would blow away like autumn leaves and we would all find unity.

Lars Randby

Long way

Svein Nyborg - go to the quoted text.

people put into what the Bible is all about, then it would Christianity drought on root,

It's probably a long way there Svein N. For as humans, we have the ability to find answers but we also have the ability to construct them. A father has constructed demons in his son's body and trying our best to fordive these so that her son can appear in his father constructed answers and truth.

Maybe this is how most people read sacred writings, many desperately wants to find themselves in second or answers outside themselves rather than look inward where the answers are. Hence pilgrimages the symbols and places of worship, speak to people rather than divide them and share of themselves.

It's as if they can not accept that life largely takes place in our own minds and that our reality is not defined by others but by how we choose to relate to what others think about us. Wise words remain wise although many do not understand them. It does not help to be able to pronounce the order if you can not translate them into actions they describe.

Olav Rune Ekeland Bastrup

Psychological trauma associated with excessive eating of ice cream

Some particular confidence Torp I've never had, so therefore it is difficult for me to say that it is blown away. One has a gut feeling on what holds water and not, and it has always told me that both the man and what he stands for represents Christianity in its most unhealthy version. Therefore, it amazes me that when Pastor Torp has been lucky enough to get a talented son with the ability to think for themselves, he also problems with their offspring.

That this means that Torp junior also has lost faith, I think that's sad, but so are his references to Christian thought and faith also extremely limited. For the whole also has another side, an emotional and psychological side. Eating too much ice cream, you become nauseous. That leaves you just want to throw it away. Or you can choose to eat more ice cream so that one gets sick of it. It is my impression that for Fragell in particular, and now for his successor, it is much what it's all about - a psychological trauma associated with a particular type of Christianity who persecute them for life and that becomes their life's theme. That's when I thought: Levi Fragell has become a gray-haired, aldersstegen lord. Should he not soon have crossed the finish line with the psychological processing of their Christian past?

Lars Randby

What does it mean to reach the finish

Olav Rune Ekeland Bastrup - go to the quoted text.

Should he not soon have crossed the finish line with the psychological processing of their Christian past?

How many of us do it. Are you finished with your faith Olav Rune E. B.? It is well for most of us on a journey that begins with birth and ends with death. Some stops of course up and say that enough is enough, now I do not need to travel more, the goal is reached. But many travel on until there is no more time left, the target may not be reached but life has found its endpoint.

Some use their lives to explore their potential and seek knowledge, others use it to tell others about their potential and seek to change those around them so that they fit into their values. We choose, it is the freedom we have.

Annette Heyerdahl

Children lacking religious freedom

Children have no democratic rights or religious freedom. These fundamental human rights apply in practice only adults. We should not abuse by indoctrinate children in a single religious direction from an early age.

I could wish that children could drop massive religious influence. Imagine if they could grow up without being confronted with frightening religious scenarer like doomsday and hell, or the very worst: Threats of expulsion of the family if they choose a different direction than the parents.

Let's show the children respect and give them freedom to approach the religious questions from his own maturity and assumptions. And when questions come out of the child's initiative, we will respond honestly, emphasize that this is our vision, and openness to the child to find other answers for their lives.

Knut Nygaard

The free elections

Man has been given free will - it can choose to accept the faith of Jesus; bow down and accept Him - and be baptized and be filled with the Holy Spirit and power - or not. You are completely free and are only responsible for your own choices.

In Norway, we have all embraced freedoms to both outer us to believe in that which follows from accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Accordingly Torp senior nothing prevents him from continuing as pastor and Torp junior has on its side the freedom to put his former faith in a different pitch than before. So it is in many families and genera around the past - the world is not ending of the shallowest - although it can challenge.

So it was the even Siriann - condolences, Levi - and you - what you believed in was no obstacle to it shape and tone.

So I hope Torp'ene and figure it out together. Maybe not Torp jr. see it yet, but in the long run there is nothing better than to come to a reconciliation with their closest - and move forward in life - regardless of the choice of faith or no faith being done.

So then the question for those who are in a position to contribute to this reconciliation - we will guide the direction - or will we use Torp jr. maximum, if possible, to extinguish any Christian souls who are on the flop? What I see at least you are endeavoring to attack the part of Christian Norway who believe in the integrity of the mission:

In Matthew Ch. 10 from v. 7, when Jesus sends out the 12 disciples: "And where you're going, preach: The kingdom of heaven is at hand Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons. Freely have you received, freely give it. "

In Luke ch. 10 describes how Jesus exhorts seventy others before he send out two by two. From v. 17 says how it went: "The seventy returned with joy, saying:" Lord, even the demons obey us when we speak in your name, "He (Jesus) said," I saw Satan fall from sky like lightning. Yes, I have given you authority to trample snakes and scorpions, and authority over all enemies might, nothing can harm you. And yet: Rejoice not that the spirits are you, but rejoice that your names written in heaven. "

In Mark chapter. 16 from v. 15: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature: he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them who believe: In My name they will cast out demons, they will speak new tongues, and they will take snakes in their hands; and if DETDA drink deadly poison, it shall not hurt them. They shall lay hands on the sick, and they recover. "

Enters the Torp sn. wrote about the case on the Web to Oslokirken ...

"Today I have read Aftenposten and Amagasinets article about my son, Anders Torp (22).

My dear Anders.

Here is a Crimean and scifi article that exceeds most I've read ...

I do not load my son.

As Dad, I've obviously made mistakes many times. But Anders and I were fond of each other as father and son.

In autumn 2008, he was in a troeskrise. We communicated well and sincerely. Went on 12 day break.

But then notified Anders into Humanist Association (NHA), and he was Levi Fragell lackey. Since Anders talked and written as Levi Fragell has done for 40 years in their hateful struggle against living Christian faith. Levi Fragell attacks God's man Aril Edvardsen to his death. And 85-year-old Emanuel Minos, Scandinavia's most honorable preacher, have become victims of Levi Fragell poetry and liar in half of his life.

It is interesting that Aftenposten indiscriminately in the current lookup using Levi Fragell as a witness ...

Aftenposten wrote without checking their sources. Unfortunately much free poetry that should be reviewed. Press Council (PFU) is an important task!

Actually, this is a story about truth and lies that go far beyond what Aftenposten wanted to check.

The story should be told ...

But Aftenposten today, and in 2009 VG, has received its convenient lookup. And Levi Fragell have my son found one that he hopes to use to continue its 40-year, hateful crusade against the gospel.

But the future is bright. We are many who love Anders. We pray that he will again get back into the Father's Love. "

Torstein Langesæter

Levi Fragell - go to the quoted text.

When new charismatic wild shot Catch the fire in Oslo invites Toronto prophet John Arnott and young and old is wriggling on gulvcet under "power of God", when Reinhard Bonnke, Benny Hinn, Daniel Kolenda and Ulf Ekman going

Oh, yes it is disgusting.

Can they not behaving normally?

It is false and mass suggestion.

So do extra sad that Vision Norway, Howard Browne as frontman.

Njål Kristiansen

Fragell wonder where the other Christian leaders are with their rejection to Torp sr. That's a good question. I think they're scared. Own experience in the field tells me that they are afraid they will reject a Messiah, they are afraid they will reject one that suddenly opens his hands and shows them scarred. For the rest of us who have never understood how it was possible for Torp sr. being the holder of a cape and collar, it is somewhat simpler. What remained the eternal question of whether we can reject one that purports to be the Lord's representative on earth. The answer is yes. Torp is a false prophet. He reasoned this themselves through their public appearances. He is in itself a proof of its Malisa and will remain so, an immobile that remain until he goes into the grave.

There are limits to being religious. Man realizes it rarely before it is too late that idealism is stronger than humanity.

Knut New gard

A case always has two sides ..

It could be an advantage that you will submit comments you took the trouble to read - at least the one in today's online edition of VL:

Espen Ottesen is primarily skeptical PASTOR Torp from his views on remarriage and pastorembedet - the quotes in relation to Torp jr. is an underlying point.

Torp sn. says he and his then-wife sent a Anders who wanted along with two siblings to camp in "Father's House", but regretted it and broke contact.

The same applied to the African demonutdriverne- Torp sn. says he broke with the once in 2008.

I would assume that the part of Christian Norway as Levi seeks to get down on their knees not consider the Gospels to deal with him (Levi) as a guideline - Levi has freedom of speech and its history - but he has no authority over contracting and contracting entity ....

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Olav Rune Ekeland Bastrup

Travel and goals

Lars Randby - go to the quoted text.

How many of us do it. Are you finished with your faith Olav Rune E. B.? It is well for most of us on a journey that begins with birth and ends with death.

It's possible I wrote misunderstanding. No, I'm not finished with my faith. And I think it's important to show skepticism toward those who believe themselves to be, as Jesus was faced with the Pharisees. But it was not what I had in mind in my last post. If you do not have a goal in all areas, nor perhaps will not be the goal of the danger of being standing still, as it is in any case an achievable targets to progress. I'm not where I was yesterday, and tomorrow I'm not where I am today. So it is certainly for Randby and Fragell too, but in relation to religion is still my experience that Fragell has churned on the same theme in ever so many years without really having come so much further in relation to the trauma he had in the art. It is when one begins to wonder if there comes something new soon, which tells about the development and deepening of themes. This applies more than Fragell. Experiences with unhealthy religiosity has left lasting emotional impression on many and influenced their attitudes towards religion in general for the rest of your life. It is not incomprehensible, it is human. Although I have grown up in an open and safe Christian home without much drama, which was characterized by a grundtvigiansk "People first, then Christian" attitude. My prestefar In his confirmation speech to me particularly inland me that I should think for themselves. I've tried to do, and it has not brought me one step away from the faith, but rather have been a way to deepening it. I know some people who have had similar trauma Fragell in relation to the religious practices they grew up with. Some have said goodbye faith. Many of them are bitter compared to the narrowness and folly they encountered among people who call themselves Christians. Others have sought further and found another, larger basis for his religious commitment. Although I was lucky and got to meet a lot of prudence and human health among those who were my Christian role models in childhood and adolescence.

Espen Ottosen

Therefore should Torp stopped

I have stated on twitter that I find it regrettable that Jan-Aage Torp not stop as pastor. The reason is not only the story that his son come forward with in the current issue of a magazine. My reason is more comprehensive. Here are a few words.

Jan-Aage Torp is pastor. Also the term apostle is used for his service. Either way, it is natural to focus on what Paul should require of an overseer. Here are some key verses from 1 Tim 3.2 to 7:

"Now the overseer must be above reproach, husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not contentious or covetous. He must manage his own house well, having his children with all chastity. Whoever does not know how to rule his own house, how can he take care of God's church? He must not be a recent convert, or he will not be puffed up and fall under condemnation of the devil. He must also have good testimony from those who are outside, lest he be ashamed of being caught in the devil's snare. "

These words presents great ideals. Let me first clarify that I (obviously) mean that a Christian leader should be perfect. We are all sinners. The Bible says thankfully much that God also can use weak and erring people. Moreover, I believe that the words of Paul represents a measure of relevance and importance. We have no right to cancel the meaning of these words because no one is infallible. A Christian leader depends on trust. Therefore there must be a connection between the life and teachings.

When it comes to Jan-Aage Torp, I believe that he himself has weakened his confidence in a fundamental way, especially in recent years. I think that it is unpleasant to argue. But I think actually it's even harder to be completely silent - for through his behavior he discredited the whole Christian church in Norway.

The latest example comes the story that her son now tells. It is simply shocking, although I take into account that the media does not give a very balanced presentation, even though Torp has been unable to provide a response. Many Christian leaders have experienced that their children have gone away from the faith. Some would argue that that in itself disqualifies a pastor. I do not think so. Pastor children must have the opportunity to choose their own faith. But the history of Anders Torp is very special, also because his son today has broken off all contact with her father. It weakens obviously confidence in Torp.

Even more serious is this side Torp today admits that the theology he made sure that his son was greeted with was unhealthy. To some extent it is good that Torp takes self-criticism. The problem is that there are limits to how many times a person can regret greatly his miscalculations - and still retain confidence. Torp prophesied bloodbath during the Olympics in Athens, which he later regretted. In the current articles sorry he both contact with the Danish "Father's house" and with "åndeutdrivere" from Zambia. It is then good reason to ask whether Torp has shown sufficient spiritual judgment. I do not think so. In addition, I think a lot of the drug found on the websites of Oslokirken and blog Jan-Aage Torp shows that Torp still markets a radical charismatic. It is very problematic.

A final issue is that Jan-Aage Torp is remarried. This is a difficult point to comment - it relates to privacy Torp. Moreover, I believe it is unreasonable to think that all topics concerning marital status shall be stamped as irrelevant. Paul emphasizes after all such questions in 1 Timothy.

There are probably well aware that my basic attitude is that remarriage is wrong. This justifies I with Matt 19.3-10 and some other Bible verses. Meanwhile, I think the question is difficult. Many conservative Christians believe remarriage in some situations may be right. I respect that. But I do think that certain Christian leaders should refrain from remarriage - partly because Paul writes that a leader must be "one woman man."

Finally the text of 1 Timothy 3, Paul writes that a bishop "have good testimony from those who are outside." It must of course not be construed as a Christian leader must be popular and loved. On the contrary, it says a lot in the Bible that those who preach God's word true and right, must be prepared for both resistance, persecution and slander. At the same time Paul therefore that it matters how Christian leaders are perceived by people outside the church. Also at this point I mean Torp fall short. He does not give a good testimony by marrying quite quickly after the divorce with a woman who is more than twenty years younger than himself.

This is a difficult topic. I find it hard to be balanced, accurate and respectful (against Jan-Aage Torp, which undoubtedly is a very difficult situation and deserves care and intercession). But here was a brief explanation that I after all mean pastor Torp should quit as pastor.

Sissel Johansen

Espen Ottosen - go to the quoted text.

There are probably well aware that my basic attitude is that remarriage is wrong.

It is certainly easy to be this forming while they themselves are happily married ...

Have you considered that it might also mean "one woman man" may be that one sticks to one at a time? There are many seemingly splendid Christian women and men who have several simultaneously - also as married.

Petter Torp

Support for brother

I have stayed away from the media in this matter, and have no plan to blend into a larger perspective.

However, I will give my full support to my brother, Anders. I was not there during the more extreme times, when I was already "out there", but I have no problem supporting up around it. The reason is simple after talks I have had with many old friends who were supervising onsite were "deferred" for a similar type of thing.

This is a bit "off-topic", but anyway I would just say that there are more of us (when we are 6 siblings in total) who have raised the same way and have all taken our own choices in more adulthood.

Levi Fragell

Thanks to Anders` brother

I've just heard Anders at P4 and is impressed that he has come through this day with powers to go directly to the radio with its poignant answers to sensitive questions. In a few minutes he is Dagsnytt 18. Knowing brother supports him must be invaluable. It is we preacher children who know most, Petter, and therefore has the greatest responsibility. I am grateful on our behalf.

Steffen Torp

Anders releases

Anders doing this for the right reasons. For children and teenagers who grow up with constant threats of sin and hell, and how this is used as control means, is Anders' initiative liberating.

Leif Gold berg


Espen Ottosen - go to the quoted text.

Also at this point I mean Torp fall short. He does not give a good testimony by marrying quite quickly after the divorce with a woman who is more than twenty years younger than himself.

I must be careful not to try to teach Ottesen about what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage, but a reminder that Jesus is talking about the one that stand, and not DE that differs.

I mention this in general, when I am completely without knowledge of the underlying causes of the couple Torps divorce, and consequently have no opinion on this.

Ottesen mentions an age difference of 20 years as part of the basis for that Torps new marriage is reprehensible - such statement is expressed must be perceived as such. Every marriage will inevitably have an age difference between the parties - in days, months or years, and one is tempted to ask Ottesen a statement about what he thinks is a maksium acceptable age difference between spouses.

Espen Ottosen

Age Difference

Leif Gold berg - go to the quoted text.

Every marriage will inevitably have an age difference between the parties - in days, months or years, and one is tempted to ask Ottesen a statement about what he thinks is a maksium acceptable age difference between spouses.

It is obviously impossible to make any generalizations about age difference. My contention is that Jan-Aage Torp's new marriage damage his confidence. I do not mean in general terms that it is reprehensible that a man marries a younger woman; here ranges circumstances much. But a Christian leader should take a particular responsibility to avoid being "hissing", to quote Paul. I do not think Torp made a sufficient effort to avoid this. It should, for example, emphasized that his new wife is the same age as his eldest child.

Erik Andreassen

Are you source Fragell?

Fragell, in today's Aftenposten was a fact box of "closed religious communities" on page 8. Without sources and without definitions. But with this description: "non-organized conservative network of religious congregations with informal association with the Pentecostal church."

And as mentioned, for example. Vineyard, who are neither religious congregation, or informal connection with the Pentecostal church or most importantly; not closed. And since it is not mentioned sources here, then the mean that the editors themselves are built for facts book. But it is you who is the source? Some rumors say it. And much of the rest of the article is the based on a conversation with you. And regardless of whether you are the source or not the facts book; do you mean saying that the churches mentioned which fits the description "closed religious communities?". (Disregard Oslokirken).

Lars Randby

Sticking to the enduring

Olav Rune Ekeland Bastrup - go to the quoted text.

but in relation to religion is still my experience that Fragell has churned on the same theme in ever so many years without really having come so much further in relation to the trauma he has had in this area. It is when one begins to wonder if there comes something new soon, which tells about the development and deepening of themes.

Could it be that the religious environment in fact it is that has not gotten any further. That although the witness of abuse so it looks as if it either explained away and marginalized rather than to take these people's experiences seriously. That one grinders widens again and again that one must understand that this is not people who live by the true faith, that they are the exceptions, one must remember all the good that is done in the name of religion and so on.

Sure enough, it may be perceived that one does not have anything new to come by and extent is it also correct when you look at what is being criticized repeats itself time after time.

Should not I comment on how those alerts are experiencing it and handle their experiences. But I can understand that one can not settle their them when you see that those who should confront and should seek to change, in fact not able to do so, but only manages to explain away.

It's can Hend appropriate to cry wolf again and again when it really is a wolf standing there.

(End of quote).

I must say that basically I think this case will end in Strassburg when I will never under any circumstances or in any way accept that all that I have written and spoken is not covered by freedom of religion and freedom of expression. And of course it is not a violation of any criminal laws when I have never attacked in January Aage Torp for something private. But only exclusively that he is a public person who purports to be an Apostle. In my and arguably a false living in blatant violation of God's word to be re-married a believer!

Today's Pentecostal charismatic form of Christianity says God's word are demons doctrine and seducing spirits behind where they ia accept remarriage among ministers without any obstacles. For the apostle Paul was just the opposite. There were criteria that those who should have a responsibility to others should be blameless.

At Torp hate such preaching only shows that intellectual powers have gained such a foothold where they would not come.

Picture of me and my wife, as a model for all others, a marriage for life!

Klikk her for å se alternativer
In many ways it is to say that I and Jan Aage Torp represent two extremes in Christianity.

He's like a modern Cain and Nimrod, a real born rebel. Where false prophecies, unbiblical teachings and to top it all to live in a marriage that God's word is invalid.

While I have discipline, order and obedience to God's word as the key and moral antithesis of Torp.

That's really the way to believe in God we do here in Norway is "abnormal." Comes a example. to the United States as it is to believe in God to have moral standards. While being an atheist - the opposite!

Courts here in Norway before it can end in Strasbourg, France!

 First, it will begin in the District Court, on the Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court. Then the case will be forwarded to Strassburg. To all this I want you who are believers above all to pray for me and matter.

The thing is bigger than me, why is it so to make sure you / you are with!

I have filled with the Jewish struggle for survival. This is something similar, it looks so innocent and good for Torp etc. I've said things like "infringe" and "harass". Of course I have not done it, but it has been claimed. He basks in this and happier than ever. He is a public figure that I've described how he is in the country after my position based on God's word.

So fabricate than both the one and the other. So it was for the Jews, we know where they ended!

 Moritz Rabinowitz - the man who warned against Hitler before anyone else and had to pay with his life for it. So it is always with those who are sorry and see things before others and who dares and is able to speak about it.

This Moritz Rabinowitz who lived not too far from where I grew up, Karmøy. So lived this noble man Moritz Rabinowitz in Haugesund and warned against Hitler like a despot and dictator, and much more in the early 1930s. To not have the opportunity that such persons Moritz Rabinowitz, me and others who can speak about the dangers before others see them. That is why we need religion and freedom of expression.

 This is from Wikipedia about free speech:

 Constitution § 100 has since 1814 been the legal basis for freedom of expression in Norway. Here a facsimile of a printed version from 1814 with original Danish language and fracture.

Freedom of speech deals with the right to express themselves and to give or receive information (freedom of information), no matter what medium you use, and without interference from the authorities. Freedom of expression also includes the so-called negative speech freedoms, the right to silence (in most cases they have also the right to refuse to say anything) and the right not to be informed about something you do not want to know. In practice, there are no states that have an absolute freedom of expression, but it is limited, for example, at the urging of committing crime, racism, pornography, defamation and deliberate deception. Freedom of expression is regulated in practice not only of formal laws, but also by norms (informal laws) and the distribution of resources (such as access to media equipment).

 Freedom of speech is considered an important part of the rule of law and fundamental to democracy.


 Freedom of expression as a human right

Freedom of speech is covered by the Declaration.

 Quote Everyone has the right of opinion and expression. This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Quote

- Human Rights Declaration Article 19

 The Declaration emphasizes that there should be certain restrictions on freedom of expression range:

 Quote Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein. Quote

- Human Rights Declaration Article 30

Freedom of history

With the printing press made it possible to mass produce text and with the emergence of printing houses beyond the 1600s and 1700s grew gradually until newspapers and a public sphere where one could get access to more opinions and information. Freedom of speech was therefore initially closely related to freedom of the press because a state could effectively censor speech by controlling printers. The ideas of freedom of expression emerged fully in the Enlightenment and the expansion of freedom of expression have occurred along with the development of modern democracy. Freedom to criticize the government freely, without the hand approval or fear of punishment, should secure democracy and prevent the board is corrupt. In the Norwegian Constitution § 100 of 1814 states that "Trykkefrihed should finde Location" - in 2007 changed to "freedom of speech should finde Location."

Quote Religions Frihed, Tænke- and Writing Frihed, ere Nationen Congenital Rætigheder, as we presume, Prince Regent as well for private as for Nationen Væld to charge uden Vores Begiær, Regenten and people stand in Nøyeste connection with hinanden and skrivefrihed is the most powerful Midel the Uniting them, and the case can they be notified in writing hinanden their sande Rætferdige-Opinions-hanling and presentations, uden long and given priority. Quote

- Letters (excerpts) from farmers in Gudbrandsdalen to the National Assembly at Eidsvoll, 20 April 1814. [2]

In England came the first legislation in 1689 referred to "Freedom of speech in the parliament" (Bill of Rights of 1689 Article 9) and after the French Revolution in 1789 it was established open debate for all the Universal Declaration of human and citizen's rights Article 11. In 1791 came the first supplement (Article 3) to the United States Constitution to prevent Congress from adopting laws that restrict freedom of expression. Internationally, freedom of expression established in 1948 by the UN Declaration of Human Rights Article 19 and in 1950 by the European Convention on Human Rights Article 10.

Through the emergence of mass media has more opinions and information could be reproduced by newspapers, radio, TV and internet. Much of this is financed by advertising, and several have pointed out that the commercialization of the mass media, and ownership concentration, is a challenge for freedom of expression today.


 The Internet has given people access to more information and access to multiple sources, and given people more and easier opportunities to express their opinions. High differs from traditional mass media in that there is only one sender (anyone can produce content) and that it is not limited in time or space; anyone who has access to a computer and the internet can access all content, everywhere and always. While freedom of expression has traditionally acted to ensure printing companies and broadcasters to advance freight approval from the state, this is becoming less relevant with the emergence of the Internet as it is practically difficult for anyone to impose prior censorship. Therefore, the Internet has meant that restrictions on freedom of expression primarily can get that by acting sanctions. This has also been made more difficult by having the opportunity to publish opinions and info: anonymous.

Social media on the Internet played a big role in spreading information among demonstrators during the Arab spring and protests in the elections in Iran 2009-2010. Countries like Myanmar / Burma, Cuba, Iran, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam engaged in extensive censorship of the Internet for its citizens. Meanwhile, many residents around the censors by using software that can avoid the firewall.

 WikiLeaks, which appeared in 2007, had two great debates in relation to freedom of expression and the Internet, as the initiative spreads classified material from states that they get from anonymous whistleblowers. One debate went on just how vulnerable modern states towards the information society, and how easily sensitive information may get lost which may be a direct threat to states and citizens' security. The second debate was about how officials grades the information, which should have become known to the public, to protect themselves. July 25, 2010, for example. revealed hundreds of unreported killings of civilians by US soldiers in Afghanistan. At the same time WikiLeaks that it is difficult for states to regulate free speech on the Internet, even if they want it, when information can be stored on a server stationed in a country where it is not illegal yet available abroad.

With the Internet we also got phenomena like social networking harassment and illegal electronic surveillance of private individuals.

 Freedom of expression in the countries of the world [edit


Declaration of human and citizen's rights

France was one of the ideas of freedom of speech. In the Declaration on human and citizen's rights Article 11, from 1789 states:

Free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the most important rights for men: every citizen may therefore speak, write and press free, except for the misuse of this freedom in the cases determined by law.

France is currently affiliated to the European Convention on Human Rights and a member of the ECHR

According to French law, it is illegal to deny the Holocaust and there are also newer cases of government censorship of the role of France in Algeria war.

 In 2004 came a new law banning homophobic, racist, sexist and xenophobic comments. You risk a fine of € 45,000 and / or 12 months in jail. The law was partly criticized by Reporters Without Borders who thought the law could threaten freedom of expression.


 In Germany, freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution. However Volksverhetzung, that hatred of a particular segment of the population, prohibited. In 1994 came a new law explicitly states that it is illegal to deny the Holocaust and Germany are working to get a ban throughout the EU.

Freedom of justifications

In many contexts, freedom of expression produced as an immediate, natural legal right that does not need further justification, for example:

"Everyone has the right of opinion and expression. This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. "Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19" Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. [...] "The European Convention on Human Rights Article 10, paragraph 1

From this starting point, restrictions on freedom of expression are only made because of particularly weighty considerations:

"The exercise of these freedoms carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights, to prevent the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary "the European Convention on Human Rights Article 10, paragraph 2

When Freedom of Expression Commission presented its proposal for a new Constitution § 100 let the emphasis on freedom of expression should protect three processes: truth searching, individual free opinion forming and democracy. The three reasons summarized by the Commission with the terms truth, advancing autonomy ("individual's free formation of opinion") and promoting democracy.

Truth principle is about the search for truth best achieved by open debate. Through debate and common sense use problems can be corrected, it's hard to know whether you're right if you have not heard arguments against what they mean.

Autonomy principle is about the freedom of expression has an educative role. Freedom of expression helps the individual to develop through conversation and discussion.

Democracy is about principle that citizens in a society must have openness and criticism surrounding decision making in order to maintain a functioning democracy. Three aspects mentioned in particular the freedom of expression the Commission: freedom of information, public discussion and public disclosure as a control.

Based on free speech grounds are there in Norway so that statements which may contribute to better insight should have special protection, but it does not mean that other expressions should be banned, just that they have a weaker protection.

Freedom of speech in Norway

 In Norway speech Constitution Attached, and further governed by different laws. Norway has also signed several human rights declarations and conventions aimed at ensuring freedom of expression. Violation of the European Convention on Human Rights may be appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Freedom of speech in Norway is limited weighed against other important rights. Freedom of expression is akin to the right to a fair trial and court procedures as example. may limit the defendant's right to seek information and to contact the outside world. Overall can not free speech infringe the right to privacy, honor and the right to own self (but people who are in positions of power enjoying a weaker protection at this point than others). Press freedom may not necessarily lead to freedom of expression, as it depends on how the press allows different utterances dropping to. In Norway everyone has the right to get to respond to criticism in the media criticism posited but you have no right to get all of their opinions pressure.

In addition to being regulated by Norwegian law regulates Norwegian push themselves through Redaktørplakaten.

 Norwegian laws affecting freedom of expression


See also: Norwegian Constitution § 100

Norwegian Constitution ensures everyone's right to exchange information. [13] This paragraph also provides all the right to attend meetings of parliaments, such as in the Parliament and in municipal councils.

This paragraph gives the state the right to pre-censor only when it comes to movies, to protect children and young people, as well as the letter inspection for prison inmates. In addition, the government is entitled to sanction the statements, if there are "[...] particularly weighty considerations [which] make it forsvarligt ceased IMOD freedom of speech Begrundelser".

 Constitution § 100 was amended in 2004. Much was linguistic changes where one example. talked about freedom of speech instead of Trykkfrihed but two new factors were also determined:

1.offentlighetsprinsippet, that all citizens have the right to inspect the cases dealt with by the State and municipalities and to follow court proceedings.

2.infrastrukturkravet, that the state has a responsibility to facilitate that freedom of expression is real.

Human Rights Act

Main article: Human Rights Act

Human Rights Act 1999 incorporates several international human rights conventions in Norwegian legislation, including the European Convention on Human Rights (article 8,9,10,11 and 14 deals with freedom of expression) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Article 19). Human Rights Act stipulates that convention's provisions shall be given precedence if they are in conflict with other Norwegian legislation (with the exception of the Constitution). [14] Both of these mention specifically freedom of expression. Violation of the European Convention on Human Rights may be appealed to the European Court of Human Rights.

 According to article of the European Convention on Human Rights have all freedom of expression, and it can only be limited by particularly weighty considerations.

Penal Code

Main article: The Criminal Code

Penal Code limit freedom of expression on the following points:

 National security

It is not allowed to spread something that should be kept secret because of national security (§§ 90-94), receiving money from a foreign power or organization for influencing public opinion on the state government or foreign policy or party purposes (§ 97a), spreading false rumors that are likely to jeopardize national security at risk (§ 97b) or to threaten the King, the Regent, the State Council, the Parliament or any of its departments, the Supreme Court or the Court of Impeachment (§ 99) Dom for § 99: In 2012, Mullah Krekar sentenced for death threats against Minister of Local Government Erna Solberg, something he appealed on the spot. [17]

True social peace

It is not allowed to postpone the general peace by insulting or excite hatred (§ 135), to encourage offenses (§ 140 and § 227) or to publicly offer or provide guidance in the use of explosives or poison to carry out crimes or encourage this (§ 160) Judge for § 140: In 2012, a blogger acquitted by the Supreme Court for inciting police killings. It was emphasized that the Internet can not be regarded as printed letters. This will be changed in the upcoming criminal law.

Offend others

It is illegal to insult a stranger state flag, coat of arms or their representation in Norway (§ 95), to put forward discriminatory and hate speech: color, religion and sexuality is mentioned specifically. The remarks are also considered symbols. (§ 135a racism paragraph). It is not allowed to publish insulting or abusive or hurtful way to show contempt for a creed (§ 142 Blasphemy clause) but this is considered a dormant clause. It is not allowed to violate another's ærefølelse (§ 246), to harm another person's name and reputation (§ 247) or violating the privacy of public notices, but public figures have a weaker protection of details of a personal nature that may be of public interest (§ 390). It is not allowed to violate the privacy of any intimidating or harassing behavior (§ 390A). Important judgments of racism clause § 135a (in practice, limit the incitement to violence): In 1997 the Supreme Court upheld the conviction of party leader Jack Erik Kjuus for the newly stapled White Electoral Alliance because of the party program he had written, in which he expressed the wish that foreigners should be sterilized . In 2002 Terje Sjølie, former chairman of the Boot Boys, acquitted by the Supreme Court for his statements that "Every day rob, rape and kill immigrants Norwegians."

In 2007, the acquittal of Tore Tvedt overturned in the Supreme Court because of his statements about "... purge Jews and ...» In 2012 upheld Supreme Court judgment against a man who had harassed a doorman by repeatedly calling him "damn negro "and so when he was denied retirement. It was emphasized that this was a strong devaluation of Insults. It was not seen as mitigating that the accused was drunk, and he could not get protection on the grounds of freedom of expression when the statement was not made in a public debate.

Important judgments of § 247 Defamation (Here goes the distinction between assessment / opinion and assertion. One can not judge a consideration, but a claim that is demonstrably false may be convicted): In 2003 Tønsberg Blad acquitted of the European Court of Human Rights for wrongly having discussed Tom Vidar Rygh had wondered away from the residence requirements Tjøme. The accusations were false, but let judgment essential that Tønsberg Blad had done a proper journalistic work. [23] In 2003 Court of Appeal acquitted a woman who had alleged in a newspaper article about a man pursued her. The court dismissed the lawsuit from the man when they found that the woman's statement was substantially true and believed the lawsuit was an abuse of the judicial system. [24]

Important judgments of Privacy by public notice § 390 (jurisprudence is that the emphasis is on whether the interference in private life can be justified because of the public interest): In 2007, Lost See and Hear the Supreme Court against Anette Young (and others) in the so-called BigBrother case. Judgment let it essential that the details of private life had weak public interest and that those who were featured in Look and HORSHOLM spread had receded from the public eye. In 2008 NRK upheld in the Supreme Court in the so-called Plata case. NRK had shown usladdet film from a police crackdown on the drug trade in Plata where a man who was arrested was identified by friends as weft, because he had his stepdaughter on his arm. Judgment let it essential that the element had strong public interest because it portrayed the popular rise of drug turnover. In 2008 lost Andrine Saether and Lars Lillo in the Supreme Court case against the Look and Listen, who had taken pictures of the couple's wedding without consent. The Supreme Court emphasized that the article contained no criticism of the couple or anything that could compromise their reputation.

Important judgments of § 390A privacy, harassment: This section came in 1955, much as a result of a case from 1952 when a man in over a year's time on repeated occasions, from early morning until late at night, had rung up to a married couple, and breathed into the phone. When this section was no man was acquitted by the Supreme Court. In 2004, a user of the site convicted of online harassment towards another user. The court held that the defendant had written was not enough to be judged in isolation, but that he had a responsibility context in which it was written in, and that the comments were reckless in relation to what other had written.


It is not allowed to disclose the confidential information of their profession, such as. psychologists, doctors and lawyers (§ 144) or breaking the confidentiality of state organs (§ 121) See more about regulation of public employees in Public Administration (§13 of confidentiality)

 Acquire, disseminate or stop information illegally

It is not allowed to acquire information illegally in their work service (§ 122), to open other people's letters (§ 145), to eavesdrop on telephone conversations, conversations between others or negotiation in closed session (§ 145a), making password computer system available to others (§ 145b), to unjustified cause to withhold or delay information that should have been sent to someone else (§ 146) or to destroy or remove public announcements (§ 345) Dom for § 145: In 2004 exhaust The Supreme Court judgment in a case where the defendant had unwarranted hacked on over 200 computers abroad. The court held the man had to be judged as if it had happened in Norway and he was convicted.

Pornography and depictions of violence

It is not allowed to publish pornography, providing porn to a 18 years old or publicly display pornography. It should in practice a lot to be judged for this section.

(§ 204 porn section). It is not allowed to seek, acquire, possess, disseminate or produce child pornography (§ 204a) or spreading rough depictions of violence for entertainment (§ 382) Dom for § 204: In 2005 confirmed the Supreme Court acquittal of porn editor Stein-Erik Mattsson for sending usladdet Porn. [32]

Regulation of journalism

It is not allowed to enter incorrect editor of journal (§ 429), to deny a receiving criticism in a journal to respond to criticisms in the same journal (430) or to render a libel in a journal (§ 430a) An editor has the right to refuse to disclose their sources unless the court for special consideration imposes it, but the court only applies to information that has been entrusted to him in his role as editor, if he eg. are entrusted with something as an individual or as he himself has witnessed: Criminal Procedure Act § 125 (Civil Procedure Act) and § 209a (limited right to protection of sources). An editor is responsible for everything that is written in its release that he had shown that it was there (§ 431). It is the one that actually takes decisions on written content should be considered as an editor (§ 436). Issues regarding protection of sources: Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that the source protection also applies to online debates associated with editorial material. The case revolved around a person on an online forum related to an editorial article revealed that he had sold a rune stone, which according to the Cultural Heritage Act should have been filed, but the website did not have to disclose information about them. In 2009, Britain condemned by the European Court of Human Rights which said that the court nor can demand access to documents, without revealing the source's identity, the purpose of the extradition order is completely or partially in order to track the source's identity.

The so-called spider case concerned authors of books also have the same right to protection of sources. The Supreme Court ruled that it has the while they engaged in journalistic activities, and that the release form should not count for source protection.

Regarding offenses under journalistic activities: In 2001, Stavanger Aftenblad acquitted by the Supreme Court that one of the journalists had provoked the sale of drugs in connection with a newspaper article. The judgment emphasized the media's special position in society and that therefore it was not appropriate with corporate sanctions against the newspaper (see Penal Code § 48a and § 48b of corporate penalties).

 The Personal Data Act

Law on processing of personal data, also known as the Personal Data Act, regulates the conditions under which personal data may be made public. The law states that personal data may be processed without the data subject's consent for journalistic and opinion-forming purposes (§ 7) ,. and fulfill basic requirements for processing of personal data (§ 11).

In 2005 came privacy Democracy until that data Authority deleting information from a site with critical comments about the treatment of child care, and containing personal information about officers employed in the public sector, was illegal, since the site had an opinion-forming purposes. In 2003, the ECJ gave an advance assessment of the so-called Bodil L. case, where it states that one who makes website only for personal purposes, also must deal with the Personal Data Act.

 Work Act [edit | edit source]

 An employee has the right to report unacceptable circumstances in the organization where they work while they go forward in a responsible manner (§ 2-4) [42] without this then reciprocated by the employer (§ 2-5). Special rules apply to officials (§ 1-2).

There are also a number of restrictions on freedom of expression in Act Chapter 13, "Protection against discrimination."

(End of quote).

Final Comment:

There are many who believe that this with money and other things are important in such a case. Good lawyer, resources in multi-hold etc.

But after being a believer is prayer, especially prayer where Christians who believe in Jesus and God, ask the most important thing. When the Apostle Paul stood in their many battles he turned to the believers really for one thing, time after time, prayer! How do I do well and finish with what I have written from my commentaries Ephesians 6 18 Do this in prayer, and put it all to God! Pray at all times in the Spirit! Watch and keep praying for all the saints;

Taking on the whole armor of God and fight the spiritual battle can be a struggle and hard work. But Jesus has called us to a sofa toilers, but to work in his vineyard, as members of his body, as voluntary helpers and active Christians in the congregation and church. Much has the character of work. So it is with prayer. It is not intended that the prayer should be a pastime only when you have nothing to do. It pays to make time for prayer, but prayer is also resting. Jesus says to his weary soldiers for the gospel and the cause of peace, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matt.11,28.

 19 also for me. Pray that the right words must be given to me when I speak, so I can boldly proclaim the mystery of the gospel,

Paul wanted to preach in a straight manner gospel secrets. Here lies a lot. To name a few truths here it is Jesus' death on Calvary defeated Satan. But this is only a beginning for all the mysteries of God.

 20 which I am an ambassador for here in prison. Pray that the gospel must have courage to speak as I should.

 Now he sat in prison, this was part of God's plan. When he fik time and opportunity to write the letters we have from his hand today. Without his "break" had we not had enough all the good letters. The fact that God allows things to happen, even the negative is usually part of his large and significant plan and purpose.

21 For that ye may know how I am doing and how things are with me, will make known to you everything. He is our dear brother and a faithful servant of the Lord.

 Paul describes Tychicus: "Tychicus, our beloved brother, faithful servant and fellow servant in the Lord ..." (Colossians 4,7)

 It is clear that Tychicus is a person Paul has great affection for. His character, lifestyle and love of Christ established ties between them. Tychicus also had a great concern for both work Paul performed, and for the health of Paul. He was sensitive to the practical needs apostle had tried to cover them as far as possible. Being someone described as "faithful servant ..." shows that Tychicus was a selfless person, helpful and kind. Nothing was "too much" for Tychicus. A servant spirit was the "trademark" of his life.

 But Paul is not finished with this. He also calls Tychicus for "faithful". With those words describe the apostle that Tychicus was one who cared about people. He was a preacher but also an encourager, one who wielded a great service in the comfort and challenge. Tychicus had the believers in his heart.

 Tychicus was faithful to the word of God and to Christ's congregation. He was therefore the right person to send to Colosse, at a time when heresies knocked on the door of this church. Tychicus teacher of truth, in the apostolic teaching, faithful, as a fellow servant, in loyalty to the Great Commission.

 For Paul was Tychicus also a "fellow servant". In this word lies a deep meaning. First describes the Tychicus as a colleague, a member of the team. Tychicus was not looking to take care of their own reputation, or manner of self. He was part of something bigger, a context. He worked for the kingdom of God, not self-interest. He was pleased and happy to serve the apostle Paul. That in itself was reward enough.

 Maybe this is how many of us. During the meeting with some of Christ's disciples, who live such a rich life with Him, it's a blessing just to be in their vicinity. So it was for Tychicus compared to Paul.

 But it is important to note this. Paul did not look at Tychicus as his personal servant. Tychicus was a fellow servant in the Lord.

 22 I am sending him to you just so that you will hear how it is with us and that he will give you courage.

 Paul let him go. We see that Paul became more humble over the years. So it will be with us all. And what serves the community best? There should always precede what serves us very well. This change became more and more visible also in Paul. But everything has its time and purpose. Sometimes God can allow our carnal chrome ping for his eternal and best intentions will and had to come forward.

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